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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • House of Green Ginger in the 70's best little shop for gifts and crafts and coffee.
  • Rendevous a couple of others.
  • I used to love the House of Green Ginger in the late 70's early 80's.
  • Best café in town is Wood Street Café by a long way, Gav who runs it does a decent brekkie for a fair price and for a Rugby person, is actually decent and friendly to customers who all know it! Hopes Newsagents breakfast hatch does the infamous breakfast “monster batch” which is well worth the price! For lunch it has to be the Flackies sandwich trailer outside the Clocktowers, the girls on here do a decent low cost batch with a choice of fillings and the best scotch eggs around!
  • For a fried brekkie, either visit Gav down at Wood Street Cafe, good food at a good prices and Gav is a top bloke.
  • hatties
  • Hatties behind Macky d's does the best tuna and mayo sandwiches in the town :D
  • gotta say that the vegan cafe mentioned earlier is called summersaults, lovely family run vegan/veggie cafe(also unusual gift shop and ladies fashions too! Hatties, gotta big up there amazing hot choclates. the flying teapot is alas no more and has been that way for over 10years, tho mr edwards shakes might of made it seem like yesterday!
  • Cafe's and coffe shops, Pubs that do coffe? they ARE the "shops". Five to one!
  • Gav's Wood Street cafe for your Greasy food needs, he does a solid takeaway sarnie or Ham, Cheese & Mushroom Omelette with chips. The Patio Cafe is the other traditional cafe if you want a pucker fry up or solid cafe dinner with milky coffee!
  • subway (bigtime sold out by going here, but its pretty dapper) the staff know who i am!
  • Hatties!!!! in the little precint next to la casa loco...its nice, cheap, friendly and has hats from the ceiling!!!
  • tom browns is cool as nuts. top ice-creams on a summers day. smells of piss occasionally.
  • Somersault, at the south end of Little Church Street, just past Woolies, is a nice retreat. Scruffy furniture and eclectic decor, and wonderful cakes.
  • BB's, apart from the cigarette smoke (although its meant to be no smoking in the precinct) surrounding you when you drink/eat, the coffees are great, and the blueberry muffins to die for.
  • Rendevouz, nice cappucino they have in theres.
  • Hatty's do the best hot chocolate (with maltesers) for £1.25 Theres a vegan cafe, very expensive, very small, often packed, food very filling. dunno what its called. Looks like a shop, sells things too. can't miss it.
  • Bar Med serves good food in the day. Cafe Uno is good. Sommersaults is amazing - love it.
  • Hatty's for the best hot chocolate. Is a bit full of Rugby School Student though. we're convinced they're either breeding them in there or they've got some sort of underground tunnel system from the halls to Hatty's. Still, can't fault the HC so... no complaints.
  • Hatties, little cafe type thing, great place. loads of hats on the wall... How quaint.
  • take your pick there is loads of cafes in rugby in fact too many! there is cafe uno,rendezvous,sommersaults,brooks,and a few dozen mingin ones scattered about
  • The flying tea-pot with Mr Edward's milkshakes with a little funny after-taste and a funny 'mong' there after. The art work by Mr Ugly -Opiate state of Art- good chap
  • Summersault, top of Sheep Street for coffee wot kicks. PLEASE REMEMBER...caffeine is a drug too.
  • Brookes are very nice; although Mixed spice (near the Market) are better value for money.
  • chummleys - good place to hang out , but can be quite during the day times.
  • Summersault in the High Street (right at the top, past Woolworths). Sullen service, but absolutely stunning vegetarian food, some of the best and most imaginative I've had (cost a fiver with drink) served in tables scattered amid the craft/"ethnic" shop stock. There's more of a proper cafe room hidden away at the back. Tables out front too. Great place, a mix of grannies, sixth-form girls and "wooly jumper" types, reminds me of the cool cafe in Malvern.
  • Brookes is good for a coffee, as is Somersault. Tesco and Sainsburys coffee shops are cool too.

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