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Skateboarding Spots
  • well im telling the complete truth now cos my dad is dion at rom the bald bloke who hogs the pool and screams at everyone in a funny way :) ROM is great and ive even started skating there cos its awesoem and perfect for anyone.i have been going ROM my WHOLLEEEEEE LIFE!! so im pretty good at anything there i kno everything and everyone and everyones frendly and its such a great help cos its big and local!!
  • the bottom of south street by the subway, outside the old cellar bar
  • all the little dudes hang out at the bottom of noRth street at the bottom of the market ......
  • Rom skate park
  • roneo corner next to the river/ditch theres some good ledges, on the way to ROM skatepark and theres also a realy good park in dagenham built by fearless ramps(the guys at rom)
  • the mighty rom skatepark, upper rainham road hornchurch
  • There is a good beginner spot with a 5 and 6 foot quater pipe, a small bmx course, two funboxes and a five foot roller perfect for starting out skaters it is normally deserted, if not there are some nice skaters there, it's quite hard to find it's situated in a weird park called Cotton's park somewhere in romford down Mawney Road, don't end up walking down the long winding side roads follow the music land shop round the corner and down the road to cottons approach on your way out there a great side sloping pavement, random.
  • smooth 3 stair. Location - brewery, near brewry bus stop. Behind brewery car park, near OUT ramp is a kicker. Town hall has a 5 stair and a 9 stair, and way behind the town hall in a car park is a huge gap, equivalant to a 7 or 8 stair set. Find urban arts, and near by is a 2 stair set. Ford car garage by brewery roundabout is a nice drop, also if you walk along the front of the garage toward the brewery eventually youll find a nice waxed ledge. Brewery near big ramp, near boots, is a huge stair set with gud run up and landing. (youll hav to be insane to try it). outside decathlon are several benches - slidable but not grindable. Near macdonalds in liberty is a nice 4 stair set - poor run up good landing. Cottons park has a skatepark. If your walking away from romford and cottons park is on your right, keep walking on the left hand side of the road and youll eventually find two red ramps.
  • Rom Skatepark still offers the same entry prices reported above in 1998. Open 10am until 6pm all weekend and school holidays.
  • severn kings park has built a skate park in the last couple of years, you get the younger ones but it aint bad.
  • By the Brewery on the outside path, neaar the road. Many not-very-good-but-think-they-are skaters, but fun to watch if you're bored.
  • on a saturday we go to the brewery opened recently wheres theres loads of hotties hanging around as well as the romford tarts
  • There are some kick ass spots in romford there is the subway outside liberty 2 in front of the dolphin and behind the library there is some long gradual slope and there is all stuff that looks like quarter pipes at the end and outside musicland near como street there is the subway and not forgeting the Rom which is a skatepark it is next to the cardrome just outside of romford!!
  • Decathlon carpark, alway a good place to meet other skater dudes and there are some nice gaps, and kurbs. Brewry car park, smoooooth, nice lill 3 set watch out for the security guards Town hall, late nite skate spot, 5 stair set. Skae about you never know who ur gonna bump into, all romford skaters are friendly
  • The ramps around the pond at the back of the soon to be demolished Dolphin.
  • The Rom, i guess. Skating seems to have picked up a lot more around Havering in recent years.
  • Try Rom skate park
  • The rom is the coolest skatepark iv ever bin to in the uk, this place rules!! i love it if u got no skater friends in the area then jus come down here an ur make some cos ur meet some pretty cool people either skatin, bmxin or whatevers extreme, in it u got a big 6 ft halfpipe which is jus so cool top skate an then u hav the vert ramp which unfoturnately got pulled down but that dont matter theres loads more ramps there!! then u got the pool which kicks ass this is so gd, i could skate this all day jus so fun, but if ur a begginner go easy on it cos i took my skills to far on the first day an done in my hip real bad so watch out....also u got a metal spine, this is alrite for bladers tho the copings a lil shit so again watch it, then u got this fairly new wooden miniramp which kicks ass an is so nice to skate an when u bail on it, u dnt get hurt 2 bad so thats cool, then u got the bullet a sorta real long concrete vert halfpipe!! an then u got the moguls,, these r jus the nicest an funnist things evcer, u got a huge deep performanmce bowl an a snake an loads of street things like a rool in ramp an a grind box an a funbox which slopes an stuff then got the 4 leaf clover which is deep but fun to carve an stuff...but theres so many bannks everywhere!! so u gotta check this place out okokokokok! it rules an any skater will love it, i hav, an its my home away from home so come down here...the way u get here is jus get a 252 an it'l stop rite outside it, so no sweat...the place has a lil section on some website an its so go on that, tho its real old an the place has so much more!! peace
  • there arnt really loads of skate spots in romford, but theres a set of stairts jus outside liberty 2, there bout a metre high or more an there pretty fun to jump an fairly easy if you used to doin 7 stairs or more
  • At the end of george street there is this like car park thingy wihich is pretty open and quite.
  • romford libary ... a pukka skateboarding spot full of staires bars walls and none of it is too high so its briliant for bigginers but experienced skaters can do some excellent street skating as well
  • Straight Road, Harold Hill, coming down from the top,get a bus going back!!
  • The 'ROM' skate park second only to 'playstation' and arguably better as bigger and has original concrete moguls plus new ramps being added.Although like the council lacks imagination as new paint job (graffetti style) and music would turn it into one one the country's top venues.
  • Was there, back in the day of boards, bmx's and skates (none of this 'in-line nonsense). When the market place and the fountian used to get ripped up every Sunday by skaters. Kids stealing the market boards from the sheds to set up ramps. 100 kids skating another damaged lunatic to Old Church hospital. Skating down the ringwell of the multi story, in a crouched position, because the skinheads at the top are throwing sticks down as you circle round. Then once you reached the bottom, breathing deeply, feeling glad you're not hurt, the Big Mac cartons, full of gravel, again thrown from the top deck, would begin landing next to you. "Quick, lads," one of us would shout "Let's skate away." Yeah, that was skating, mate. Back in the day.
  • Classic skatepark. Huge area of concrete, performance bowl, pool, moguls, cloverleaf, half-pipe, slalom run into banked freestyle area, two mini ramps, spine ramp. Cafe, shop, games. Tel: 01708 47729 (If you're interested in vintage concrete in London, you should also consider Harrow Skatepark. Nearest tube is actually Elm Park. Come out of the station and turn left. Go down the the little ruondabout and turn left again. Follow this residential road all the way to a T junction. Turn right and follow the road as it rises up towards a huge petrol station and learner-driver track. The park is there, next to the petrol station.

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