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Mags, mags and more mags

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Magazine and Comic Shops
  • Wh smiths and woolworths.
  • Hope’s Newsagents down in Railway Terrace is a mecca of everything you could ever need & read. Porn mags & videos flow off the top shelf and spill onto just about every other shelf apart from the train magazines. It also has a breakfast bar hatch which does the infamous “monster batch” (a roll with two sausages, egg and bacon with mushrooms and its great). Gives the impression the owner is a greasy food eating train spotting porno collector, which given the other things you can do in Rugby is probably the best thing to be!
  • Hopes in Railway terrace is a mecca of magazines, however most of the magazines are about trains, porn magazines of every kind seem to be spilling off every shelf, not just the top one.
  • Spinadiscs is the best place to go for music mags, a whole range, as well as sum free ones!!!
  • we dont read
  • hopes in raiway terace recently had new, heavier duty top shelf fitted. and it needs it. good on ya. And they do excellent sausage, sausage/bacon rolls, even on a sunday.Can ya buy "porn" on a sunday? Sausage batch and a wank. Welcome to Rugby.
  • The best magazine shop in town has to be Hope's newsagents in Railway Terrace which stocks a load of magazines, and has the best take away fried brekkie in town from their kitchen. Only thing with Hope's is the sheer amount of porn mags on every shelf - It's Jazz mag heaven.
  • sainsburys
  • wh smiths and supercigs. and that's it.
  • Ther is a corner shop in Railway Terrace with a staggering array of pornography, I often felt sinful merely purchasing confectionary from that place, however there is now a sex shop on the High Street that probably has far better.
  • we dont have anythinglike that, have to go2 birmingham or Cov for that.
  • W H Smiths is the one that comes to mind - its the best one in town. Odd Spot does funky stuff but that's more of a stationery shop instead of a magazine and comic shop.
  • Newsagent down Railway Terrace....THE LOT MATE>>>SHOCKING.
  • Best place to go is WHSmiths or John Menzies. No outlets or nothing

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Last updated: 2008-10-14

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