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  • The Bull is good for pieces and mix of ages and ethnicty.
  • best pub around is the golden lion......
  • Never venture to the King Harold, Harold Wood, its a dirty hole which dates back to the late 60's, filthy, filled with the local harold wood/hill pond life.
  • Coopers arms in Chadwell heath!! top pub.....Im currently the Karaoke champion there!!! Thats right!!! ANDY JONES OF COLCHESTER FINALLY WON A COMPETITION INSTEAD OF SECOND PLACE AS I NORMALLY GET!!!!!!!
  • firkin
  • Brannigans is good on Monday nights, 1 a drink night! Trax is tiny, and gets very overcrowded at the weekends. Time and Envy is mostly full of incredibly young chavs. Edwards is probably the best place for the weekend!
  • BRING back Jumpin Jaks, Life was good when it first open and for first 3 years but now is dire, some slapper trainee in there who thinks she is a top night club manager!Mind you see the Fat bird manager from there has now gone! Jumpin Jaks was the best! same as Time and Envy was good in its day but dire now who takes on this managers! Edwards getting much better lets how they got a late licencee and kick Life and Time out of Romford and get better places in there place!
  • South street pubs before 9 o clock then move down into the narket place as the out of towners take over.
  • Moon and Stars is by far the best. Really good prices on drinks and can get really packed. Although theres no music playing its far from quiet. I personally live in there and bar staff are great. Pretty much where u go b4 a club so u dont have to spend too much in them.
  • mt fav is the eva hart in chadwell heath and then to the coopers next door till 2 in the morning, b careful lots of trouble out side though, golden lion is great for food and drink after a hard days shopping, chilled out and very homely.
  • Golden Lion - It's a great pub, have been drinking there for ten 10 years, a lovely crowd in there - Nikki, Carly, Aaron, Tony, Tom, Joff, Sarah, Matt and loads more
  • the cheapest pub is the wetherspoons in south street. edwards, life bar and bar mango are good too.
  • As you walk out of romford station the first building you will see is trax. This pretty much sums up romford in one, a pub/club that serves over priced drinks to FRESH FACED punters whilst the florr is shakin. If you want to go to a friendly pub that has lots to offer both in clientel and atmosphere where u wont feel ur legs vibrating to hard hitting house/garage music then i suggest you walk down south street avoiding all the different pubs which ultimately only offer the same and carry on through the market until you come to The Bull part of the arena group of pubs but in all senses a unique place, on a friday nite no doubt u will be greeted by the friendly faced guiness drinkin regulars. The Bull is also cheap ,has two pool tables and shows live sporting events which is also a plus.
  • yates aloads of pubs and drunks to go with it in south st
  • loads of them yates, edwards and loads of old traditional pubs around the market place
  • The Golden Lion is ok, but I won't be going Secrets again. Last time I went I was attacked by two fat skinheads called Gunns and Horsefly
  • So honestly who is the 'HARDEST'?
  • anywhere but the white hart collier row the beer tastes like its come straight out of the john the landlords bath water .the bell and gate aint bad always good for a fight best place is old maypole fencepiece road the guvnor ray is cool and the barmaid zoe is fit.
  • It is a long long time since I have ventured into a pub in Romford, I am just not that brave.
  • The wine lodge is good if you want to see a punch up at closing time. If you must drink in Romford the best thing to do is get a seat by the window in a South Street pub and laugh at what the local lasses are wearing as they walk by and all the arguments the local youths have. Some of the pubs suffer from a very "FRESH FACED crowd"
  • The Golden Lion is probably the best 'proper boozer' in Romford. Decent wine selection and a decent juke box too.
  • Moon n stars is always packed!! cheap drinks but it takes you half hour to buy them and by the time you get em back to where you are standing you've spilt half of em over someone pushing past you
  • The Firkin. There are others of course.
  • The Pubs....High noon at the uk coral you almost expect to see David Crocket turn up on his horse at closing time for another wild west punch up. Best to go during the day and sit outside al fresco style in mid December.
  • The Wetherspoon pub is reasonable but the food portions are smaller than they are in the Dagenham one, and I think the food is slightly more expensive than in Dagenham. The Travel Inn is better and has a better atmosphere.
  • Edwards, Yates full of trouble
  • Dunno.
  • Kings head in the market place, another sad loss
  • I try to drink in Romford pub called Golden Lion, but toothy-man called Tony Prosser chase me. I think it because I am black ! He tell me he teach me a lesson for being in Romford Golden Lion, me not like this. He looked like he want to do nasty thing to me. Advice - man with dark skin must stay away from Lion becase of this type of behaviour.
  • Kok Wee here, i have visited your big meats - travel all the way from Bankok to see what fuss go on. I went to the Romford in Engerland. Many meats. I say to man in a Golden Lion. Kok Wee like meats. Man of Golden Lion not like look of Kok Wee, he slap and bite big meats. The man touch Kok Wee bits, and says I be good lays, put fingers up poo poos. Kok Wee not like this and shout. The man who call himself Tony he have half teeth, he say Kok Wee take what coming to him and put meats in Kok Wee. This Tony he be a Prosser, - Kok Wee wonder if the Tony be a man-man lovely. The Golden Lion be good if they like Kok Wee, it have ugly faced women behind the counters, Kok Wee likes manman with name Michael. He have no eyes but teach Kok Wee good lesson about man-man buttons. Must go have much cock spatch. Byes Byes. Kok Wee
  • BIG HAND MO'S!!!! it's in Rush Green, and is really fun on Friday nights, to get you in the mood to go in2 town and go clubbing.
  • Golden Lion - big pile of poo, including the people who drink there!!
  • my nans
  • Romford just keeps expanding in this section. Recently a new pub/club opened where "Jaks" used to be (opposite Romford station). It is called "Life and is a pretty classy place. The alcohol is averagely priced and the atmosphere is good, though it isn't always that busy (havn't discovered why, though).
  • TRAX
  • Ahh how sweet girls these days are using anti wrinkle cream at such a young age!Can somebody tell them they only look about 12. Edwards is probably the most bareable pub in Romford. RM one is ok when there isn't a DJ. Morlands has benn re-named and refurbed, still the same punters etc!
  • Global, Yates, Edwards are an abonomination, Moon & Stars passable for old times sake.
  • Try Brannigans, Jaks and Mcluskys best pubs around with the tunes and buzz of clubs
  • Ford and Firkin on a Friday night
  • The Harrow, Just on the outskirts of Romford a great start to a pub crawl, the Bar management are a fun bunch. Silvey the Bar maid , wow you will not meet such a fit bird. The Pub plays all the latest music on a Friday and Saturday with Jon Hammersley, the latest tallent of the Romford scene. No he try's hard to be good. They also have theme days all through the Summer, from Barbys to SPorts quizes. Also look out for the weatherspoons, this is the next spot in from the Harrow, low price drinks for the finishing touch before the bar crawl starts.
  • There are plenty of them around. With The Ford and Firkin geting special mention becuase of cheap pints and the fact its the pub where all the *snigger* "alternative" people hang out.
  • The Harrow is a crap pub, no atmosphere, the locals are tossers and the Music is a mixture of ABBA, Madness, NOW 21 and some crap sixties CD that are routated constantly, AHHHHHHH. The only good pub is Yates which is the calm before the storm type.
  • Moon and stars any day
  • Some very good alternative ones and now some for the broadminded!
  • What have they done to the Moon and Stars? Don't they realise pubs should be dark? Gloomy, interesting, conducive to long sessions and loud debate. Who was responsible for the refurbishment? Britney Speirs? On the plus side, the new female toilets have a certain Byzantine appeal. Wall-sized mirrors, shiny tiles, deep colours. They should move the bar in there.
  • Any pub that sells beer is a good pub.Espicially The Pomps,Rising Sun,Coopers,Merry Fiddlers,Robin Hood,(this list is starting to sound like an old language!)
  • Edwards and Yates are the best although since renovation Hogs Head is pretty groovy too
  • There is no good pub in Romford. The only good thing about Romford pubs is the fighting. So if you haven't got SKY SPORTS and enjoy boxing go to Romford Town Centre on a Friday & Saturday get better coverage and a ringside seat.
  • We were all fresh faced and the pub to go to use to be the Coopers Arms in Rush Green as back then the landlord just wanted ya money. Harry Harding was the bouncer!
  • edwards is excellent, cross between pub and club, drinks are reasonably priced, great music, jaks is also good, and yates, brannigans, mclusky's, The moon and stars is cheap but very boring, and full of old men and students lovely! Freddie Whales is good, for a quiet drink one night in the week, the best thing to do on a weekend is a pub crawl.
  • Hundreds and hundreds but to be honest all outragous once the DJ's start spinning their 80's tunes. Better in the day by far before the kids turn into larger loutish idiots.
  • Edward's in South Street, Romford is a new venue. Two floors and very trendy, classy decor. Good music - DJ Weds - Sat.
  • You people in Romford have no idea how good you have got it, I travel all over the country and Europe and Romford is still the best. Where else can you walk out the station and there is 6-7 pubs within 100 metres, and more pubs in Romford than Brentwood and Ilford put together. You should try Colchester that is the only place worth visiting other than Romford for excellant pubs. pubs are how make them and you walk in with the Romford pubs are shit them they will be so all you lot who that fuck of to Ilford and get stabbed so us who enjoy Romford can do so in peace, I am in Romford (it is my home town for 22 yrs) a few times a year and it keeps getting better.
  • What can I say, everywhere you look now in Romford there's a pub, especially on South Street. If you started at one end of South Street & worked your way along the pubs just stopping for one drink in each, you could easily go home pissed or go on to one of the clubs!!
  • I have been going to The Golden Lion since I was 15. If you go there every week you will get bored with the brown walls. But at heart it is my home away from home. The food in there is really nice. It is full of regulars so if your not one don't bother going in if you don't know anyone in there because unless you are good looking you are un welcome. I don't like the ferkin much any more as they have had a re fit and got rid of the juke box and it looks more like a wine bar than a pub. They have also changed the menu around and they have stopped selling the ferkin combo which was good for the morning after the night before at the Cellar bar. In both these pubs you will find Tony prosser, Tom Prosser, Paul Abbott, Tony Crease, Chris Trust, Ed, Joff, and Dan Akhurst.
  • The Golden Lion has such a bad word of mouth thing going with people who don't go there. However, the people are nice and friendly o.k forgetting most of the skin heads who drink in there. The food is great. It is a warm and frienly place. There hasn't been any real trouble there for the last 15 years, well except for a girl who beat her not so nice skin head boyfriend up because he sleep with another girl.
  • The Moorland Arms - Hollywood Boulevard. nice family pub. take the children. eat glass
  • Romford's downside is lack of family pubs,also too many local's only pubs (not very friendly if youv'e never been in before)needs more chain style pubs as these seem to attract couples and familys but not the local's only attitude.
  • I'm afraid I don't quite understand the references to the Golden Lion. There are no pool tables and no dart board, the juke box is ok, granted, but the disporportionate amount of utter cocks in there means that it plays mostly shit. However, the bar staff are very nice - especially Chris Elliot, he's very interesting (I hear he and his girlfriend Fiona enjoy nothing more than a KFC and a bit of relaxing Muzik). The pub has a long and illustrious history: it was owned by Francis Bacon many years ago, and the poet Wilfrid Owen, who was barracked at Gidea Park for a while during WW1, was once a regular. Finally, no discussion of the Golden Lion would be complete without reference to that pair of stunners Vicky B and Fat Jenny, who along with Chris Thackleberry and Gay Phil constitute the social and intellectual elite of Romford. Long may they prosper!
  • Yates's is quite pleasant, as are some of the ones along Main Road in Gidea Park. AVOID anything in Harold Hill unless you have long ceased to value your life, and of the ones in COllier Row only the Wetherspoon is worth considering.
  • Come to the Hogs Head on South Street, its fun and the bar staff are very friendly (I work there!!!) Then theres the old faves like the Lamb and the Bull, and the new place where Cltterbucks used to be, its called the Ford and Firkin, frequented by the grungier section of Romford youth culture. South street is where you'll find the 'trendy' pubs, Indie is where its at in The Golden Lion, the Bull, the Lamb, & the F&F... really depends what you like. If you just want a cheap pint go to the Moon and Stars but avoid that and Yates if you want a good atmosphere.
  • No stunning pubs, but with half a dozen close together you've got an easy pub crawl ending in a club.
  • The pubs are not bad, try Clutter Bucks just off the Market Place for a good selection of real ales. Check out the Hungry Horse [formerly the Bridge House] and the Spencers Arms [bit young now though].
  • My advice stay clear of The Golden Lion
  • Ignore the message telling you to steer clear of the Golden Lion. Andrew Hastler, who contributed that remark, made it because he has a grudge against the pub because they asked him to leave because he looked under-age and he had no ID on him to prove otherwise!
    It is actually quite a good pub. There is a reasonable atmosphere and the jukebox is very good. There are also two pool tables there as well as a dart board. All in all actually quite good, highly recommended in fact.
  • The golden lion is a lovely old pub that is definatly worth a visit. Your bound to meet someone in there called Joff, Tom, Toni or Keeley hanging around at the back of the pub as they virtually live there. Bar staff are terrific too. I have never known it though to have had a pool table or dartboard though. On your way out, stop to admire the crap heap of metal that the concil called art, which has just become a climbing frame for all the pissheads. Take time to wonder across to the lamb (if you fancy a kickin). I definatly recommend the ford and firkin in the evening for cheap deals. eg, pound a pint, and show us your bra for cheep booze.
  • Romford has a wicked pub scene with around 15 in the centre. Cool places to check out are: 'The Bull' in the Marketplace (great for a game of pool with 4/5 tables and a very friendly atmosphere), 'The Moon & Stars' (great for a cheap beer and cheap food), 'Global Net Cafe' (good atmosphere, music and women).
  • Most of Romford's central pubs have been refurbished recently and there is now a Hogshead and will soon (Oct97) be a Yates's
  • A lot of new pubs have recently opened up in South Street
  • try the mawney arms, mawney road you will be in for a surprise. good food excelent bar staff and a good size beer garden good in the summer, bouncy castle and play ground a good famliy pub away from the noise of central romford
  • Yates is now open and is pretty good on a friday and saturday night.

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