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Live Music Venues
  • West Indian Club .St Peters Rd Rugby. Live music last Friday of the month. Showcasing original music from bands / solo artists etc of all genres. A very good night out. Ran by Strip Club promotions.
  • West Indian Club .St Peters Rd Rugby. Live music last Friday of the month. Showcasing original music from bands / solo artists etc of all genres. A very good night out. Ran by Strip Club promotions.
  • The VAULT now has live bands playing once a month on a Friday night
  • style bar, irish pub albert street,squirrel
  • Caribbean Club (all genres last friday of the month), The Courthouse (punk, metal, covers), Style Bar (bands that wanna get big but a usually bad) pretty much keep the scene alive in 2009
  • club celestial is opening (where cairo jacks use to be) and there will be bands playing there on a friday
  • Quigleys usually have live bands.
  • Quigleys worth a shot, Madisons good for a laugh if you like 40 year old scrubbers with their breasts out dancing with their single mum daughters and fighting. Avoid Flares, its full of middle aged people trying to be young again.
  • O'hagens have some really decent bands playin but nt many good ones from rugby
  • couthouse
  • O'hagens every friday have bands from half 7ish till ten then over 18 night starts with disco.
  • the best venue in this town WAS the peacock, now there aint no good venues, just bands shoved into corners of pubs.
  • Badly played irish music. Badly played jazz music. Badly played folk music. Badly played covers bands. Musicians come to rugby to die.
  • ohagens if you like punk/rock
  • o'hagans
  • Ohagans is cool but is now ful of little emo kids
  • o'hagans once more.
  • O'hagans, getting much better now, snce that group of girls have started putting on gigs. Also theres now some regular fanzines and some good regualar bands!
  • Imperial Hotel, cambridge st, rugby (opposite the chemists on craven rd) Live music on Saturdays, bands of all kinds , also DJ sets, The London House, Chapel St., (live music, from the likes of Backroom boys, retro rock, any other genre)
  • Imperial hotel , cambridge st, Good live music. Saturdays normally, some times fridays or sunday afternoons, every week summat different.
  • O'Hagans- about the only place in Rugby to hav 5 civilised people in all together in 1 place. And some of them only have 1 head.
  • o'hagans and whatever duff club the kids go to this week.
  • ah, there's a cuople, lots of bands in drugby y'know. most are sub standard emo/punk shite though.
  • Various
  • O'Hagans, nice little rock joint, charity gigs an stuf. thursday night is live all ages night, great fun. brady boys club on East Union Street have gigs on a friday of an occaision.
  • It's sad but true... there are none. With the exception of The Regency on Albert Street but not been there recently. Pubs that occasionally play host to gigs are The William Webb Ellis (on Saturdays) and Walkabout (Thursdays).
  • the firkin or the regency sometimes both are shite!!!
  • when we get some i'll let you know
  • There would be a lot more happenning in this field if the locals could be bothered to support events.most of them are either couch potatoes or they think that a live band is a bunch of kareoke singers.The best events are the ones which bring in people from out of town.
  • Pretty much 'nil. At the moment, to be fair. Rugby comes and goes even with it's smallscale scene. Usually a few bands of merry pranksters get bored and try and have a run....we slow down after p*SS-InGG in the wind...AGAIN!
  • None, the residents normally bugger off to the NEC for larger groups. The pubs have shit local bands.
  • Regency Club, Albert Street
  • Try Quigley's on Albert Street: excellent Irish bands.
  • Benn Hall, occasional good gigs.

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