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Lost Friend by GRAHAM (Member 10312952) on 20-Apr-2017
I am looking for any info on Jayne Ashmore please who used to live in Thompson Road Brerton Rugeley. I think she has moved south but not sure   
SEARCHING by sarah lichy (Member 10307782) on 6-Sep-2016
Seeking Michael Stephen Smith, aged 34, from Rugeley area. Any info would be appreciated, thankyou   
Kathleen tippins by Donna (Member 10302746) on 12-Jan-2016
Hi does anyone remember Kathleen tippins around 1976 lived in rugely might of been John ball close,she had a baby girl from an asian man in 1977,any info on him thankyou   
Jean Burns - folk singer in Rugeley 1970s by Nick Fletcher (Member 10299111) on 8-Feb-2015
I am trying to contact Jean Burns, formerly of Springfield Rd, Rugeley in the early 1970s, a pupil at St Aelfgar School and a well-known local singer. She would have been about 16 years old at that time. I have some Press cuttings and photos of her career that I would like to pass on to her.
I was her manager at that time. Nick Fletcher
Email address:
Lea Hall FC - Girls Under 12's by Scott Hodges (Member 10294788) on 2-Aug-2014
Newly formed girls under 12's football team looking for players for the 2014/2015 season.

Girls must be school year 6/7 and be under 12 on 31st August 2014.

The team is registered to play in the Staffordshire Girls League and currently train on a Saturday morning 11.00am - 1... more >>
Play Games, View Ads, Listen To The Radio - Make Money - See My Blog by jerome sky (Member 10282652) on 8-Feb-2013

They are free, and there are no hidden catches. They pay in full and on time. One of them even pays you to play games :) and another pays you to listen to the radio!

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old friend by dawn ashmore (Member 10274304) on 1-Jun-2012
im looking for an my old best friend from aelfgar school 1977-1982 sally-ann clay used to live in slitting mill anyone know where she is living these days last i new she was in handsacre about 25 years ago . would love to catch up at the reunion at aelfgar 16/10/2012.   
  • Re: old friend by sally (Member 10299250) on 19-Feb-2015
    Who are you?

I. Hughes Family by Malcolm Ellis (Member 10271961) on 23-Mar-2012
Hi, I am looking for relatives of Francis Gilmour McCandlish (Hughes) (Rafferty) who had a son I. Hughes who lived at 36, Byron Place, Rugeley in 1973, they were from Glasgow I believe. Any Info would be gratefully received as I have been trying to locate family members for years. Malcolm Ellis, Cambridgeshire   
  • Re: I. Hughes Family by colin darrall (Member 10272871) on 18-Apr-2012
    if you speak to Jimmy laird on face book he maybe able to help you
    or bill McLean as he as lived in Byron Place most of his life I've his number, but I'll have to ask is permission. Before I give it to you
    I remember the name but I've not lived in Rugeley for years


  • Re: I. Hughes Family by Malcolm Ellis (Member 10271961) on 18-Apr-2012
    Many thanks for that, I am not on facebook but any contact would be brilliant. Even an address to write to. Malcolm Ellis

  • Re: I. Hughes Family by Malcolm Ellis (Member 10271961) on 24-Jun-2012
    Hi, Malcolm Ellis here, I am still trying to find relatives of Fanny McCandlish, there were a couple of names given but have not been able to contact them.

  • Re: I. Hughes Family by Jaycee (Member 10250618) on 12-Jul-2012
    Hi. There is a Facebook page for Rugeley people. If you join Facebook (its free) you can ask on there. I lived a few doors away and the name seems vaguely familiar.

  • Re: I. Hughes Family by Malcolm Ellis (Member 10271961) on 13-Jul-2012
    Many thnaks for that unfortunately, i was in Facebook and couldnt stand it so got out of it, I got someone else to try that link but had no luck. Thanks for trying though. Malcolm Ellis

  • Re: I. Hughes Family by Jaycee (Member 10250618) on 11-Feb-2014
    Malcolm. Re-join Facebook and search for "How many people on Facebook are from Rugeley" and you can ask on there.

Family History:Hall by Jan M Hall (Member 10250146) on 27-Jul-2010
I am trying to research my great grand parents who came from the Rugeley Area. My Grandmother was called Nellie Hall born 5th August 1888, unfortunately I have a short birth certificate which does not give her parent's names. It is a possibility her father was James Hall who lived at Brereton Rugeley in 1901, somewhere called Etchinghill? He was a coal miner at that time. My grandmother Nellie mar... more >>   
  • Re: Family History:Hall by Jaycee (Member 10250618) on 9-Aug-2010
    Can't help with the family name, but can confirm that Etching Hill is an area of Rugeley. Slitting Mill is a small hamlet very close to there and has one pub, The Horns. St. Michaels Church, Brereton is still there.

  • Re: Family History:Hall by Andrew Harvey (Member 10248693) on 20-Aug-2010
    If you use Google Earth, it was a very good day when they did Rugeley and Brereton.
    All the places you talk about show up very clearly

Hawkesyard Estate by Ray Rudd (Member 10247992) on 22-May-2010
Hi I am in the process of setting a gallery of images on a website relating to the History of Hawkesyard Hall. Would anyone with pictures email them to me for use on the sight - acknowledgements will be given. I am looking for anything to do with the History of Hawkesyard (formerly Spode House) from the dates of the 1940 onwards. The times of the Monks and the Schools are of interest as this backg... more >>   
birch family in rugeley by sharon (Member 10244097) on 24-Jan-2010

my husband mark lived in rugely up to the age of 5 , just wondered if anyone knows of a peter birch he would be around 70 now
  • Re: birch family in rugeley by Andrew Harvey (Member 10248693) on 13-Jun-2010
    Up until 1964 I lived in Birch Lane, Brereton(56) and the Birch family coincidentally lived opposite.
    I remember Alan Birch and I think he had a cousin Peter who would be that sort of age.

    If anyone remembers me, I live in Manila, Philippines these days.

    I just found Tom Shipley who lived in Coalpit Lane, and he is now ... more >>

  • Re: birch family in rugeley by Kevin (Member 10270296) on 3-Feb-2012
    hi, i lived with my grandparents ( Stackhouse)in No66 . I can remember the Harvey's in 56 the Mountfords who lived next door in 68 and the Birch family who lived in one of the older style houses across the road. Directly across from us was the Coopers I played with thier son Colin. The dad worked for the green bus company coaches.
    kevin Cowdell

forces radion requests during world war 2 by yvonne (Member 10241250) on 4-Oct-2009
Hi my name is Yvonne, during the war, my father Mwhilst prisoner of war requested a forces radio to play the song Jealousty to his then girlfriened Ivy May Lewis of Green Lane elyRugeley.
Apparently photographers from the the local paper
the Rugeley went to the house and took photograghs of my mother, so i was wondering if anyone can tell where i might find a copy of thsres photo
Do You Want to Increase Your Income in 2009 ? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 31-Dec-2008

Many people are worried about the coming year with redundancy, Credit Crunch etc. Would you like to join a business part/full time where these difficult times make your services even more attractive?

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Micheal Donovan by Steve BRUCE (Member 10232963) on 22-Oct-2008
I lived in Rugeley until I joined the Army in 1971, I'm particularly interested in finding out what happened to Micheal Donovan who I rescued from drowning in the swimming pool at Fair oak school around 1967/8. I got a bit of an award and a mention in the Rugeley times but sadly never spoke to Micheal. I'm not even sure what school he went to, I dont think it was Aelfgar. If here is anyone out the... more >>   
  • Re: Micheal Donovan by Stephen Smith (Member 10237171) on 1-May-2009
    Hi Michael,
    I hope you're well. I work for Newsnight on BBC2 and we're making a film for the programme about the decline of local papers. I noticed your message about saving someone from drowning - well dones! - and how it got written up in the Rugeley Times, which I know a little. Have you (or family) still got that cutting from the paper? Could we come and talk to you about it? I guess if the p... more >>

  • Re: Micheal Donovan by Steve BRUCE (Member 10232963) on 7-Jul-2009
    Hi Stephen, no I dont have the cutting from the Rugeley times and I dont suppose my mum will either. Yes I dont mind speaking to you about it you can contact me on 07903304455. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Steve Bruce

  • Re: Micheal Donovan by lorraine (Member 10241266) on 4-Oct-2009
    If you know that date of the newspaper article, you can go along to Rugeley library and they have all the copies of the Rugeley Times newspaper upstairs in the reference library. Its worth a try.

Edward Hyde by andreana borland (Member 10195407) on 18-May-2007
Looking for an Edward Hyde who might live in the area now. He would be around 44 - 46 years old and was born in Scotland. His mum was Betty Hyde and he has a sister called Margaret. Please contact me on if you know anything. Thanks   
marcus eppy by Lucy (Member 10133681) on 18-Dec-2006
lookin for him, he will know who i am, we lost contact a while ago, i`d like to speak to him agaan. can anyone help?   
  • Re: marcus eppy by jemma (Member 10244126) on 25-Jan-2010
    i know marcus how do u know him?

Helpppppp by trena (Member 10189856) on 24-Jul-2006
I am doing some family history regarding a great uncle who lived in rugeley and who use to work in a sawmill or shed makers and i wondered if anyone would happen to know the names of any which i could look up, am new to message boards but would appreciate any help. Thanks   
  • Re: Helpppppp by Sue (Member 10190732) on 6-Aug-2006

    I have lived in Rugeley all my life, about what year did your relative work in a saw mill? What was his name? Years ago, everyone used to know everyone, now it's so different.

  • Re: Helpppppp by trena (Member 10189856) on 8-Aug-2006
    Thanks so much for getting back to me its very kind of you, am really new to all of this and using the internet, his name was Sam Edwards and the year i`m really not sure about, he was a bit of a charachter apparently and use to smoke a pipe, i was hoping if i could of found out the names of the shed makers or maybe even a sawmill around there they might have been able to help me out, he was only ... more >>

Searching for people by Christophe (Member 10187753) on 23-Jun-2006
Does anyone know an Alan and (Rachel) Pope from the Rugeley Area. I knew them abot 10 years ago but have lost contact and would love to get in touch again. Christopher Beard
Call Downunder 61-7-0438 764 887
Searching for people by Christophe (Member 10187753) on 23-Jun-2006
Does anyone know an Alan and (Rachel) Pope from the Rugeley Area. I knew them abot 10 years ago but have lost contact and would love to get in touch again. Christopher Beard Email:
Call Downunder 61-7-0438 764 887
  • Re: Searching for people by Christophe (Member 10187753) on 23-Jun-2006
    Does anyone know an Alan and (Rachel) Pope from the Rugeley Area. I knew them abot 10 years ago but have lost contact and would love to get in touch again. Christopher Beard
    Call Downunder 61-7-0438 764 887

RECYCLE FOR CHARITY by John (Member 10159307) on 28-Nov-2005
Young Minds and Mentors is a registered Charity providing vital support functions to young people

We can raise funds by recycling old ink cartridges and unwanted mobile phones, we would be grateful of your donation.

our web... more >>
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