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  • Sounds Familiar was undoubtedly the best music shop in Romford . I should know 'cos I ran it for 16 years "! Unfortunately I had to close it in 2005 , which was a great loss to all concerned, no more than me! IT WAS MY LIFE . So to all of our dedicated collectors and customers alike I would like to thank all for your support (or lack of in the latter years)It was a sad day for all concerned when we closed, but ..Hey ! they were good years ! , LONG LIVE VINYL !!!
  • I would recommend Music Zone on South Street, as it's prices are cheap and they have a great Metal selection.
  • BIG BEAT RECORDS ARE A DANCE MUSIC SPECIALIST. Located in Romford Shopping Hall, this record shop supplys QUALITY CUT - PRICE 12" DANCE MUSIC. Specialising in new/used & back - dated HOUSE, GARAGE, TRANCE, DRUM & BASS, R`n`B, HIP - HOP & OLD SKOOL......... UNIT 78, ROMFORD SHOPPING HALL, MARKET PLACE, ROMFORD, ESSEX ....................OPENS 7TH DECEMBER 2005....................................
  • can any body help i think sounds familiar is close as i tryed to phone them today no answer rang other shops near to shop they its close is there anybody no if they moved or were
  • boogie times, ravers paradise, used to be suburban base records. near the train station
  • boogie times (suburban base records)
  • The Virgin Megastore is probably the best place, but there is an MVC and a HMV nearby. W H Smith sell CDs too, I believe.
  • Sounds Familiar in South Street by the subway.
  • mvc and hmv do all the songs from movies etc, and you will most definatley get what your looking for. if not then the music stool on the market always have the new releases in stock so you dont have to put them on order like in other record shops plus there cheap, bonus!
  • HMV is pretty good for alternative or metal, they have more CDs in stock than they have on the shelves. Although some idiot ahs put the metal section next to the chart, so expect *witty* comments to be exchanged.
  • If you're bored of the same old "general" music stores, and if you're hankering for something a little more specialist (inc. nu-metal, punk, industrial, thrash metal or classic rock) and you want the high end service expected from people that actually know something about the aforementioned generic music, check out Son of Nothing Records. It's quite easily the best record store in Romford, and possibly even the whole area.
  • we all go to hmv
  • HMV is pretty good in romford it is quite big and has a huuuuuge selection of cds and games MVC is about the same
  • Boogietimes if its still going, good for older stuff
  • HMV that has to be one of the best shops to buy cd's althought sometimes is a bit expensive.
  • Sounds familiar
  • The best record shop in Romford is Sounds Familiar in North Street.Loads of great second hand vinyl,DVD's and CD's.
  • HMV, MVC, theres also a little shop opposite the shanghai restaurant by the market place that sells 2nd hand stuff.
  • HMV and Virgin! great for increasing your Gareth Gates CD collection
  • Sounds Familier second hand record shop down the antique market-the lloyds tsb turning off the market-thats right the weird one.
  • Theres one in Liberty 2 quite reasonably priced.
  • Boogie times near romford station.
  • In the 60's it was Wells Music Store where I heard some great music for the first time as the manager, Michael was very well informed, sad it is long gone
  • Sounds Familiar in North Street!!! totally cool second-hand shop. excellent for CDs, has a pretty good vinyl section too.
  • cash converters
  • Boogie Times
  • Boogie times in Romford is the best record shop there is you can get the latest garage tune and still can buy tickets to all the best nightclubs around london, its the BOLLOCKS!!!
  • There is a really good 2nd hand music (mainly CD albums and singles, and videos) shop called "Sounds Familiar" near Romford High Street - I don't know what the road is called, but it is on the same road as the Ford & Firkin (infamous grunger pub!), near Woolworths. You can get loads of rare stuff in this shop, and on the whole at a very good price.
  • I think Hard House has shut. Apart from that Bootleg shop near the old charmas bar sells some old 2nd hand tunes. these range from the Beattles to Lisa Moorish. Romfords Music style is limated to Virgin and HMV.
  • Sounds Familiar used to be fantastic, but like someone else wrote, they've got rid of all the vinyl - it used to be wicked for old stuff and even had some Jazz and Classical. Came back from uni to see the place even more culturally derelict. Far too much early 90s RnB in there now. There was a market stall that used to play country music/chas and dave all the time and sell computer games back in the days when they used to be on tape.
  • Sounds Familiar (down near cash converters and music land). They Sell all kinds 2nd hand/rare/deleated stuff.
  • Hard House has shut down, the gezzer never had any good stuff anyway. Boggie times, should be called Garage times, and HMV is the best it gets i am affraid.
  • PMT (proffesional music technology)is a good music shop and there are a few good second hand shops as well. There is also loads of modern music shops Virgin being good but expensive
  • Music Box rocks
  • The police have some good records,I dont mean "walking on the moon".
  • Boogie times in Romford always comes up trumps
  • Music Box
  • Sounds Familiar is still worth a visit, although it has gone slightly downhill in the last six months. Call me a Luddite if you want, but there now seems to be too many cd's and not enough vinyl.
  • There use to be a record shop on the railway station years ago which was real easy to lift from! I lifted " Tighten Up" Volume 1 and " Prince Buster" from here and I still have them 30 years later!!
  • Music Box, Liberty 2 is cheap and has quite a good variety of stuff. Often special offers, etc. Also, try Richer Sounds on Main Road, Gidea Park.
  • Boogie Times on Victoria Rd is meant to be good. There are also a lot of second hand shops down past the antique market or should i say the poor excuse of an antique market.
  • Sounds Familiar is good for second hand music/films situated passed by the Golden Lion and next to the Cellar Bar nightclub.They do operate a part exchange system but don't try and sell them something shit. I tried it once with a Jean-Michel Jarre album and they offered me 25p.(They also looked really pissed off.)
  • Boogie Times has been there for years & if you're a serious clubber you can usually pick tickets up from here.
  • The music box, you will find it in The Liberty 2 shopping centre. All the chart albums are 10, which being a student with hardly any money going spare it is a bargin.
  • Sounds Familiar isn't just the best record shop of its type in Romford but anywhere around East London, except maybe for its sister shop in Walthamstow. There is a lot of crap there, though, that is true.
  • Beebees has closed. Check out Music Box in liberty 2
  • Bee Bee's to my disgust and horror shut down around Christmas 1997. I was v. depressed but Virgin is pretty diverse and we've got that now; they'll get you anything. If you want something rare, lookout for sounds familiar, Top end of North Street, they have some great stuff!!
  • Sounds Familiar is about the best record shop in Romford is specialises in second hand records and caters for EVERY sort of taste I have picked up many bargains there in the past. It's not as good as it used to be and the staff ain't very helpful but if you've got a few spare hours on your hand [coz you have to suffer a lot of crap] then I strongly advise you to take a look.
  • Virgin Megastore is expensive but it has a good selection.
  • Bee Bees in Stewards walk has a good collection at cheap prices.
  • For cheap CDs try music box in liberty 2 1st floor. They sell albums for 9.99
  • Virgins in Liberty 2 is one of the best places to be, it is also a Virgin Megastore, which means it has more to offer.

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