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Cheap Food
  • Fultons Foods all over the city for cheap frozen meat, burgers, veg etc Crystal Peaks market
  • Somebody mentioned Nirmal's on Glossop Road so we tried it out last night. It was quite easily the WORST Indian food I've ever come across. Words cannot describe. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID.
  • Bragazis do amazing sarnies
  • no such thing.ypfwyg
  • Ignore what you've read about Indian Chef in Crookes, the food is wonderful and reasonabley priced. it can get rammed on a weekend though!I've lived in Crookes a while and no one I know has any complaints and the staff are lovely. its BYOB but The Ball Inn across the road lets you take drinks across to the restaurant. also, the off liscense a couple of doors down (Hollinends)is good for booze bargains to take in with you. Seans at top of eccleshall road opposite banner cross pub does brilliant pasties. Beres and Sons (The Pork Shop)can be found all over Hillsborough. Their pork sandwiches are insanely good. Perfectionary cake shop on Sharrowvale Road is also fabulous for pastries, especially their tomato slices.
  • New Roots on Glossop rd. Cheap and immense vegeterian food and groceries. Plus loads of random hippy madness. Great service as well.
  • Mangla on the Wicker
  • maccy ds innit
  • Pepe's can always be relied upon for a dodgy burger and a last chance at pulling after a night out
  • sarni shop @ bents green
  • Jaflong right at the end of Crookes is possibly the best curry house in the world. Sheffield, anyway. Always excellent food and service; gigantic veggie menu; nans the size of small duvets (watch out for the garlic nans as they have several bulbs each on them; if you take away (or get it delivered) you miss out on the marvellous accompanying musical experience, so you might as well book a table (always advisable as it gets full even on week nights) as you can take your own wine as well. Brilliant food; cheap date.
  • THE place to go for Italian food in sheffield has to be Vito's on South Road in Walkley, THE best food, FANTASTIC wine and best of all Vito himself! Everything freshly made (unlike most places listed here - miaaow)and a damn fine atmosphere to boot. If you have a gob that opens, taste buds that work and a sociable bone in your body, get yourself there! I would include contact details but my fingers are tired from typing, I'm going for a lie down.
  • Harlequin Fish and Chip shop on Howard Street is no more. Been replaced by top Sandwich/Panini/Pizza/Roast Chicken Eat In or takeaway.. Alfie + Bella (web Even the Hot Roast Pork Sarnie is good for you!
  • turkish delight-shit food at good prices. northen soul up in broomhill if it still liives
  • Buoncibo in Broomhill and I must say that the promotion at Iguanas is v good.... as are the cocktails...
  • subway they make foot long sandwiches but there pricey!!!!!!!!!! this is on division street.
  • Again Chubbys as a take away.
  • VIJAYS!! Curry house in charter square near Empire and Bar Matrix, very posh inside! great food, good service! best curry i've ever tasted!
  • manor top chippy :)
  • KFC rules with Pizza (Hut & Dominos) and Burger King all close behind. Avoid McDonalds like the plague cos that what it gives you! Apart from that Old Monk on Norfolk Street worth a shout and so is De Rhodes Arms at Barlborough. A few other diamonds knocking about an all.
  • Kashmir > East House Spital Hill. With this exception there is no Chef in Sheffield your better off cooking fer yerself.
  • Candy town, chinese is yummy!
  • forum
  • Plenty of good curry houses around. The cheapist of which are on spittle hill (!) The Mangla is good. (but watch out for the locals trying to sell their whares!) Bukowskies on London Rd does a nice varied menue and has a v.laid back atmoshphere. + amongst other stuff has open mic nights on Sun PM.
  • wetherspoons is always good value for money, but avoid lloyds number 1 as the bouncers and staff are less than friendly if you don't look like posh and becks.
  • Trattoria Romana, Ecclesall Road-lovely Italian food. Chubby's for chips and Macdonalds for the kids. Also Yankees on Ecclesall Road.
  • I just CANNOT believe that no one has mentioned Scotts Pantry on Glossop Road opposite the Uni! OK so its not a restaurant, but it is the best sandwich shop in Sheffield (possiblt the world - sorry I'm a fan) The prices are cheap and the food is fantastic, there has been many time I've been able to replenish oneself prior to a lecture after a night on the piss. Not just students use it too! Popular with all the office staff near by and workmen too. THANK GOD FOR SCOTTS!
  • La Luna in Banner Cross does great Italian food - the best!
  • Danums pizza on abbeydale road, near carterknowle road is amazing. 0114 2555606.
  • Champs
  • wetherspoons near cole brothers is the best one for cheap (and i mean cheap) food and beer. and it looks fancy as hell inside!
  • No body has mentioned Santinos or Nonnas on Eccleshall Road. Both are fantastic. Santinos is a reasonably cheap place to eat and was done up a few years ago so it is now twice the size. The food is lovely. But for real and I mean REAL Italiano food, Nonnas is the biz. The food is out of this world. it's a bit pricey, but worth it. Even the pasta is fresh. They have a deli and a coffee bar up front, but be warned, go early. Cubana on Trippets Lane is quite good. They serve tapas with Salsa music playing in the background. The food is really cheap and tastes home cooked- not like the frozen rubbish you get in La Tasca. This is real food - and served by hunky Latin Americans.
  • Do not i repeat do not eat any food from down the Wicker , rat ala carte is the main food.
  • Curry houses round Sheffield are cheap and usually of good quality. Go looking around Crookes and other areas just outside the city to find good eats. "Taste of Kashmir" was a personal favourite during student days - very cheap, friendly and on the way home if you lived up in Crookes.
  • This is the only place to get "Quality" (as in "zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance) food...: "Broomheads chipshop" - cooked in lard (so no good for veggies)
  • Nibbles Pizza in Broomhill. The best take-away in the world!
  • Harlequin Fish and Chip shop on Howard Street does THE best Fish and Chips on the planet and is the best way of reminding yourself what Sheffield's all about if you've been away for a bit. The Chef at The Forum cafe does not know how to cook bad food, the staff are brilliant and visiting generally leaves you with a huge smile on your face. Also there is a blinding Italian on London road - but I can't remeber the name. It is decked out in fully authentic seventis decor and is the ideal place to hold a Mafiosa get together; the pizzas are huge, wine comes in gigantic caraffes that you nee d both hands to lift and they stay open until you've finished. Which is cool. The Blue Moon Cafe is always great, as is In A Nutshell on Chesterfield Road. Cafe 9 at Nether Edge does loads of fantastic coffees and will have you smoking Gitanes Blancs within a week, and finally THE best place for take out Pizzas is Nibbles at Broomhill. For a full on Nibbles experience, order a Chef's Special on a warm summer evening and eat it either across the road outside The Broomhill pub, or in the Botannical Gardens down the road.
  • Veggies and fish eaters can try Cafe Ceres at Hunters Bar
  • For vegetarians, vegans and lovers of good food GO TO CHINSKIS! Chinskis can be found on the Abbeydale Road serving delicious, unusual and reasonably priced vegi and vegan food. Great atmosphere and friendly staff too!
  • Fat Poppas, round the corner from sumo is an excellent greasy spoon type, and really cheap with it.
  • Best Restaurant is definitely El Sombrero - we eat there all the time
  • NJ's the new bagel shop on Ecclesall Road! Brill cheap food, cokes in glass bottles and a free wurlitzer jukebox with classic tunes! An owner you can tell your problems to, like Sam on Cheers, and friendly regular customers. Mostly a secondary school and uni crowd during the week, weekends for family meals...great sunday an expat american, it's been my new home! (past Hunter's Bar roundabout, up the hill from Endcliffe park)
  • Safeways for the doughnut pig out.
  • There's an MDs, but it's meat.
  • The meat pies from a shop in the Moor.
  • Why has no-one nominated Chubbys on Cambridge Street for this section? The weird secret recipe cheese sauce on their burgers is gorgeous. It's a stone's throw from the Drop and is the only place to go at 2 in the morning.
    Chubby's - the cheese is plastic crap - don't eat it!
  • THE best place to eat is Taste of Cashmir on Barber Road. Storming Pizzas, the best curries, and super friendly delivery blokes; ask them in for a cuppa!
  • 'El Sombrero' is a fabby Mexican restaurant just off West Street (near to the Jessop Hospital). The food is tremendous (the usual kind of prices) and the Marguaritas are the best I have ever had.
  • Just a word in favour of the recently extended Kashmir Curry House, Spital Hill, for good cheap nosh and lots of veggie options. You can buy good beer from Morrisey's East House over the road and take it over with you.
  • Other places for curries:
    • Himalaya, Glossop Road
    • New India Garden, Chesterfield Road
    • Nirmal's, Glossop Road (pricey but yum)
  • French(ish): Channings, Chesterfield Road
  • Fish'n'chips: Harlequin Fish Bar, Howard Street (opposite Hallam University)
  • The best food shops in Sheffield are New Roots, on Glossop Road, Rice and Spice on Crookes Road and Bean Beanie on Crookes Valley Road.
  • Italian:
    • A far better Italian restaurant, however, is Rossi's on Sharrow Lane, just off London Road.
  • Orchard Square can be expensive and it's gone downhill but great for getting away from it all, also a little cafe opposite the Peace Gardens, does the best sandwiches I've found.
  • If you like good food, then 'K Pasa' on West Street is a must! It is also very good value. Don't bother going to 'Indian Chef' on Crookes Road. Although the food is good, the manager is most unfriendly - as closing time approaches, he becomes most hostile to diners, babbling about them (no doubt insulting them) in his own language... most ignorant!

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