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The Worst Things
  • behind the halifax i went for a wee one morning whats in the alley used condoms and dirty birds knickers someones had a good nite thats the romford i love even although the police are around you can still manage a quickie in the alley feel sorry for the street cleaners
  • I've lived in Romford for over 60 years. Definitely ain't what it used to be... No class, people just don't act like gentlemen any more. In my day you only ever murdered someone if they truly deserved it, and you always shook their hand first. Decency was the name of the game back then. Young-uns these days, they're all slash-slash-slash, no finesse whatsoever. Heartbreaking to see Romford deteriorate like this, but I guess that's just the way the world is these days :(
  • As more and more people move into havering, the standard of services has declined. And the racism has increased ten fold. The clientele in the Golden Lion, attitude to non whites. Alot my white friends go there, but they seem to ignornat of the racial issue. I think ignorance is a common triat among people that live in Romford as they tend to only travel to the newest local towns. The Edge Friday crowd who think their so cool, theirs nothing cool about being pictured every week at the same club, its suggest that you lack any imagination or need to develop and evolve as a human being by interacting with other people.
  • the people, agressive, small minded,ignorant, racist, sexist, ugly, just total wankers,
  • Chavs. Police. Andrew Rosindell The MP.
  • Worst things! It exists!
  • fights that go off so frequently in the town centre!
  • The hooded rude boys with their baseball caps on wonky!!! bunch of HOMS!!!
  • chavs, slags, queues and rain.
  • when all the clubs close at the same time and everybody is in the street fighting
  • nightlife
  • Lack of museums and culture - Romford should be proud of its history and heritage.
  • Muppets who wanna fight after 2 shandies
  • The worst 'thing' is Andrew Rosindell - a thatcher loving tory MP pandering to small minded predudice and ignorance. Enjoys campaining on trivia such as Make st George's Day a Public Holiday and bashes the EU and 'Red Ken' in a constant stream of daft pathetic letters to the local press. Walks through Romford with a bulldog wearing a Union Jack coat - no I am not joking - a king of his own backwater. A phenomena thankfully only to Romford - the rest of the UK is safe!
  • Loads of Chavs!
  • Those poncey sculptures in the market or whatever they are. Miffed locals not quite seeing the point of them.
  • too near to harold hill!
  • the groups that hang around outside the clubs how pointless, parking is a nightmare so get the bus or train and the cab offices are complete shite holes, cant make out weather some1s pissed everywhere or thats the natural smell of the drivers!!!!!
  • All the rudies in Romford, who seem to think that everyone not wearing too-tight designer clothes deserve to die.
  • the attitudes of some people, without attitude it would be an ok place.
  • annoyin wannabe bad boys
  • not going there but the worst things are the glass dome on liberty 2 but there is nothing i dont like about romford only when your walking along the brewery when its raining them paving tiles are death traps
  • The knowledge that there is life beyond Romford...she will allways gently tug on your heart strings
  • the new shopping centres
  • Some peoples attitudes are a bit shitty, but you get these everywhere, its just the townie-fication of UK suburbia.
  • Racism. When your a black men in Romford, everyone looks at you!! People starin at you!! Police everywhere. Lack of peace. Well i think is!! too many skinheads. When your balck walking with a white girl, people lookin at you! like?? what that fuck you doin with my sister
  • 252, music teks sofas
  • Violent drunks, do not go for a night out in Romford if you value your life.
  • I can't believe that nobody has mentioned the gypsy woman who has stood outside Dorothy Perkins selling lucky heather - think she had a problem with her leg so may not be around now! The ginger mohican glue sniffer who walked around Romford openly sniffing glue, also used to hang around the fan heaters with other skinheads at the Dolphin Centre. Aiden the 'gay punk' who always had a bottle of booze and was slumped up against a wall. Girls who used to walk around the ringroad waiting for Capri's or Escort's to pull up and let them in and take them for a 'Drive'!!
  • Essex slaaaaggs
  • Kids with nothing better to do that hang around the shops.
  • Andrew Rosindell - MP. A ludicrous caricature of the obnoxious right wing Tory bigot. Even his fellow Tories are ashamed of him.Tacky shops.Lack of any arts based amenities.No decent restaurants.Infact, no bohemian quarter what so ever. The over baring presence of Burberry,sports clothing and especially White trainers.Romford is not blessed with style or intellect.
  • street crime, every1 shud b issued with a stab vest b4 going out!
  • The whole renovation of the liberty, trying to make it look like Lakeside but failing to create a good atmosphere whilst maintaining a slippery floor and a roof that leaks! The top of the liberty since the Odean shut its dead up there! The people stabbing/ mugging (you get the picture) others. Those who believe they are hard and tough because they nick or get bought designer lables and attack strangers cos they think its fun.
  • Too many youths hanging around all day and night and screaming insults.A bit too many pubs and clubs none of which are for teenagers apart from Music Tek and Time(occasionly, but its bad anyway).It smells and the pensioners hate us kids and try to kick us off the bus.Lots of shops but not all that good, some are ok however.
  • I used to do voluntary work in Oldchurch hospital and the A&E unit was full on a Friday night! Joking aside keep your speed down lads! You don't look that 'ard in a hospital bed.
  • the worst things of romford is that its the land full of fukin rudis an townies an that sucks there aint enough rockers or skaters in romford
  • The night clubs and the trouble they attract. The huge cost of policing them at night. The crappy new Liberty shopping centre with its crappy seats and slippery floor, and still no toilets, no eating area and no public phones. What idiot designed the new Liberty? What was wrong with the old one? The fact that buses were supposed to stop at the new Brewery shopping centre but still they refuse to do so, despite the fact that they built a bus station there. What a waste of money and so annoying for shoppers in Romford. All the mess and noise of Romford Market, so depressing.
  • you could never be too drunk or too common.
  • Too many clubs especially Time and Envy which everyone seems to adore.
  • All the people coming into Romford and mking it a SHITHOLE. Most of the people arrested for drugs in the latest police offensive did not hail from Romford, and I bet half of the trouble makers don't either.
  • people from other area tring to take over,its bollox
  • Tesco Supermarket, Collier Row- pigs and monkeys
  • go down romford market, and at about god, i dont know how they get rid of that rubbish for the next market day.
  • groups of teenies in Umbro sports wear. Excessive wearing of Baseball Caps. Needless Violence. Shaven headed fuck wit geezers that see themselves as pretenders to the Dave Courtney crown. Racism. People that think of themselves as "Cockney" I was born in Romford in 1964 at Oldchurch Hospital, didn't hear Bow Bells then, still can't hear them now. Lack of decent bars & clubs for people that (a) Don't want to walk into a meat market/amateur boxing ring/youth group (b) Have realised that there's more to music than top of the pops. There are 2 exceptions, but I don't want them spoilt. Making accidental eye contact with strangers will result in a trip to the Hospital. Shit pubs & clubs full of Pikeys, thieves, old gits, psychopaths, slags. People that think reading is for queers, pounces & pricks, as is liking films that don't have guns, listening to music outside the top 40, trying to do something interesting with your life other than take drugs, sign on, leave your pregnant girlfriend, nick things & fight. Oscar Wilde said "We are all of us in the gutters, but some of us are looking at the stars" Romford Dave says "We are all of us in the gutters, why aren't you? you some sort a cunt? d'ya fink I'm better than me you prick, you pounce!"
  • the car parks
  • Probably the decoration of the shopping areas, but the council have been carrying out major refurbishment to the roads and pedestrian areas. Unfortuantely they havn't got round to fixing the fountain in the centre of the main shopping area.
  • Pigeons, I am not cruel however is that woman still insistant upon feeding them under the station? I remember having to leg it under there scared of being dumped on!
  • Meeting up with your mates from home after being away at Uni and realising that Romford never changes.
  • Romford is well known for boys with long hair tied in a ponytail. Girls all wear bomber and puffa jackets even when goin clubbing
  • Not having an underground station. Why does hainult, grange hill etc get em but not us? Even upminster hornchurch and elm park get one! Unfair.
  • The worst thing about Romford is ROMFORD itself - bulldoze it and put a Waitrose in its place.
  • Most things.
  • Vivid and Elite - innocent people get murdered there (and drinks are tooo expensive)!!
  • The constant nagging of double glazing salesmen and religious people
  • Too many really cheap pound shops, like the one opposite where Halfords used to be. Too many 14 year old girls in Schott jackets up to their armpits, who think they're WELL 'ARD. (typical essex girlz)...SAD!
  • Sad gits trying to put it down but realy love and those Peons that allow it to happen.
  • to many people from inner London
  • Unfailingly being confronted with poorly-educated, badly-dressed, humourless, odourous, racist, homophobic natives is an ever-present danger in any provincial town that's overshadowed by a city, and Romford is no exception. The narcotics are pretty bad, too.
  • Going back
  • the crowds on a friday and saturday night
  • Too many Essex Tories, especially the sort that still worship Thatcher.
  • The worst thing about Romford ( england) was the education system. I spent 4 years at school with an English teacher and all he ever done was talk about his cat!Thats why my spelling leaves a bit to be desired.By the way he would be dead now so his name was Jumbo Jarvis.
  • Why do Romford girls get dressed up on Sunday ? I have recently moved here and found this very challenging, looking good on Sunday !
  • Pubs, people, music taste, small town mindedness, slags, fights in the streets, state of the streets, litter, lary men shouting obscenities, high police presence due to indigenous population, access to decent shopping facilities.
  • The occasional trouble you get, like a couple of murders in the town centre that really shouldn't have happened - there is already too much voilence in this world without people from Romford adding to it!!
  • Need more space to write this article. Summeray: IT's the people, atmosphere, buildings, language, accent, culture and environment that make Romford bad If you Nuked the fuck out of the Place...It would be the best Quick Fix available. Hey Kids...why not try de-railling the Toxic waste train at the Upminster change Rail line-a perfect spot accessable and hidden, between Gidea Park and Romford. The Track is accessable from the iron bridge (Where all the unclean dirty Hommes go to connduct sexual relations) of Victora Rd. The Train travels twice a week reaching the disscued point of the track around 4 am) cannot give excat days of your own dirty work you lazy bastards.
  • The Skin heads of Romford or sould I saw the would be skins of romford if they were more action and less talk...
  • The shops!
  • The worst thing about Romford is the lack of imagination from the council too much money spent on the market not enough on community projects 'free meeting places for 13-18yr olds'. Lack of imagination for use of open space 'old fountain and toilets' in middle of Romford is disgrace should be well thoughtout seating and meeting area.
  • Right where to start? The pissed up thugs down by the station every Friday & Saturday night? The racism? The homophobia? The fact that everyone looks the same? Everyone stares at you if you don't look the same? The racism? Shall I go on?
  • The abysmally low cultural and social level of the town. The lack of character, the shallow materialism this is prevalent thereabouts, the "car culture" and selfish lack of values. Harold Hill.
  • Everyone thinks they are so hard, and tries to start on everyone
  • They've knocked down the bloody Brewery, fine, build shops but couldnt they do it inside the old walls? Gotta watch your stuff, people will have no qualms about smashing your car windows and knicking your radio Need cash to do anything
  • Don't bother to race around 'The Romford Circuit' - all you will do is get nicked.
  • The women in Romford are not your typical Essex girls. They are worse (except my sister, sorry sis). The main feature of Romford are the shops, other than shops Romford hasn't much to offer. But as small towns go it is not all that bad.
  • The one-way system throught the town centre (even us locals get lost) The watterloo estate.
  • Not enough people promote the place! It's fantastic!
  • Too bloody expensive to get to from Australia.
  • Ring road round the market place.
  • Knocking down the old post office sorting office in Angel Way. and knocking down the old Romford brewary 300 years of John Bull bitter gone for some more bloody shops

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