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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Barry and Terry from Brookie used to live in a bed-sit near greenway road.
  • Ex-Everton player Francis Jeffers once popped into William Hill on Halton Road to put a bet on the National. Bradley Wiggings was spotted on a bicycle made for 2 on the spare road. Mel C was kicked out of K-Lee for ordering a Big Mac. Andy Peters was once seen printing out his CV up the shopping city library.
  • Olympic ice skaters torvil and dean own shares in the devonshire bakery. Geoff from Biker Grove used to work behind the bar in the Wilsons. Paul from S Club 7 did work experience at Canal street stadium. Barry from the chuckle brothers used to work in QS. Sinbad from Brookie once went through the old town on the X5.
  • I think a better question is, who WOULD wanna live here?
  • What about the blonde fist and her hubby who just doesn't know what to believe! !!!!
  • Defo not Robin Reed! 2nd rate boxer who has neva won jack shit exept 3rd in Olympics is his claim to fame. He used to drive round in the 80's in an old battered orange Beetle wiv a plastic mobile phone in the front!! Jarg as fuck!! Joe Calzaghe batterd him.. Twice! And defo not fat Jimmy Constable from 911. Il get the bizzies in meself if hes classed as a celeb im tellin yer! And even more defo not, Phina rubber lips Oruche the plazzy scouse actress. Tells everyone shes from Tokky but was brought up in sunny Runcorn. Also tells everyone shes about 10 years younger than she actually is!! Wot a bull shitter she is. A yes maybe Nikki Ladanowski. Shes worth a wallop. Or Gary Scargill the actor of Brookside and The Bill. Not Arthurs lad but his Dad is a shady Runcorn councillor! Scott Brown the footy player.. Well sort of! The Real Thing too tho Ray snuffed it in the 80's! Corky! Hes well famous that fat porker!
  • Emily 'sti' Swift.
  • some members of the real thing lived there once dave! an another one
  • Jack Jones the Teenage actor and Childhood singer moved to Runcorn at the and of 6 and he still lives there now at the age of 15. Hardly anyone remembers him though, but he is restarting his acting career.
  • Nicky Ladanowski lived in Frodsham, Gary Barlow lived in Frodsham, Nicola from Girls aloud lived in Runcorn, James Bond new fella lived in Frodsham, probably lots of people who never skateboarded in their lives...who cares?
  • Apparently the Captain of the Titanic bought a house in higher Runcorn to retire to. Never made it though did he....Bloody icebergs...
  • Nicola Roberts Ye ok then. oh hang on, her little sister i believe, walks round thinkin the press are going to follow her and her mum apparently. Oh darling please.
  • Mel C, I'm not typing Nicola Roberts.
  • Djibrill cisse, lives near runcorn, in frodsham, very close.
  • Some one out of the Coral lived here and erm that guy of most haunted, Derek acorah lol.
  • Mark Donaghy style guru, famous graphic designer for international companies about to be the new face of Versace. Gone from Frodsham wannabe to a sexy, new age hunk, and already a gay icon. Watch this space!
  • Wotu all on? Pete Waterman - Daresbury, Gary Barlow - Frodsham, Roger Moore - Lymm (along with 10 zillion other megabucks stars,)My dad - Runcorn
  • Nichola Roberts say no more.
  • How about John Bishop.Stand up comedian and dj with Radio City. He is a blast! Find details on
  • the skanky ginger bitch from girls aloud..i see her about..what a minger
  • An old teacher mr baker from the grange has been on emmerdale and the bill and there is susan nickson with two pints of lager i only watch it incase i see myself on there
  • gangster lives in the biggest house in halton village not telling u his name he might get me
  • I used to be in the same year as the celebrity David Lawerenson.He works on the local radio.Who on earth would class that as famous!...hardly superstardom now! ..Oh, and for those who dont know what he looks like...lets just say he has a great face for the radio......
  • alan condon, think he can run fast or something. thats from growing up on castlefields getting leggas round the centre with your kezzie super
  • Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud comes from Runcorn
  • Anyone clever enough to leave!
  • David Lawrenson - he's a wire fm D.J he lives in runcorn
  • David Lawrenson of Wire FM... Went to St Chads and still lives in Runcorn
  • David Lawrenson who does Wire FM's evening show lives in Murdishaw
  • Nicola Roberts out of Girls aloud. there was a fella in the bill there was also Robin Reid Boxer he his brilliant and the man better than him is only John Calazakhe Robin Reid Goes the school i go now Halton High (formerly Brokkie)
  • Ok this has to be Robin Reid- the boxer... how cool is he i mean world champion?! i just can't believe he still hasn't got results of his appeal from THAT match with Sven Ottke (what a loser- could the ref have cheated anymore?!) Ok we also have thingy from Girls Aloud- the loud gobby one that makes us all ashamed to come from runcorn.
  • god knows, it aint that big a town, i think a girl from castlefields was on that teen big brother, and someone from girls aloud comes from the posh end
  • wouldnt know.. cept mel c is widnesian.... and that girl aloud....
  • Sir Thomas Hall Caine was born in Runcorn. Who? Well he was famous victorian author whose books sold in their millions, so famous no one seems to know him, outside of the Isle of Man where he settled. Todger Jones VC, the great first world war hero was born in Runcorn. Cheshires most decorated soldier ran over the somme battlefield, and whilst under fire, captured 102 german soldiers. En route he was shot at and suffered hits to his helmit. Before you ask, the one on his head, not the other Todger!! The pilot who in 1938 transported Chamberlain to see Hitler at Munich was a Runcorn chap by the name of George Robinson.
  • BECRAZED!!!!! we can't get enough of em!!!! especially Mather an Phill
  • by the way.... gazza barlow lived in FRODSHAM and always has dun and always will do. but he did used to play in da legion. YAN MOLBY lived in halton village not norton. and LOUISE WOODWARD lives nowhere near ere, so i dont kno wot started that off. she was from a little village nr helsby. and MEL C was from st helens not widnes.
  • that liverpool player hu lived in that house wiv the swimmin pool. me dads mate built his house.
  • Robbie Reid & The Ginger Minger From Girls Aloud
  • Craig Pedder mwahahahahahahahahah from and becrazed the band Rock on dudes mooooooo
  • james stanic from key 103 manchester (radio station) knows it well but hes not stupid enough to live here
  • Nicola Roberts! Need i say anymore.
  • MEL C COMES FROM WIDNES i.e spice girls
  • the queen opened shooping city would that count? , if your from widnes you could say mel c who likes to tell people shes from liverpool ????
  • the pope, ginger scally one out of girls aloud. who cares.
  • Robbie Reid (Boxer) Nicola from GirlsAloud (ginger minger!)
  • nicola roberts. the ugly ginger one from girls aloud likes to say shes from liverpool. dont blame her. but shes stuck up and full of her self.dont know why she just sings.
  • I used to live by Greg from Brookside (remember him?) Now my only claim to fame is coming from the same town as that ginger one from "Girls Aloud"
  • Some bloke in hospital insisted roger moore lived on sandymoore. Must be pre-saint days.......
  • Bolton from the bill? Or for a real Star, how about Ray Keam?
  • The man who played nikki and emilys dad in brookside he used to walk me to nursery
  • jimmy from 911 lived in my mates close in massyfield an
  • The Elephant Man
  • There was a lad called Lee McGrath that worked for Wire FM as a presenter, he is now a DJ in Bristol. I remember he used to say on the radio how he used to go to skool at the Grange
  • Susan Nickson writer of 'Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps' BBC 2 sit-com. Queen Leithria the queen when she ruled in a castle that is now the sit eif the Runcorm Bridge.
  • Ex-resident - that bloke out of The Bill with red hair who was killed by Don Beech (John something?)
  • John bolton from the Bill, Snelly of radio city fame lives in Beechwood,
  • robin reid the boxer.
  • Neither Louise Woodward or Gary Barlow come from Runcorn. Aren't things bad enough without giving us crap personalities?
  • What ever you do, don't let Louise Woodward take your kids to Macdonalds for a "shake".
  • Pete Waterman, Jan Molby (once looked at a house in Norton village) Louise "nanny" woodward,
  • jimmy constable from 911,robin reid the boxer,and ex-take that star gary barlow

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