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  • We came 2nd in the most pubs per square mile in a survey carried out in the sixties!! YAY ALCOHOLISM!!!!
  • There are loads The alexander arms quigleys Walkabout the Merchants Wetherspoons Seven Stars Town and county and lots more.
  • pubs in rugby serve minors, try madisons, walkabout and maybe even the duck
  • The Rupert Brooke (Wetherspoons) is rank - avoid it like the plague, even the Hungry Horse at Hillmorton is much better than this dump. For good beer and pork scratchings - it has to be The Squirrell Inn.
  • The dirty duck has a cute little dancefloor an a good atmosphere, but THE pub in rugby if u like rock music is the alex, wicked selection of rock music and sum pretty amazing people to meet there, again, a wicked atmosphere. The alex absolutely rocks!
  • lotts lottsa pubs
  • The Alex arms, nice polite and table skittles, in the back room though, one of the bar ladys i have always hada crush on if she is still there. You know who you are!
  • The alexander arms is the place to be
  • the firkin is now a souless plastic pub, called the Bull and if u want a crowd of blokes with necks as big as their bellies it cud be for you. If you want real pubs you'll have to hunt out the alexandra arms, by multi story car-park near the post office. or the merchant(previosly the warwicks) behind M&S
  • Teletubies would be a great theme night. 9 out of ten drinkers in rugby think so. The other 10% blurr something about bill and ben...they were in the war you know know..the one on the way to the taxi rank.
  • Wetherspoons in Rugby sucks - the beer off the pumps is always rank and the food leaves a lot to be desired as it normally gets cremated before serving! Hungry Horse on Hillmorton Road is ok for cheap nosh and reasonable beer.
  • Chumleys- Awesome. So unique, and is apparently under new management starting food up again. Small Dance floor but gets lots of very attractive people dancing on it!! Friday and saturday nights are best, good to chill out in the day time on a sat and sun and watch the footy!
  • quigleys has some cool music bands playing also a good place 2 chill out with your mates an have a few drinks
  • The merchants
  • Try the Half Moon, (lawford road, at the top) good beer , good company, or The Alexandra Arms,(james street) better beer, young crowd in back(goths and bikers, chav free zone , but not hostile)
  • A good night should always start at Spoonies...often busy but a very nice atmostphere...then onto the duck or perhaps the bull...bull is usually quieter in volume but equally as busy...then to finish the has to be the Merchants on the road behind McDonalds....go but good music in the dukebox though i doubt anything you punch in ever gets played...but great choice in beers..and friendly too...just gotta watch the final resting place of many a punter's gut on the pavements outside!
  • Pig and Truffle, didnt go there at nite so can only comment on day time. Had a meal which was not only good value for money was also very nice!!Although a fairly quiet place (which is a shame) the girl on the bar was super, not only friendly and helpful but quite attractive as well! Next time in Rugby...I'll be stopping off there again....
  • Would you belive that Vodka Bar is shut?? the next stop after the last bells of Spoonies to get some good old fashioned boogying done! The Merchants (the horrible yellow colour building on the road behind McDonalds) is very cheerful though.
  • the bull (used to be the firkin) nice. the duck - good. walkabout - saturday fight night, the alex for the rock kids. other than that yer typical town centre dross.
  • the alex lets us take our bikes (bmx) in if it's not too crowded, so we love them and pledge eternal alliegence. and bargirl jo is nice to look at!
  • Sit on top of the Duck.
  • Fitchew and Firkin just reopened as The Bull. Crap. Chesters (formerly Olivers) is a good laugh for karaoke. Weatherspoons, cheap beer but slow service and filthy bar/clientelle. Walkabout (formerly Boots chemists) half price beer all week, 'cept Friday & Saturday) and bands on Thursdays. Open 'till 1.00 weekdays, 2.00 weekends. Dirty Duck (AAKA The Black Swan) loud music for kids. The Alex and The Merchant (formerly Whittakers) for real ale. Courthouse (formerly the Saracens Head) for the beer garden.... Jeez I could be here all night! There's something for everyone in Rugby.
  • Fitchew and Firkin was the best. Now 'The Bull' which sounds way too manly and uncool for my liking. They sold all the 1900s brewary memorabilia. I didnt get the barrel table :( if anyone knows where it is, PLEASE let me know! They do the BEST vodka lemon and lime though and it is the calmest place in the town, hardley ever any wankers in there and the town's full of em. Looks like i'll be hanging out at O'Hagans with my 14year old sister (They have youth nights) until i move...(soon)
  • The Crown, Rugby!!!--- offers a fine pint of cream of the crown for a smashin 1:90 the place to be in rugby,karaoke tuesday, pub quiz on thursday, and a fine packet of S+V, for 21p!!
  • O'neills - best pub in my opinion. Vodka Bar (Glasnov's)- love it - it's good for sitting and chatting although the musics quite loud. Wetherspoons (Spoonies) great for cheap drink. No music so it is good for talking to your mates.
  • Wetherspoons if you like very cheap beer, d'you ever wonder why its so cheap and why the staff never go to the 'toilets' to have a pish. If you can stand the attitude from one foul faced woman behind the bar who will undoubtedly bar you if you take a disliking to her ugly mug. I say pay the extra and go somewhere with an atmosphere.
  • SPOONS!!! , bar med, vodka bar, chumleys, the black swan & many othas!!
  • i love the irish pubs in rugby the beer is well nIcE! hic! hic! hic! etc.
  • the duck, spent many many hours get rat-arsed in that partcular drinking hole. chumleys is good, the vodka bar seems ok too
  • Both Chumleys and the new Bar Med have licences till 1 o'clock and it's free to get in. Chumleys has better music and a podium but go to Bar Med if you like the colour orange. Both are very chilled out in the day and on week nights and also do nice food. Can any one tell me what the difference between the day and night menues at Bar Med is please though (apart from presumably the price).
  • rugby is in the guiness book of records for having the most amount of pubs in a confined area, i'll say no more...
  • The old Reads bar has now opened as a vodka bar called glasnost and is open till 1am. Also chumleys is open till 1am. looks like the flood gates are finaly open.
  • The coach and horses in Ashby
  • All toss. Serve beer. Open 'til 11.00pm. I'm not tellin' you where we go've got to find it.
  • All praise the almighty J.D. Wetherspoons!!! Cheap beer!!! No kappas!! Other pubs worth a look include Ye Olde Courthouse, O'Neills and Chumleys
  • As far as just saying NO! is concerned, I'd like to say that that was a thing that happened previous to my buying the tenancy. Several persons are now barred from the premises as a result, and the pub has been cleaned up in several ways. Why not pay a visit?
  • Reads bar in Henry st has now closed down, will be opening as a theme bar very soon. Rumore has it its going to be a russian vodka bar, with door men from the KGB. Also weatherspoons have got the go ahead to convert the old indoor market into an ale house, cheap beer at last.
  • Real Ale drinkers Now Squirrel has been taken over by Green King the best Peddy pubs are :- Alexandra Arms (cheap aswell at 1.70) Raglan Arms London House Royal Oak, Dunchurch Road Prince Of Wales Don't try Fitchew & Firkin - Pedigree usually poor and its expensive! Others do sell Peddy, look for Banks's pubs as they now owne Marstons
  • Reads bar in henry St is a good place for a sit down they have sofas and proper tables and chairs, also some good local bands on thursday nights, also check out the art work on the way to the toilets. BRILLIANT.
  • Just to let you know of a few change around the town, the Sacacens Head is now (and has been for a few years) called 'Ye Olde Courthouse' and is one a the places to be seen for students returning from Uni and The Waricks has now been done up and renames 'Le Pub', yes really, I'm not joking (not one of the best places in the town)but,Chumley's is the place to go, you can chill out during the day and have a crazy one at night.
  • mr q's - dont bother unless your under 16 and have a kid, court house - mainly full of students and wannabe students, crown - good place, but to small and packed, fitchew and firkin - grungy/gothic students and adults bank street - heard its for people bating for the other side reeds - alright but sometimes quiet, good place for a few drinks with the misses pig and truffle - full of college students warwicks - quiet'ish on saturday night, just pub, dont club...remember just say NO!
  • Loads, popular ones include the Merry Minstrel and the Fitchew and Firken. However these have more loud music. If you step out of town you get the quieter pubs.
  • visit the firkin for an alternative, friendly atmosphere!
  • Avoid the lot in the town centre, go to the Barley Mow at Newbold.
  • The Duck (Black Swan), The Fitchew and Firkin, The Vic and hundreds more
  • The Crown (though very loud), the Fitchew and Firkin, the Pig and Truffle, the Warwicks and the Saracen's Head
  • People always meet in the Crown because it's right next to where the buses and taxis stop, but it's always so packed it takes you half an hour to get in!
  • Rugby used to be in the Guiness book of records for the most pubs in a square mile. More pubs than you could shake a reasonably sized stick at.
  • The Black Swan used to be a good pub for beer, but is now a kiddie venue complete with an ape guarding the door on a saturday night. The long list of real ales is still up on the wall behind the bar, the difference now is that most of them are "off" and whatever is on tastes foul
  • The Old Court House, Formally Saracen's Head is a great place on the Weekend. Very lively.
  • O'Neils - Full of blokes, but the odd bird thats up for it !!

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