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The Stuff We Can't Fit In Somewhere Else
  • What you can't fit in would fit in a runcorn bird's gash.   
  • Runcorn's residents look like characters from a failed sitcom show. You've got; a fat and spotty mong that reckons they're top of their league, a completely self-infatuated girl (probably attents the grange comprehensive school) who would much rather coat her face in foundation and top her self off in 100% fake accessories, than find a cure for cancer. But oh well, these many people make Runcorn what it is today... *sobs*.   
  • tv`s dvd players just the bacon then but sellin in the pub not door to door   
  • some of us like this town and dont see any reason to put it down or to bitch about it---   
  • hi i live in scotland but have been to runcorn a few times in the past as my brother lives there ,, he and his family live in calvers ,, i like runcorn but have not been down for a while as my brother comes to visit the family regularly in scotland ,, mary macbryde   
  • Jennie Moore and Danni Mather, are fucking legends, look 'em up baby, it'll be worth it. ROAST BEEF! Danni, will be busking with a cello somewhere. And look out for a smack head for the otherp person, though that could be a million people here. Jennie Moore, everyone knows her.   
  • Chatting Runcorn out of your Bumcorn   
  • Runcorn is basically the dumping ground for all the major surrounding towns and cities felons which therefore makes runcorn a shitty place 2 live   
  • escaped Runcorn at 17 - spent years tying to get rid of the twitch caused by gangs of girls shouting "ew yew loookin ah?" every time you accidentally made eye contact when roaming the shopping city on a Sat afternoon. Still have irrational fear of teenage girls - am now 35!   
  • ICI Gas and Fumes.   
  • runcorn is a dump because of the people who live here it may as well be renamed second hell its the dumping ground for hellspawn im sure of it   
  • castlefields residents, one of a kind.   
  • ive said enuff....   
  • Plastic scousers everywhere, Ruined a perfectly good little town.   
  • dont live work or visit here. bring a weapon if you have to come. kill as many scallies as you can. if not just injure them   
  • OK RUNCON May not be ur pearl of a city but every town has council estates right runcorn has one just dont go there dont go the old town then you will be allright the main majority of runcorn are friendly people who are proud of their roots. every town has its down sides so has runcorn mainly castlefields but we have our upsides we are a town woven in historical value a town full of up coming young talent a town with pride. so we may have not the biggest name shops i.e next but we do our best and thats the best bit of us runcornians we do our best to make our town colourful not with graffitti of the loal thugs but with colourful garden displays and full of life not with the local smackheads but with the friendly people. so please if you want to judge runcorn judge it by your own eyes not by sum1 elses. thank u emily   
  • could we put murdishaw somewhere else, like iraq   
  • Runcorn is full of people who moved from Liverpool and tell you how good the old days were, but never move back!   
  • Paratrooper boots, Northern Ireland gloves, Balistic vests and 9 milly pistol. Essentials for venturing into Runcorn Town Centre.   
  • well - I would like to say that whoever has been saying shit about runcorn is stupid - every town has its bad things - also it doesn't smell in runcorn - in widnes it smells but its the look of the factories that doesn't look good not many towns have all the stuff runcorn has - especially a load of tv programs based there   
  • if you like fresh air,kids who like to help old ladys across the street,a good together community and clean living conditions GO SOMEWHERE ELSE BECAUSE RUNCORN IS A SHIT HOLE!!!   
  • This is for the lazy bugger at the IC Cheshire website, Story Link here! who should have checked the archives because the story this week about this site is sooooooooo old its not even relevant. The opinions on here reflect pretty much the state of Runcorn. I had the good fortune to move out from Runcorn four years ago. Yes its a crap town like most towns that are just "existing" due to socail divide, unemployment, lack of infrastructure and so on. I now live in Melbourne Australia and well, its a far cry from Runcorn, but it too has its faults. The comments on here about the general state of the town are pretty much spot on. The hordes of disaffected youths clad in knocked off from Wade Smith Adidas trackies are correct, the piss-poor clubs a'la Chinos, Royal, Chambers, and so on are correct to. To anybody who has to put up with these fools can attest to this. Maybe the author of the story should go out a bit more, but he probably lives in Chester anyhows so what would he know about Runcorn? Runcorn is and allways will be a little town with social problems and lack of interest. To the people who still live there, do you selves a favour and try to get along, Theres a world outside of the Old Town you know!   
  • can i just say one i thing i live in runcorn and i dont think its the greastest place on earth but its not fair you diss it even in the good things about runcorn you don't say any good thing and where i live it doesn't smell and i've never smelt piss in the city so stop being nasty about my home!!!   
  • The Old Runcorn Accent is being overtaken by the foul mouthed scouse bastards who all move here and then say how shit it is and how they love Liverpool (even though they moved out of it!) Daft scouse bastards!   
  • Runcorn was split into a 'Old Town' and 'New Town'. On top of that it is lumped with Widnes which is not a problem except that the council does not invest or support in Runcorn. All these so called councils need to account for themselves. Won't be long before the revolution. PLEASE REBUILD WHAT'S LEFT OF THE TOWN !!!!   
  • joke of the day halton councilers led by tony somebody wanted to fetch up here from london wembley twin towers for 6 milion they live in another world with other peoples money and council tax going up 14.5% give people in runcorn better lives   
  • I beleive they were going to do war film in runcorn but found it too rough   
  • Familys all close together   
  • Lived in Runcorn most of my life maybe not as good as little hamlet in Cornwall bit better than living in London when 90% of people not English. Shame about the scum bags who bring it down with 'everyone owes me something' attitude but alot of geniune hard working folk who plough money back into this town!   
  • can the people who moved into runcorn when the newtown started(SCOUSERS) and immediately turned it into the runcorn of today(no words can describe it), STOP moving into the outlying villages and spoiling other peoples lives,stealing other peoples property that they WORK for and stop polluting the schools.if your so proud of being scousers move back to liverpool   
  • Hello, just to say although this website made me and my friends laugh. Dont u think Runcorn already has a bad name 4 itself without u making it worse. I don't agree that the chambers is the best place to go clubing. If u wanna go clubbing go Warrington or Liverpool. Widnes doesnt have clubs that I would consider good...but thats my point of view. Talking of view..if u wanna club somewhere neer go to Frodsham The view, coz on a Fri or Sat its bangin. Although Runcorn is rough...I do agree, u dont get into fights everyday! Most Runcorn people are helpful and polite except the few that havent been brought up with manners. Its clear to me that u r the one that gets into fights, dont u think that u maybe the person causing them. As I say it all concerns manners! all boils down to manners and how they are applied to different situations. By the sound of it you have learnt that yet!!! :-)   
  • Crap schools in Runcorn. Lack of motivation in them, not pushing people or encouraging them. I learnt all I need to learn about motivation and ambition and achievement from a psychology course I did and it works. Teachers in my school the Grange didn't have much of a clue and didn't push/encourage/bring out the best in anybody unless yo were a snobby (so called) swotty, nerd. I was bright, intelligent, yet not a snob and my working class blood will flow thourhg my veins no matter HOW MUCH MONEY I MAKe.   
  • LOOSE MUSIC COLLECTIVE, and FEEDBACK MAGAZINE COLLECTIVE: P.O. Box 67, Runcorn WA7 4NL we do loads & loads of things! regular meetings first Monday of every month 7pm in The Kingsway Hotel near Queens Hall, Widnes.everyone welcome with an interest in music & arts. share ideas, make things happen.   
  • Most dangerous place in the world. A haven for all forms of scum and villany, you must be cautious. Lots of sandpeople too.   
  • You have to go the river weaver at least once and swim inth ici foam with the dead cows. Oh and luke from hollyoaks was raped there.   
  • Runcorn should not be visited at night.   
  • Runcorn used to be a nice placed to live until evil fuhrer Margaret Thatcher said any nutter could live anywhere, and so they decided to do just that with people from the war zones in nearby areas. Soon enough runcorn became just that. To fix runcorn would require money that wouldn't be spent on the bridge, more police, and several thousand eviction notices to boot the scallies out.   
  • Runcorn is a good place to live however there are a few categories of people 1.the inbreds who populate the Old Town and surrounding areas 2.The Plastic scouse popultion (no its not a hit by YAZZ) who inhabit the state of the art 70's council estates 3.The townies who live in Beechwood etc who have brought money to runcorn to make it what it is today (a haven for dole'ies and crime)   
  • It's a sad place. Your typical nowhere town, and I lived there for 20+ years!! But I'm free now.   
  • a sitcom called two pints of lager has been filmed in runcorn for bbc2.   
  • GET OUT or NEVER GO, its got no clubs, crap pubs, ICI have had to buy up loads of houses because of polution, the scally factor is off the roof, and the Old runcornions still fight the new towners every weekend, I should know I used to live there but moved out first chance, But if you not from runcorn and I hear you slagging it off I'll bite your head off!   
  • If you like chemicals and narrowmindedness then Runcorn is the town for you. As a fully paid up and shipped out memeber of Runcornian life I can say that it is a town best avoided. Like so many of the early 1960's brainwaves in creating utopian "new towns" Runcorn had the potential to combine the old and the new in a great way. But alas the powers that be created a divided town and hten split borough with such infgihting and rivalry that both sides lost and are still losing. Wake up Runcorn and realise that you have to govern yourself and stop toadying to the imbecilic councillors on the otherside of the water, who needs them? Other than that feel free to waft along the M56 and admire the greenery as you pass.   

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