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  • Chase pub cancelled quiz nite new years day after teams turned up
  • Mark is a top bloke and he sits proudly atop a fabulous location at the main entrance to Rugeley. If you want to sample a hard grafting freindly pub, try the Globe. The crown isnt far behind. Mark puts on good entertainment and is a refreshing change to that white elephant occupying my old cinema! Venutre out of town and the Moderation is always a good laugh, especially if you can endure the howls of those who get up on thursday night kareoke. The fabulous Chris Jones and Wicka may pop in every five years once the pub can save up to afford their fee, just to reaffirm their authority in a town that forgot who they were!
  • shrew wetherspoons the globe, ollys. no shortahe of pubs round ere mate
  • Rugeley does have an underage drinking problem, someone is serving them.But who??
  • The Moderation = AMAZING! best pub ever heh! wednesday night = quiz night thursday night = kareoki (oh dear)
  • 38 to the square mile, no teen clubs, and they ask why thet have a fresh faced drinking problem.
  • Spoons is nice and inexpensive and always packed out on a Friday or Saturday night (because most other pubs in the town are dives for old men.)
  • There's loads of them! Rugeley's great if you're an alcoholic! There are quite a few young looking adults in some of the pubs though! lol!
  • Loads of pubs
  • The Amazing Shrew.
  • castle inn in brereton wonderful nights of entertainment for all ages, come along and enjoy friday nights of 70/80 music, saturday live entertianmemt,
  • Quite a few pubs, but pretty boring!
  • The shrew, wetherspoons, the pig and bell (!) the globe. thats it.
  • Best Pub in Rugeley has got to be The Vine Inn along sheep fair. Various music, has kareoke, has several bars, kids room, Loft Bar upstairs great for having party's in. Locals are a great laugh and will welcome any new comers. Plenty activities to do there. Other than that there's The Moderation, The Cabin, Albion, Red Lion, Pig and Bell, BoJollys, The Globe, Wetherspoons, Crown, Commrades, British Legion, Chase Pub, Kelly's Bar, The Station, Prince of Wales, Lea Hall Social. Statiscally we have 53 pubs within the Rugeley area so take your pick.
  • Try the local Castle inn on a Friday night 70s, 80s, night.BRILL.
  • See above for JD Wetherspoons in Rugeley
  • The Shrew The Globe The Moderation
  • weather spoons,globe at rugeley
  • The shrew is where I first experienced the pub culture in Rugeley, I started out around 15 in the pear tree pub near where I was living at the time and had no problem getting served even though they knew I was under the legal age. I was visiting friends and family in Rugeley the other week when I looked through the local paper, to my horror the town has been swampped in yob culture pubs. With people getting needles stuck into there bum in the Shrew and Bouncers in the shrew forcing drugs down someones throat. Pubs in Rugeley are bad news as there are so many (around 15 - 20) in a 2 mile radius.

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