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Hookup Spots
  • 5ways kimberwoth
  • MORRISONS HILL!!! at bramley. a great vantage point for all youths and hoodlums to drink beast, fill your empty cans wi wazz and launch it at the cars in morrisons car park below. good times. good in winter too as the hill acts as a death drop for anyone willing to board down it!!easy point to escape from the law too.
  • the best place eva to hang is up at the stag, where u can get served for cheep booze and get pissed off your face.. they have nice chips there 2... (expect 2 see loads ov youths there on a friday nite)
  • We used to meet up at the third bench on the hill of Clifton Park. My, I've many happy memories of that bench and all the wildlife that used to congrigate around our feet.
  • best hook up spot in town has definatly gotta b the benches next t WHSMITHS in town, everywhere you wanna go is five mins from there
  • Crinoline House - ultimate hang spot for fifty or so 'alternatives' to meet and get the crap kicked out of them
  • the best place to hang is behind the shops at the stag for the skaters can get drunk smoke take sum music because sumone always has a cd player.the drivers dont like it because we all ways end up in the middle of brecklands street 9/4/06 sk8 4 eva
  • well i hate fis website, dunno even no y it cum up. u slate us youngstars coz we avin fun beta than wen all ya wo older. grow up m8!
  • Bottom of steps nr church
  • no what im saying
  • the storm nightclub on ship hill rotherham also has live bands every month starting with alexanders palace on wednesday 16 feb and the bigger the crowd the bigger the band so if you want to see all the big bands live give them your support doors open 9 pm till 2 am all drinks 2.50
  • THE band stand! people from greasbrough just know.
  • 104 wordsworth drive Herringthorpe knock on the door ask for Kirsty Stevens she's 18 and i right free fuck anytime you want
  • The walkway under the main road in eastwood, the car park near the library and the flats near there. best places for downing the obligatory bottle of 20/20 before entering the charter arms.
  • No decent women in rotherham to hook up with, lived in rotherham all my life, i was a misanthrope by the age of 10
  • Weatherpitch nr traintracks in parkgate, many wingy comp memories have been made here ,all that cider all that cheap lager. If they wanted to hide from the police , local biddies or farmers they'd jus leg it to train tracks and get passing trains to hoot WHAT A TIME THEY HAD Oh and dont forget greasbrough damns!!
  • Surley all these comments are gonna put people off visiting Rotherham. Places like Herringthorpe Valley Park would be a nice place to go if it weren't for all the saddos hanging around drinking and leaving their beer cans everywhere and riding motorbikes over the golf course, etc.
  • top of rotherham town. theres pleanty of fit lases, mint cars the lot! its a place where u can just chill out
  • new record shop at top of rotherham market, good friends of mine not a bad shop either. go to the outside market go up escallator and turn left. sell some top tunes dance and trance etc.......
  • Thurcroft pit top and Wogger's Hill, smoking shitty weed and shivering. Or South Anston bus stop for a quick gobble. Don't know if kids still hang out round there, but it was the scene of many a broken heart as I watched the girl I loved suck all my mates off. Wearing my fcking coat.
  • *barkers genel in kimmy you can add to the grafiti smoke a joint or get pissed on cheapo tinnies bought from stockys at st johns green
  • Hazel woods:maltby. Those in the know will remember, long nights of cheap cider (Polaris, anyone) and our first experimentation with doobie!!
  • The winterhills up kimy you could also whatch others on sheep shaggers lane and rock their cars
  • The best place in rotherham is easy herringthorpe at the park and at valley park the ladz r just soooooooo SEXY
  • brinsworth field or orchad, cheapo cider, get smashed on 3 n c if u can find ur way home, usually a chalange!!!
  • The pavilion was our teenage drunken binge hang out. All the trees n bushes keep you hidden from the watchful eye of the fuzz!!
  • lego land up near the leisure centre, a peaceful upmarket old folks estate never visited by the fuzz! Ideal haven for the younger generations to experiment with cheap toxic drinks and mind altering drugs. Many a drunk young woman was seduced in those thar old folks estates!
  • Ferham park rocks, chillin out bottle of cider (speical red) in one hand n 10 lambert n butler in the other, ahh those were the days. (still do it now realy)
  • the bench, across road from green draggon pub. everybody but everybody at sometime as visted the bench what a place to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • outside threshers offy on herringthorpe valley road everyone ALWAYS meets their mates outside all:sports near the bus station if u meet in town! linx in maltby... if ur a scrubber! only messin
  • Bus stop lol
  • Round the back of the shops at Hunger Hill in Whiston, also the fields behind there; if you can find a suitable bush to dive into.
  • thrybergh bus stop, best for fingers, at rearsby
  • Clifton park in the summer is the best place to go when u and ur mates have got nothing to do.
  • I have lived in Rotherham for 28 years. I've found that clifton park is a sound place to 'Chill' with mates. Whoever is the fool that said "Thats it, no more fireworks on november 6th " Has taken away one of the few events that Rotherham has got to offer.(which is few). Soon they will say "Now everyone has to pay a fee to enter the park!!",,,,,,No chance!!!!,,,,,
  • Outside fiveways in sunnyside!expect to get beat up as you walk past!PREPARE!
  • Sad but its true it has to be, Rotherham Bus Station n Maccy D's
  • greasbrough park in rotherham what a wild night out for all the tenni boppers dinking white lightening and smoking splifts watch out for the needles dont go near the bins, and dont sit on the kids swings because the hiv epidemic may catch you !!!!!
  • Them bushes on Whiston Grange off Moorgate Road. Rate cool spot for rate bad uns.
  • The turf Tavern is still shit i`ve been told!
  • Herringthorpe playing fields, by the wall so the passing cops don't notice!
  • The Tanyard shopping precinct is the best place in Wickerlsey for anyone between the ages of 10 and 16. The best time is around 7:00pm when all the cider youths come out to play!!!
  • Friday nights at the REC on FLASH LANE - BRAMLEY is brilliant night out for youths. They go down there to congrigate and drink white shite
  • Sorby Way at Wickersley is full of Yoofs who drink beast and 20/20. The Rec at Bramley is full of scrubbers from bentley road who get pissed out of their heads.
  • the tanyard in wickersley (but expect to get beat up by someone with a mullet)
  • Old ones:"The Tank", at whiston meadows, Public toilets/bus stop near sitwell arms, whiston. Roache Abbey, only for pple with transport. The down stairs at the Charters (when it was dark and had rock nites)
  • St Johns Green at Kimberworth Park,is said to be the nerve centre of the community, that is if you can manage to get past the cider bottles, larger cans, the rubbish and so on. Once you've mastered that all you have to do is fight your way through hordes of teenagers and the smell of fish coming from the chippy and all you wanted was a packet of fags!!!!!
  • Kiddies night on Mondays at New York, New York :^)
  • The Tanyard at Wickersley outside Willis. They by White Beast (White Cider), wripp the lable of and get bladdered. There all a bunch of beast drinking youff dreaming of red yova's (Nova's)
  • the bus station,
  • Clifton Park
  • All Saints Square
  • In Rotherham the main place for the prepubesent to hang out has to be Worrygoose Island. It is the mecca for 15 year olds to go and purchase the cheap nasty cider that only England seems to offer. For only one pound fifty three 15 can easily get tanked and every shop keeeper is willing to sell.
  • The A.T.S fire escape in Eastwood (next to Eastwood W.M.C)...The tinnies which were despatched there is unthinkable.
  • top of ship hill outside town hall
  • round the back of the Herringthorpe Leisure Centre

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