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Buskers, Street Entertainers
  • Judy Simpson Nee Livermore went to Harris, she may have gone to Dunsmore for two sixth form years but she went to harris. Your page is WRONG
  • As for "MULLIS" ...He is well missed by those that knew him well for many years. Maybe not by them who just saw him at his lowest in his last few years who have no rights to judge!! Maybe they should look at their own back door before judging? Great guy!!
  • Crazy Dunchurch Trekking Guy - converse all stars, bottletop glasses, always walking at an extremely fast pace along Dunchurch Road. Crazy Alcoholic Trekking Guy - been steadily drinking himself into oblivion for years now, always weighed down with bags full of cider, or something. Plastic shell suit wearer.
  • The totally unconvincing transexual often walking around Rugby in tights and pink high heels!
  • lol, heroin addicts begging for money, entertainers = real street fights, council scum shouting abuse at anyone and a transvestite market trader
  • The shockingly unconvincing transvestite in high heels who fools nobody.
  • badger, gibbo
  • There aint any!
  • There's a man who cycles about and looks just like Hoggle from The Labyrinth
  • paddy the busker, old style one man band irish man, he's a great site to see and hear
  • Bosnians selling big issue. ntl "tent". sky "tent". somewhere or other gas/electric "tent". Why are all these employees of major companies homeless? only a few tramps in the real sense. I actually went to schhol with Two people who I have seen as "homeless", (friends of jack daniels) seriously, in the town centre. Seriously. Makes ya think! Its a reality check, but if I can say, aint no one missin mullis.
  • The Latvian woman who sells the Big Issue in Regent street looks like she should be a travelling gypsy who sells pegs door to door. Also worth an eye out for the transexual guy in high heels and a miniskirt who doesnt even try to look like a woman!
  • Gibbo!
  • Paddy the Busker, outside of Marks and Sparks, brillo act! give the man yer Quidz
  • everyone in rugby knows everyone else its hideous
  • Like Joel Senior..of No Remote!...if you see him.,,give him a wave. Not to mention the colourfully shell-suited jesus army man and the crazy trolley guy, who recently has got himself a ladyfriend...those 1 coins from kwick save really paid off!
  • emily walker
  • paddy is dead, apparantly. there is still the blind singer dude every now and then and the wierd guitar violin thing with adam (ex - koniguan)
  • generally friendly people, the guy that used to be outside whsmith played some great tunes.
  • Various, all s**te
  • There's usually someone busking in town, in the main high street. It makes it so much more relaxing, and takes your mind away from the fact that many of the people who live here aren't very nice. In the summer, there's often mini music festivals by the clock tower, playing all kinds of different music. And it's really nice because loads of people gather round and really enjoy it. There's sometimes even a little dance floor set up where children usually dance. Gorgeous.
  • there is often a really angry bloke stood outside Dixons sprouting some religous propoganda to the passers by, but did you ever notice the people who stop to watch are always the same ? and why is he so angry anyway ? i often like to imagine i'll go up to him and shout back to him "HEY WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY?", but i expect he'd tell me something like 'CUS GOD IS ANGRY ... blah bah ba fart..'
  • Theres a dodgy old guy who always hangs around outside Argos 'clucking' seriously he clucks like a chicken, he'll come up to u and cluck at u. Just dont tap ur fingers on ur wrist at him, 4 some very strange reason he goes MAD. (all the more reason to do it)
  • What happened to that bloke that used to stand outide WH Smiths singing his heart out?. We called him the Clock Towers Crooner.
  • personally the best busker i have seen i think died so you missed that one, there is abloke with a recorder near the bank but he just gets annoying after awhile. oh and your guarenteed to be harassed by someone selling the big issue outside whsmith
  • Loads of Stick-wielding, Tune-Crooning, Anorak-Sporting, HEADERS. They're only in-breds, quite harmless. But, the tunes are seriously offal.
  • Some weird woman who wonders about stoned. Always worth a laugh!!!
  • The bloke outside McDonalds has pissed off so theres none. We get some tramps thinking they can sing but they can't so no-one gives them cash so they piss off too.
  • Cool old guy who sings ballads outside WH Smiths
  • Rugby's crowning glory is a little man who stands on the corner of WH Smiths and sings very badly and very loud.

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