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Computer and Games Shops
  • Wii play
  • game, storm
  • There's a few in town centre, best place for cheap or second hand stuff's goota b Storm
  • We got loads, Game, Storm, and this new one i cant remember. Plus the market.
  • johns
  • 'the' game shops
  • GAME in centre (was EB)
  • electronice boutique woolworths
  • electronics boutique in the high street. johns a second hand shop in frodingham(frod)road sells a lot.
  • Electronics boutique has recently opened in the town centre and stocks all games under the sun there! If you go to TOPMAN, upstairs from TOPSHOP in the high street, they have two playstations there which sort the men from the boys while the women shop downstairs!!
  • Multi Player Gaming Centre, (better know as the MPGC.) Basicaly it's a bunch of computers all networked together where people play games, for example Unreal Tournament. Wicked fun - female species welcome too!!
  • See local market Friday.Saturday for exchange stalls. Fair selection but PC world in Hull.

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