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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Now Walkabout and LA central have closed you've really only got The Bank, Vault and Lloyds that are left.
  • Clubs well we have Walkabout Club DNA And that really is it Chumleys was good now shut down Flares was ok it was cheap and full of older and dodgy likes myself included damn sorry about that. Dicky Bos Shut down Wetherspoons well its allright full of unemployed people who get drunk on cheap beer sorry.
  • Clubs-do me a favour,a bunch of wannabe promoters who get the opportunity with good venues and turn them into UFC rings for all the dickheads that are in the place
  • Quigleys Irish Pub has a genuine fun atmosphere, Wetherspoons is the worst in the UK, lousy food all the time and they cant keep beer properly. Madisons is a great club, they play duff music through failing speakers and every night is punch up night on the dancefloor. The whole dance floor with snooker tables in just another highlight
  • O'hagens rules!!!! wicked place to spend ur friday nites, gr8 crowd of ppl there, pretty decent music too, now called club DNA i think, but a really decent place 2 hang out with ur mates.
  • Please bring back Daisys!!!! Chinese restaurant indeed!
  • O'Hagens thats the place to be on a friday night. Its a bit of a shit hole but it our shit hole full of lovely people and a few strange ones so its always interesting. Check out the Alexander Arms aswell rock pub in the back room normal old man pub in the front. Juke Box, pool table, skittles table and a beer garden all in the back.
  • Quigley's Irish Bar next to the main post office is the best in town, a real atmosphere and live Irish folk bands playing. Everyone in Quigley's wants a good time and plenty of Guiness, not to smash your face in.
  • ohagens rocks its a great place for local an wider bands to have their chance at playing in the gig scene.
  • o'hagans
  • o'hagans....loving it when your shoes stick to the floor.
  • gas street is shut down.walkaboat is crap
  • fancy a fight tonoight? go to walkabout. rock? go to o'hagans. anything else? go home.
  • some rubbish nu-metal shie called o'pikey's or summat. aviod.
  • I heard they all shut down apart from Gas Street which is still going. The place is terrible, If your forty and single get yo'bad self down there as you'll still be thought of as young, available and feelin' a vibe. There seems to be a local past time of putting wheelie bins in trees, shouting abuse at houses, vandalising for Sale signs, fighting, whoring, pissing in the gutter (females only), animal baiting, mullet fancying, stealing various building materials from the scaffolding outside the school, cone racing, kebab eating, kebab kicking, lighting kebab boxes, posting kebab boxes through letter boxes, posting kebab boxes containing piss through letter boxes, lighting serviettes inside kebab boxes, kicking kebab boxes whilst people are holding them, lighting kebab boxes that are full of piss, pissing on lit kebab boxes, throwing chips from the kebab boxes, All these are exceptable alternatives that provide more entertainment than the club/clubs in the vicinity!
  • The only club in Rugby is Gas Street and it's full of old trout and BA Bouncers, but loads of the town center pubs (Walkabout, Bar Med, Dirty Duck, Glasnost, Flares, Toad at 22, are open till 2 in he morning, so we don't need Gas Street.
  • Gas Street 2- Every Saturday night with DJ Martin Good (Swanley,Kent local hero)
  • Rugby is CRAP now LA VIDA has gone so BRING IT BAK NOW!!!
  • Best place - Chumleys fun dancefloor. Recently opened is Bar Med - very swish great for dancing the night away. La Vida has actually closed now (very anoying) rumours are its going to be opened up as an Australian chain pub called the walkabout inn. Crazy Daisy's - out of town but still brilliant.
  • Now that La Vida's shut (shame, heh), the best place to go is Bar Med or Flares. Chumleys is alright if you can stand the music in there. In Bar Med you can laugh at the crazy people dancing until you get drunken enough to dance yourself.
  • LA VIDA!!!!!!!!!!!
  • o hagans for rockers and sometimes youngsters if you know what i mean!!
  • Just like to say that Gas street 2 is really good on fridays. Some dj from down south plays all the best upfront sounds. not what you put at all.
  • all meat markets, at a push if you were desperate for more beer, you'd go to either o'hagans (rock) or gas street (dance)
  • La Vida is getting scarily young now, last time I visited at age 22 felt old enough to be some of them's mother (which wouldn't be a novelty in Rugby)
  • The Regency Club has been sold and changes hands early in june.It will be run on similar lines with all bookings upheld, but hopefully there will be some improvements.
  • Just to update, La Vida is now open till 4am. And gas St is open till 3am. CJs is supposed to be opening soon as a lap dancing bar. Now that i gotta see, they sure as hell wont be useing the local talent i`m sure.
  • Plenty of 2am drinking holes all who, since the summer, think it's IBIZA night and it's going to last FOREVER. Truth is these people ain't gotta clue mate. 'Clubs' around here are punching-holes for the dumb-scum. Believe.
  • Gas St. is shite, La Vida is OK, CJ's is a creche, O'Hagans luvs the devil, and Crazy Daisy's is wicked, but it's a few miles drive.
  • Dicky Bo,s has changed its name to cairo jaks but still the same inside. Palm Beach has also changed to La Vita its much bigger inside holds upto 1100 bods, good sound system light,s and air con
  • palm beach is mainly full of locals, actually always full of locals plus the occasional fool from out of town whos been told that its a great place to go! cairo jax - unless you want to be arrested for under age ... o'hagens - better off hanging about outside the police station, you'll see more activity that way. gas street - one of the best in rugby mainly go to pubs like chumleys for the young adult, o'neils for the alcholic,
  • Gas Street, Palm Beach, CJ's Quite a few actually
  • after a visit to the firkin mosh on down to O'Hagans aka insomnia to mosh to rock night on friday night or chill out to indie rock night on a saturday night.
  • All right for grabbing grannies.
  • THE best club to go to in Rugby is Dicky Bo's, because there's always loo roll in the toilets unlike ANYWHERE else in Rugby! Actually it plays pretty good music too.
  • Dicky Bos is not the best nightclub: the average age is young. The best places are Gas Street for the over 25's: great for grabbing a granny. Also Palm Beach: always packed at the weekends.
  • Mmmm. There are a few night clubs in the area, Gas Street alright if you're over 25, and the rest, I know not their names as they change so fast, are cool for the after hours drinking.

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