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The Worst Things
  • Where's our world famous international rugby museum, whoever votes against it is F**king stupid, we need tourists URGENTLY!!!!!
  • The Cemex chimney and Chavs
  • Well Fighting is one of them just watch yourself and otheres when you go out ok.
  • having to return
  • Bilton, Newbold and the knuckle dragging chimps who make up the population.
  • The amount of townies and chavs, we are now officially over-run!!!
  • the rain, the poop
  • The whole place, happy i moved away! The little minded folk that enjoy fighting, the attitudes and the fat people. No need!!! Close Rugby fight club (Walkabout). Only one place worse. Coventry!!!!
  • Chav culture
  • The narrow minded population The Gyratory system and the idiots who don't understand the road markings. The idiots who park on bus stops in Clifton Road and then look annoyed when a bus tries to stop The sheer number of twats who want to cause misery for everybody else because their own mind numbingly pathetic existance is so boring. Teeny racers in crap cars driving through town at stupid speeds, nobody will think your cool when you run someone over so go and race your turd cars somewhere else
  • caldecotte parc (with townies)
  • the beige wearing, topshop buying, hair straightening people that bad mouth the local music scene! sheep!
  • Rugby skool and the Knobhead tories who infest town affairs
  • Breaking down at junction 1 of M6!!!!!!!
  • Boredom. Useless local council.
  • everything else. the majority of people in rugby will all go straight to hell for being crime riddled, drug addicted, poor pikey scumbags.
  • Admirals estate and the petty minded, weird people that are in such abundance there.
  • the abundence of skag.
  • Pollution-noise,air,litter. Some people are so rude! Quite boring when you're aged 15-17, nothing to do.
  • It doesn't provide a suitable environment for wine-growing.
  • Its teeny and all the strapping young men from Bilton and Ashlawn are twats *sob*
  • All bouncers (with the exception of the Brummies at The Courthouse) seem to have an attitude problem, but it's getting better. Apathy. There is a tendency for Rugbiens to complain that nothing happens, but when you try to make things happen they don't support it.
  • Rugby has not got a very good shopping centre
  • The tavern
  • Small-minded people who dress from head to toe in sportswear, shouting abuse at people, or generally being rude or ignorant and who think that all life starts and ends in Rugby.
  • Townies who have nothing better to do than lug that big chip on their shoulder round town. Get a fuckin job sweeping the streets or try repeatedly bashing you head against a very solid wall. And that gyratery system, designed by a woman I expect!
  • the people in Brwnsover and Newbold
  • the people, the attitudes, short-sighted council. the way Rugby school 'owns' the council and has forced the practical closure of the town centre, and the way they halt all new developments and have done for years. you can almost bet that any shop that closes here will re-open as another pub !! we have at least 1 new pub a month here yet still the council give out licences, they're trying to make us all alcoholics!
  • The way it makes you feel homesick about it even though you are fully aware it is a complete shithole.
  • there is nothing to do, none of the buildings fit in, the people are mostly arrogant and unfriendly and there are just too many roads making it impossible to cross them without being hit by blind old people
  • Every 'head' (appart from a lucky few)have to go to the hossy everyday to pick up their scripts, no ifs or buts. The only doctor who might write you a script is the guy at the top of claremont road.
  • Ask the Council about the Princess Diana Memorial.............
  • Mullets, Rugby must have the highest percentage per capita of mullets. There must be some sort of mullet society where they have secret underground meetings in the evenings. You can wonder around town in the day and see dozens of mullets, but as soon as it gets dark they all vanish...weird Too many warehouses in rugby means too many people with bad attitudes going around. Not saying everyone who works in a warehouse is angry, but they definitely breed them.
  • Not enough people using the Knowhere guide in Rugby if anyone reads it tell yer mates and lets get talking.
  • I have never visited a town so full of speed bumps. Are these to slow the almost stationary traffic searching for a place to park?
  • It's very exsistence
  • not too many places to go to for decent dance music, need some pubs that play good music, for the hip crowd to hang about
  • Uselessly signed train station entrance - not so much as a "you are here" street map. Entrance is totally bland and dull and unloved - a grim introduction to Rugby, although the station itself has cool steel vaulting for a roof.
  • The scum who hang around town all night
  • Too many charity shops and not enough proper shops.
  • Teeny place, Teeny minds. Though this is the minority, it does tend to show itself of a Saturday night. It was the first town centre to have brick proof windows throughout.
  • Still the people, although some of them can be great and are fantastic in either a crisis or a fight.

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Last updated: 2017-09-27

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