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Cheap Food
  • willow cafe at garden centre in barby,really nice food but 3 miles outside rugby day time only
  • Masala Lounge - Best Indian I've tasted in Rugby Crystal - Best Chinese Take-away I've tried in Rugby, their curry is Yum! Brownsover Fish Bar - Best Chips ever! Pizza - Dominos - Awesome.
  • subway :D
  • La Casa Loca Wetherspoons the Alexander arms rendevous etc.
  • Hopes Newsagent has a surving hatch which does Faggot rolls and the "monster batch" - a long filled roll with eggs, bacon, sausages and mushrooms and its great. If you want great value sandwiches, the best place to try is not the expensive sandwich shops, but the girls who run the Flackies Sandwich trailer up by the the clock tower - great value, great fillings and the best scotch eggs around! Also try Flackies shop on Clifton Road.
  • summersaults is nt only cheap food but it's all organic and tastes amazing!!!!! u won't find food any better in england! check them out!
  • hot stuff, kwiksave, iceland
  • Subway
  • If ya in rugby, your out on the piss. Ya going to need somewhere to eat. This logic defines clifton road/church steet. You only have to look ont he pavement on a sunday morning to see how popular an "eatery" rugby is.
  • For take away sarnies it has to be the Flackies butchers Sandwich trailer by the clocktower - the girls on this trailer do the cheapest and best baguettes in town plus top notch scotch eggs! Oliver Adam's bakery is good for sarnies and cream cakes but how pricey!!
  • summersault has good vegetarian food.
  • The brownsover chippy is aways one to go to (not least because i work there), Snappys pizza is great for those too lazy to get off their asses though!
  • Salsas on Hillmorton Road is an excellent Mexican takeaway with very tasty/spicy vegetarian fare.
  • do not get a take-away in rugby EVER! they are rank. even are maccyD's set new levels of rancidity
  • The Neptune is now the Town Fryer, but still good for a poke of chips.
  • pizza hut. the pizzas where you can put your own topping on is brilliant. i reccommend olives, and chillis.
  • I heard Salmons was done for having human semen in the mayonnaise, however they do kebabs with meat that can only be described as disconcertingly vague.
  • Town Fryer, great chips. Dunchurch fish and chips-great kebabs.
  • La Magherita has excellent Itallian food. La Caso Loco for Mexican. Yum Yum for Chinese take away. Walkabout for a kangeroo burger. Avoid Salmans like the plague or you may get the plague. People only go there when they're drunk and think the only reason they feel bad the next day is because they were drunk, but that's not the case. Buddy's is much better, and safer.
  • Jasmine Court in Hillmorton is an excellent chinese, easily beats Mr C, and Ive eaten in Beijing too!
  • Just got a very swanky new restaurant called Ask. It has a good atmosphere and is candle lit. Very romantic
  • the imperial for chianese and maharajah for a curry spot on!
  • loadsa indians ! my personal favourite is the balti tandoori international restaurant (or somethign liek that), its purple
  • Anyone who knows anything about Chinese restaurants will realise that The Regent Restaurant is the finest in Rugby - and among the finest in the world... cripy beef is legendary
  • Your correspondent on Mr Chan's must be mistaken... Mr Chan's pales into insignificance compared with the delights of The Regent. Not so poncey, but the food is miles better.
  • there is macdonalds,pizza hut,dominoes,and my personal favourite hillmorton fish and chippy! does the best chips and curry ever
  • Buddies is run by the most disgusting group of men who really should watch there step because sometimes bad things happen.
  • If you like curry try the Tittash in church St, good choice freindly staff and air con
  • Buddys do the best burgers. We have the usual McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC. Many many Chinese restaurants the best probably being Yum Yum.
  • Mr Chans' Cantonese restaurant is now called The Imperial.
  • Loads of really good Indians e.g. Maharajah, Dilruba on Albert St Mr Chan's now renamed but still good. La Casa Loco Mexican Hundreds of pubs
  • McDonalds, KFC and some great Indian restaurants: the Spicy Cottage is one.
  • Rugby has an excellent Chinese restaurant - Mr Chan's, located in Castle Street. I have only eaten in one Chinese better than this, and that was in Beijing. Lots of good Chinese takeaways too - best is the Wing Wah in Blackwood Avenue, followed closely by Ocean City in Cymbeline Way.
  • Indian, Chinese, Cantonese, Mexican, Greek, and a lot of pub meals.
  • Salman's kebab shop is, with one possible exception, the best in the world. Try the "under-the-counter" chilli sauce with your mixed kebab, double chips & mayo.

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