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Record Shops
  • music zone
  • Sound of Music - that was a great record shop, apart from most of the album covers being bent. I once saw 'Paul McCartney & Wings - Back to the Egg' on picture disc, for £4.95. I was going to buy it and then ended up with a Beatles album. The McCartney disc is now worth over £1500.....
  • YOU WANNA B GETTIN URSELF UPTO LEEDS!!! there are some absoloutly bangin record shops in leeds
  • Have to go to Sheffield, although Music Zone stocks a lot of cheap alternative stuff nowdays...
  • Sheffield
  • jack d;s in sheffield - near dev green
  • Music Zone ... cheap as chips
  • Circles - Sell everything
  • Oldcotes car-boot sale, i dont know whether you would place that under rotherham, i live in maltby though and its where i go.
  • closest decent record shop is hellraiser, and thats in leeds, and there ignorant ****s there, bloody leeds, what a shit-hole
  • New shop opening on wellgate called Remix Records, looks like it's gonna be dance music only but they do claim to be specialists...
  • Music zone whata place! CHEAP but up 2 date
  • new record shop at top of rotherham market, good friends of mine not a bad shop either. go to the outside market go up escallator and turn left. sell some top tunes dance and trance etc.......
  • There's no decent record shops in Rotherham. You have to go to Sheffield.
  • I dont no about the rest of the losers from Rotherham, but I generaly head to 'Noise Annoys' up sheffield way. Classic.
  • Music zone for buying stock from outta Fopp in Sheff then adding a quid to the price then selling it back to us. Saves on bus fare though.
  • reflex in sheff is good if u like dance n stuff tho its not really my thing, hmv medowhall
  • There used to be this really good little record shop near h. samuals. cant remeber what it was called but unfortunatly its has shut down now
  • They all shut down? there was roulete records on wellgate but it had no windows and no one bought much so it went the way of the dodo! To get any of the less commercialised stuff a trip to hmv at parkgate should see u right!
  • Only place like this i know is Reflex Records but thats in shef. Has everthing from RnB through to happy hardcore.
  • There used to be a nice one in town, but that was back in the 1940s. Just HMV at the truly awful Parkgate Retail World
  • best one shut down, circles rest expensive
  • music zone in town is really good and v cheap
  • Hmv is the best
  • Circle records
  • erm..... Dunno, they're all gone! Fopp in Sheff is good
  • There is a shop just as you go into town that sells really weired things. Things like bongs and pipes i think it was called mesmarised
  • There aint none it's a load of rubbish.
  • Update: Roullette Records is closed. Circles records is closed.
  • Roullette Records on Wellgate Rotherham.good music for cheaper than usual, what more can we ask for?!
  • Roulette records is ok
  • There's a HMV at retail world, It's massive!
  • Roulette Records in Rotherham is the best record shop in Rotherham.
  • HMV Parkgate
  • there that one next to the tut and shive
  • Circles records, Wellgate Rotherham. All types of music and ones you wont find in woolworths.
  • The Sound of Music
  • there is a little used record shop across from nellie denes pub, just around the corner from the bus station, and the guy that runs it knows music and can get you just about anything you want. if you go in tell them james the american with the little boy sent you.
  • circles on wellgate

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