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The Worst Things
  • Boy racers. No, that 1.2l Corsa with a stupid oild drum-sized exhaust and cheap body kit does not look and sound like some hyper-powerful V8 road monster. It sounds and looks like a 1.2l Corsa with a stupid oil-drum sized exhaust and a cheap body kit.
  • When are we going to get a bloody bypass??!
  • Salisbury - The most depressed City in England, and I don't mean just the economic downturn. Salisbury is a City of misery, shop keepers never smile (really thinking about it they have very little to smile about with such high business rent/council tax/waste collection) every day for them is just an existence, and a lot have now ceased trading due to these very facts. The residents are also miserable those that have been able to buy their own homes have had to pay well over the national average but unfortunately their Salisbury salaries do not match their mortgage repayment. Salisbury is a City of high house prices and low wages, added to that if they are unfortunate enough to have to drive to Salisbury and park in one of the car parks the price Wiltshire Council are now charging puts yet another financial burden on their already overstretched finances. Those that live in social housing have to rely on Wiltshire Council which is one of the worst Councils in England to deal with as most of their staff PERCEIVE themselves to be better than anyone else and have outdated bigoted attitudes towards their tenants and anyone else that needs their services or help, when it comes to someone trying to go on their housing register you should hear their comments. Other Shops - well if you want a tea room/restaurant/pup and enjoy shopping in Charity shops (I can think of 15 Charity shops but probably more in the town centre alone) you will probably think Salisbury is OK as apart from the just mentioned there is very little else to offer the small individual shops being priced out long ago, we do have some major surviving stores such as good old M&S left. Visitors well apart from the Cathedral there is very little else to offer them except over-priced B&B's a charity shop bonanza and an expensive cup of tea all served by non smiling staff. Salisbury night life - Salisbury town centre is a no go area for most of the older residents, the streets are full of gangs of youth, and cars racing past with their stereos blaring out not a pleasant experience. Most of Salisbury' residents really don't want to be here themselves they are here only because of family (children or parents living close by). The younger university graduates go off somewhere else to make their new lives, why not when they can earn the same or more but their housing costs much less elsewhere. When you leave Salisbury and drive to say Somerset you will immediately see and feel a difference, people are so much friendlier, shop assistants smile just such a lovely experience. I would definitely nominate Salisbury as the most miserable City and nominate Wiltshire Council as the most arrogant and bigoted Council in England
  • I think the worst thing about Salisbury, without a doubt, has to be Wiltshire Council!! A nasty small minded bunch of illiterate imbeciles!!
  • Bl**dy snobby residents. The green wellies horsey set. The Army officer set. The cathedral snobs. All behave as though they wouldn't drop a turd for you if you needed help. Actually most of Wiltshire suffers due to its distinctly unfriendly residents. Try Somerset, or Dorset.. or just about anywhere else.
  • The people, nowhere else will you find this many mean spirited ,cold and small minded beings.
  • If you move to Salisbury, then don't expect to make friends, because the locals are a bunch of miserable, unimaginative, inbred, Xenophobic, red-necks. They instantly hate anyone who shows up from out of the Town, and who isn't someone their Great Grandfather went to School with. One Village idiot remarked to me, that she had always felt an outsider in the Village because her grandfather was born half a mile down the road in the next Village. very, very narrow minded.
  • The way that people who perceive themselves to be posh "The Army officer lot" The snobby type, who look down their noses at everyone else and assume that they lack good taste and intelligence, just because they didn't have elocution lessions. I mean for Gods sake get a life, there is more to the world than the officers mess and being cliquey!!! FFS!
  • Driving down the Country lanes and no one wants to give way and practically forces you off the road, my wife was driving the kids back from the School run and some complete knob on the wrong side of the road drove into her even though she has pulled into the verge and stopped, he then refused to accept responsibility with his "screw you" attitude, never apologized and we lost the no claims bonus. (my guess was he was on his mobile phone, not paying attention)
  • no one smiles
  • Salisbury has enjoyed the greatest rise in BNP membership over recent years.
  • traffic congestion and so called parking ambassadors
  • The drunks. Always breaking things and making the City centre smell of p1ss.
  • The roads in Salisbury and then all the carrot munchers
  • Narrow streets
  • smallsbury - people with very small minds
  • Not enough teenage boys! There are lots of ruff kids who always try and pick fights for no reason. Once youve been to Salisbury once it gets boring because there isnt alot to do!!! People from the ruffer areas like bemerton heath and the friery walk around like they own the place and they fight and steal all the time so its sensable to walk in groups at night and dont stare or look at them!!!
  • I have now lived here for 6 years, I`m aged 40, its like waiting to die! Beutiful place, but nothing is going on anywhere in the town (I know its a city, but its more like village) Every body we have met (who actually bothers to speak to, locals don`t speak to each other much either) wants to live a more interesting life and do things, like going places, going out or eating in, but they can`t be bothered. Of the people we meet they are either outsiders or have lived away for some time then came back, one them described Salisbury people as "all being constipated, they want to do something but don`t know what" i could n`t have put it better myself! When our son finishes senior school we`re off to the coast where people are sociable, probably in Devon. Salisbury, just visit for your own sake don`t stay!!
  • Traffic getting into town
  • Full of cradle-snatching adoption loving social workers who love to split families up just because they ghave learning difficulties. See , , or read PARENTS WITH LEARNING DIFFICULTIES, CHILD PROTECTION AND THE COURTS for more shocking proof of what's going on!
  • the hoity, toity soulless rich bastards that dominate the town and surrounding villages. Most of 'em are blow ins from God knows where but it would be hard to find a bunch of more boring, acquisitive materialistic bastards gathered together in one place on the face of this earth. Yes, Salisbury is a pretty town but unfortunately a large percentage of it's pop. are purely unbearable- as Bob Baker said so rightly of the local pop. 25 years ago- the place would be alright if you could ship 80% of the pop. out to Siberia or some place as unbearale and nasty as they are.
  • too many alternative people. not enough townies.
  • Takeaways everywhere, restaurants everywhere. Surely no-one in town owns their own cooker.
  • I've never seen a car wearing a bomber jacket ...
  • Salisbury is still a great place to live but it is being destroyed by the "Parking Ambassadors" better known as "Parking Highwaymen" and their little cohorts "The hidden black parking meters" all intended to "help the traffic flow". The real intention is to bleed the motorist dry and fill the council coffers so they can - employ more Highwaymen and black meters - so it all eventually grinds to a halt and we get no visitors or tourists and the City dies.
  • Parking meters, parking chargers are day light robbery here. every corner on every street has a chinky on it.
  • The traffic is getting worse day by day. First Park and Ride site to the north is very good - only a 1 to park all day.
  • not much for young people, but its got much better over last 3 or 4 yrs.
  • That councellors view on the homeless
  • Gippos and squaddies.
  • 30 on the spot fines for skatin'
  • Too many Townies (people who go round in cars that play loud drum and bass and wear stupid bomber jackets)
  • The abusive children. Moany pedestrians, too much trouble along the Town Path.
  • Our council.
  • Way, way too cliquish. Why does everyone feel that 'If you aint a lifelong resident, then you got no right to be in their city'??? Losers
  • Picking up the horse dung (from the carriage rides)
  • Winter.
  • We have all big shop names e.t.c but there isn't much to do.i.e our swimming pool has just been closed down by the department of health
  • Weather Motorists Wilts and Dorset Bus company (bring back Badger Line!)
  • too many townies, not enough goths, metallers or punks
  • Vandalism Westwood St Thomas School Not enough things for the younger generation All those awful supermarkets we don't need
  • The rea is deviod of any real top classs sport.
  • Traffic. Dont go near the place on a Saturday.
  • loads of security guards
  • Those roundabouts.
  • The traffic system the town council decided would be a good idea. The amount of money the council uses on silly things like spelling SALISBURY out in flowers on a bank neara road!
  • It's bloody cliquey - I moved there at 16yrs, left at 25yrs, and can honestly say that I only made two or three really close friends in that time - everyone else considered me to be an outsider.

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