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Hookup Spots
  • Rock park. Was dripping with fanny during the the summer of 98. Sticky tampons all over the gaff.
  • The Rocks (Grange field). So much finger blasting, it smelt like a fishmongers.
  • Murdishaw shops was a well known homosexual meeting spot around '99-01'. Once the shop shutters went down, it was 'go' time. Lots of discreet place (bus stop / subway tunnel, behind the pub).
  • The wall on Morvale crescent (by the phonebox). Always a good spot for some fingering action on a friday or saturday night.
  • Halton Brook, Halton Lodge and Grangeway where everyone knew Gray Smith the fuckin biaffron bum burster was The Jogger but were still fuckin avin it with him fuckin nonces apprentices all got shagged up the shitpipe by their arlfellas chewin baccy while their ma pure sat on a bottle of thunderbirds with a needle still in her arm an a neck like a jocky's bollock an a pure bo selecta expression
  • love people calling runcorn full of plazzy scousers what ever that is. remember liverpool was in lancashire. now to be a proper scouser you needed to be raised in liverpool not merseyside not knowsley. yes runcorn is a shit hole but so is every other place in the uk
  • Runcorn is littered with hundreds of 'hook-up' spots. It's physically impossible to make a 10-degree turn without seeing some chav moping around with his fellow brain-dead friends, prowling around, probably looking for more verbal abuse victims.
  • the windy, full of local 2 kids sluts. who love a bit of dirt and still in there mid 20's, and cheating wifes who love nothing but some rough behind the pub. just cover up lads there riddled.
  • Panties get sold for five pounds in Runcorn and theres loads of live bum action so beware. Be careful who makes the coffee cos ur in for a long night..
  • Runcorn is full Frankie faced butes whose halitosis is bad enuff to lift the skids off Corkys undies after eatin the menu in the local Indian. Theres all kinds of Sparky faced bells with porno muzzies an fellas who think theyr cool but really theyv got a mr potato head or bum plug mug. Theres leather an spin all over the show an if your not careful your arse will get burst under Runcorn bridge by someone with nasty nashers.
  • Runcorn is full of birds who get married to men who wear XXL undies and who have long been broken in by their own dads!
  • Talking about blondes and fists, Runcorn has a few hair lipped, false blonde battering beauts who think they are connected to hells angels, riding round the corn throwing punches and three foot flames left, right and centre. Also hanging round the castlefields subbies dishing out broken noses was a good way of passing the time no it seems instead of breaking noses its all about stealing panties .... from the wearer... all Jay Allen wannabes if you ask me.... Elvis impersonating kiddy fiddler !
  • Im sick of the blonde fist getting shagged for £50 while im in work. I just dont know what to believe! I love eatin dirty pasties. You know the ones that have been hiding under pallets for 2 weeks. I just love the way they turn me green an make me puke! Lenny Horn is a Japanese sniper! Anyone fancy a bum? Il put me skiddy baggy skimps on!!
  • Emily Swifts house. bird her.
  • Jib da Brewer mate da jay Allan is well on de sex offenders register!! Bad beasty boy wi da yung schooly birds bout time he done a stretch da dirty pedo!
  • Da Brewer wiv all the coked up inbred chav nancys and beasts lyk jay allan pervin schooly birds
  • Dirty undies are us - Runkys motto!
  • Brewer wall
  • Town centre.
  • For FFS!!... what is it with 16/18 yr olds etc hanging outside shops? Go the fuckin' pub you saddos!!!
  • eh
  • frailers musical emporium old town
  • Runcorn used to be a decent place until all the wannabe gangsters, with their shaved heads and ugly gobs decided to act like skally pricks with their exaggerated scouse accents (Orrricce larrrr, sownz) ha. Get job and earn an honest livin ya bunch of losers. You know who you are. Also, all the boy racing knob jockeys who drive round in their shite cars thinkin the streets are a race track and sit off in the Asda carpark to show off their 'neons' or mum n dads cars. Do one. As for the rest, smile a bit, most of you walk 'round lookin miserable as fcuk and snarlin at passers by. Cheer up ya weirdos. You have to make the best of the life you've got.
  • spidersweb skislope mushrooms
  • Runcorn isnt so bad if u actually live or shop there- if you dont then theres no need to be bitchy
  • The best hook up spot now has to be Big Park. Lots of space to go and many secret locations for that private tete-a-tete. It is also a nice area in general and remains quiet on long slow evenings. A great place....
  • The old town, where all the tracki fred perry wearing chavs like to hang around
  • we used to sit on the tower on stockalm fields thats were we would get sloshed on the 20/20 or some form of cider
  • Fridays r the best wen we get pisd off our faces. we used 2 av 2 ask random ppl 2 go in outside MURDISHAW SHOP but now out mums our cusins go in. under PARKSIDE BRIDGE is class especially wen its rainin. It used 2 b the SKI SLOPE in the summer but now its PALO SHOP but the 5.0 av ruined it :( There was a WINDMILL HILL phase but that didnt last haha. Everywer it is that us ppl are it alwayz seems 2 b a laff. Ther isnt just 1 place 2 ang around no mur coz ya just move on every week.
  • Old Town centre for mad as fuck trannys from cheltenham gettin battered by the yoof
  • well, i could go on forever! the town hall park, the cinema, the city! crikey theres loads. grangeway shops for one, be v careful round there, u luk in his/her direction, no kneecaps for you. Windy Hill laaaa. There is a little gang of boys who think they are living in Detroit, they like to be called the "Yeti's" Talkin of gangs, lets see, well theres lots of little boys gangs in runcorn, "HLRS" (halton lodge riot squad). "GWE" (grangeway elite) i fink u will find thats GE. the so called Yeti's from windmill hill. "death row" in smackheadsfields. The so called Alliance (which i fink are no more.) from Hallwood Park. oh and the newest of them all the "HSE" High Street Elite in the erm... High Street, the old town. Oh please! get a life little people!
  • The Wine Bar, or an old place, under the Library at Halton Lea, ace shelter when it's raining, next to a Police station mind, so it's never full of 'chavs'. It's near ASDA, across the road.
  • Fucking hate chavs. thats all i here. people talking about Scally estates. its good to hook up with people in college or at the winebar in town or The Studio On certain nights, mainly indie night, coz there not trackie wearing scum there.
  • castle rockpark southgate grangway townhall park
  • hook-up spots are mainly on the town park if you want teenage lads thinking there it any part of the old town for old dads or married men or up the castle were u will find the local ladss from the ymca.
  • Runcorn Hills and frogs gob - definately the place to go - or at least it was when I was too young to get into pubs. Fantastic views on a warm summer evening spent with your mates putting the world to rights - Runcorn is the place you make it!
  • we all hung aound at trident retail park how sad.And mcdonalds for the blokes with cars.
  • go the old town i always get sum mug 2 buy u ale all nite lol
  • Me and my friends used to hang around outside the asda on the island coming down from the bridge. {it was an island to us anyway}waiting for whoever to go in and get served with cider,charmagne and ciggies or chatting up the security from the shopping city. Sometimes we would even venture out to The Bmx Park halton lodge and munch on chips.Smoke spliffs on halton castle and think we were hard.but the fact is we were just thick and trapped in runcorn.
  • top of the castle , rock park , the old town
  • Got to be the shopping city square and now there's a cafe there you can have a coffee while your eying up the locals!
  • who the fuck wrote the statement about going out in runcorn an had the nerve to call the tricorn stab city maybe am wrong but how many people got stabbed in the tricorn last year so if your not familiar with the place then dont chat shit an fuck off cos u havent got a clue
  • runcorn is the worst case of heads up asses day the whole place will shut down...the council dont do nuffink for us at all except charge us for everything possible. nobody represents the people in runcorn at all..theres no hook up spot..thers nuffink
  • anywere in runcorn garenteed to find plazzie scousers and it should be called slags r us
  • Does any one remember the fun nights down cassie centre, getting chased by the police, locals and any other drunks coming out ot the tanners, we had a laugh down there,and if you were lucky us fellas always got a perv at the girls using behind the doctors as a toilet. You know who u's r (1993-1997)
  • Murdishaw and palo shop are the only good places 2 go. Trident park is full of 'lil' sl*gs.
  • Probably Outside Cineworld, But chances are i'll get jumped walking through hallwood.
  • you'd be crazy if you wanted to hook up with anyone from runcorn or hook up with anyone in runcorn
  • Runcorn is CHAV central. Standard issue dress, tracksuits, with socks pulled over, hooded grey tops and baseball caps. HOW ORIGINAL. They tend to hook up anywhere and everywhere, someone should stop them breeding, and soon!
  • The Halton Arms is a ok place to meet up. Its buzy on a thursday.
  • Any local shop shop will do, just don your track suit and sit on a bench terrorising people who actually want to buy something.
  • go pallo's shop
  • down the jolly brewer get drunk and stuff
  • castlefields, just around the streets, its amaizin if you know the people. anyone who thinks the whole of castlefiels should get knocked down, you better not come round here saying that cos anything happens to my house and you all die. i grew up on this estate and i aint going anywhere
  • the tup on runcorn hill is the only safe place to drink.cause its dead as F*(^ i also believe that the air vent grill nxt to the spar on balfour rd is a good place to get verbal abuse from stragly little track suit wearing imbred children who dont have a hope in hell in getting much further than a job on astmore and fiddling with there own or friends little sisters.
  • outside palo's shops where all the wops hang around age varies from cocky 10 year olds to sad 20 year olds do us all a favour and get a life
  • The tunnels at wessie point, full of kidney killin she-ite from eye see eye.
  • well i usually hang round castlefeilds or the cinema but round brookie shop loads ov ppl go there
  • Come to the subways under the astmoor expressway its dry harm and full of slags who love it. Bring your kessy super though.
  • Come to widnes vicky park to get but buggered by a gang of smelly arse fletching wids wit shit clothes and smelly cum stained undies widnes is the place to be if your odd. When the mental instuite closed inwinwick near warrington they moved all the pedos, pervs and damn right dirty bastards to widnes, the home of scum, widnes came 48th in the worst town in the entire country competition, it got off lucky it should have come at least in the top ten. Im carrying out a scientific experiment in widnes at the moment to beggin to understand why the women look like the men and why the men look like the women- my first diagnosis is that the town is full of dirt interbreeding scum bags.
  • come on down to beechwood where the men are men and women are slags.if ure male dont come coz u will get fucked up ladies come on down.we get blazed all day pissed all nite.weed,cocaine,alcohol,partys sex wat more do u want
  • Outside the cinema , everyone goes thier it's like where me m8's some slags an literlaly most ppl go!!!! also town park an smakheads fields!!!!
  • There will only ever be Frogs gob! Friday night with a diamond white!!
  • i just went the pub. i dreamnt of being somewhere else. that doesn't smell funny. i'm not sure it's ici. i think it's the collective smell from scally trainers and track suits. big park, ace for naughty stuff as well.
  • Corner of Surrey Street, Langdale Road shops, anywhere in the New Town.
  • All of the saddos hang around on the benches outside halton brook shops. Whatever you do DONT buy any White Lightening for them!
  • There's only one place where young guns like to hang out and thats Runcorn Hills. Occassionally even the police give chase and Diamond White bottles are scattered quickly, along with the burning stub of pot.
  • the cineworld is the best untill the secority gards kick u of then chat u up
  • Who can forget the Friday nights up the Hills where the runcorn youth would pass the time spending their pocket money (or saving their dinner money!!) on bottles of strong falling down juices.
  • Miami pizza has all the advantages for a hook up spot! Horney tanned men ( the pizza guys ). Drunks from the chambers and all the old married men from the Royal. My advice would be to get with a pizza man, free kebabs on them!!!
  • Heath school field, its full of piss eds, all 13 - 17. come on down
  • well, if ur a teen aged about 13-17/18 you would want to be goin either down the cinemas, acsot avenue, or some of the personal fave`s the `eath field wezzie point or runcorn hills or the famous slag bench in the famous wezzie point. usually you will be stopped in the street wiv a teen about 14 sayin ey m8 excuse me you couldnt go in the shop for a litre of vodka and 10 L&B for me could ya?? so watch out guys teens are on the prowl!! BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID!!!
  • Mersey Road, except they are all 25+ year old gaz boys still living with their parents, spending all of their factory steady earnings on big fat tonka toy spoilers.
  • Castlefields centre, the brow, anywhere in Runcorn. Any time after darkness descend, the big people lock themselves in and the kids come out to take over. You can pull anywhere the town park is quite good. And the shopping City (it'll never be Halton Lea) where scores of inbred , dog food smelling girls walk around cressed as boys in trackies and rockport, smoking and swearing.
  • well i am a teen in rucorn and let me tell u the in place to hang around iz on street corners or outside the shops you cant go to your own shop with out seeing a group of teens
  • Outside Pallows chippy where you can buy anything you like whether it's legal or not.
  • look out for packs of addidas 3 stripe clad kids with rebock classics on, varies every couple of weeks depending on how much hassel plod are giving. Runcorn has MILLIONS of 14-18 year olds, bacuse the new town was built about 20 years ago. You get "get us some cider will ya fella" at any offy in town!
  • The top of the castle hill is definitely a favourite kop-off spot, very spooky at night though!
  • Anywhere on the Ascot estate.
  • The Bench on the corner of Boston Avenue and Laburnum Grove, opposite the town Hall. I always thought the Shoppo was good for a meet or the old fort at the back of the grange school (long since gone) Other than that best place to meet chicks from other schools was the 3:30 bus from from the old town (usually the 62) plenty of new talent from Chaddies or the 'eath!
  • The stops on the "busway"
  • Shopping city,Town hall park,Town park,The old town,Rock park

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