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  • Some awesome pubs in Sheffield with the Broadfield, Brothers Arms and Sheaf Inn being top of their game beer wise - no need to stray far from Meersbrook as long as you can cope with the beards and sensible waterproofs. Avoid Eccy Road if you don't want to be surrounded by footballer's wives and... well just cunts.
  • The Frog & Parrot on Division Street... Used to love going in there when I lived in the area years ago. Went back recently and was pleased to see nothing's changed. Best pub in town!
  • Love the pubs up in Crookes - good mix of people and great atmosphere, particularly in the Closed Shop, Cobden View and the Hadfield (Barber Rd)
  • The Museum in Orchard Square has gone totally down hill in the last 18 months, staff who don't seem to care, lousy beer (used to have a fantastic range) now it just seems to be Greene King beers that taste like vinegar, it's not difficult to clean lines out, food that tastes like it's just been defrosted and whacked in the microwave (yuk,yuk,yuk) a rude management team who appear to sit at the bar permanently drinking (very professional) on the up side, if you want to buy some cheese, coffee, vitamins, dvd's, cigarettes, cd's and certain chemical substances this place seems very reasonably priced
  • Grapes on Trippet Lane
  • red house on solly street is da best in sheff
  • The Big Tree in Woodseats has got to be one of the best pubs in sheffield to get your face punched in. It has a big carpark to the front of the pub that in the summer all the scum that drink there sit outside and let passing people (with jobs)see what a shit hole it is.
  • DOVE AND RAINBOW, no longer a shithole full of tramps and punks, but a real ale and rock pub
  • THE FROG AND PARROT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEG END
  • West street is a must, theres plenty of pubs and bars up here for all and the students are very friendly up that way too.
  • the Windsor - Wybourns finest! all the entertainment you will ever need, cheap ale, loads of locals, and plenty of arguements and challenging discussions!! haha
  • the Windsor - Wybourns finest! all the entertainment you will ever need, cheap ale, loads of locals, and plenty of arguements and challenging discussions!! haha
  • the cavendish is good on a sunday night for the pub quiz. although the DJ is slightly annoying he does have a tendancy to give out free sweets to us ladies! the FOUNTAIN is a good pub on a wednesday too, all the hallam sports clubs are there, lots of fit men! :D
  • Fagan's for some crazy Irish folk music madness.
  • The Bridge, very decent place.
  • errrm dove n rainbow i guess. we always opt for lambrini on devi green tho. do it!
  • the nelson on the moor
  • t'hammer & pincers
  • The Graduate by the Crucible and the Frog and Parrot on Division street. The frog now has a "no chav (no burberry)" rule which makes it even better
  • The Fat Cat (Alam Street) and its sister pub, The Devonshire Cat (Devonshire quarter), serve the finest beer in Sheffield; the former also does delicious homecooked food.
  • Champs, Ecclesall Rd ... full of men every Friday & Sat ... not many good looking ones though !!!!
  • The best pub crawl in sheffield goes off the beaten track somewhat. You start in Crookes at the Grindstone, then up the road to the Hallamshire Hotel, through to crosspool to the Crosspool tavern, up to the Sportsman on Manchester Road, cut through to the Plough on Sandygate Road, down to the Bell Hagg Inn back on Manchester Road to enjoy the view of the rivelin valley before heading across it to the Rivelin Hotel. From here you head up to stannington to the Sportsman, then down the road to the Turnbull, before heading back down into the valley and to the Hollybush on Hollins Lane. Finally, head uphill towards walkley to the Walkley Cottage to finish. There's 11 pubs, it's about 8 miles long and it takes about 9 hours. Can't think of any better way to spend a sunny sunday or bank holiday. The scenery in the rivelin valley is absolutely beautiful too.
  • Why did the surry bother with the facelift. same old place but it was better when it was dingy and the graduate is a shit name for it. also, whats up with the slug and fiddle becomingn a bleedin varsity. honestly, i turn my back for one minute... one more thing; burn down the pomona - its full of twats.
  • Dove and rainbow.
  • Lescar, Washy.. all good.
  • what happened to o'connells on west street???? that was the only good 'pub' in the centre, now just its followed the crowd and become a bar no-one remembers - bring back the traditional pubs!!!
  • Devonshire Cat is good, a bit pricey for my northern taste but a nice selection of real ales and ciders. The Brown Bear near the Crucible is dead cheap, if not a bit rough, no actual violence, but don't wear your shirt and tie or you may attract a few comments about poncey office workers.
  • charlie chalk's has a great restaurant.
  • I can't believe that noone has mentioned the Commercial at Chapeltown! Real ale for that lot, loads of foreign beers, amazing food and even a non-smoking evening for the pain in the arse brigade. When you look at the other sleazy, inbred-attracting pubs in "Chap", the Commercial is really the bis. Oh and the food waitress is a real babe! Shit pubs: Hen and Chickens, The Cannon, Penny Black, Market Tavern, Stonehouse, Moorfoot Tavern, The Pump.
  • The Stag on Psalter lane. The place to sit out on a sunny day, particularly as the kids can be locked away in the play pen.
  • The Sportsman next to Wetherspoons, The Grapes, sumwhr near West Street. For bars, I wud say Wetherspoons and RSVP, which is rite nxt 2 wetherspoons.
  • blue ball wharnecliffe side oughtibridge...
  • Pubs on the wain. The Curtlers Herdings worth a shout as are The Big Tree and the Chantry in Woodseats and The Old Harrow on White Lane. For good grub try the Pheonix on White Lane, or other good haunts include The Sherwood, Birley Moor Road; The Chequers, Coal Aston and The Belfry, Beighton. One to avoid : The JACK IN A BOX, Silkstone Road Frecheville!
  • East House > Kashmir Spital Hill.
  • The best pub crawl in Sheffield is from Crookes - Broomhill - West Street. I'm a local but have no problem with students whatsoever and at least with Sheffield having a big student population it makes the place more lively. Anywhere the pub crawl goes: Start off at THE PUNCHBOWL in Crookes and make the way towards Broomhill calling at THE BALL, NOAH'S ARK, and THE OLD GRINDSTONE. Then your near Broomhill and call in at THE SOUTH SEA, FOX AND DUCK, O'NEILLS, BROOMHILL TAVERN and THE PLACE. Then go down Newbould Lane onto Glossop Road and call in at CASA and WEST END. Go towards West Street and stop off at THE HARLEY at top end of West Street then move into town onto West Street in THE SWIM INN, O'NEILLS, CAVENDISH, VARSITY, BRB, V BAR, 80'S BAR, WALKABOUT, YATES, RAT AND PARROTT, EDWARDS, WETHERSPOONS then into JOSEPHINES or down to ROUNDHOUSE near Ponds Forge. I've only ever been in KINGDOM twice and its queue for an hour and pay 3.50 a bottle joke! For me I prefer Josies or Roundhouse but Roundhouse seems to have been shut a lot lately.
  • The Howard by the train station is quite good, sundays can be really good. You find a few freaks in there though, one in particular called Francis.
  • What's wrong with townies? we all come from somewhere (even Sheffield United fans). If you are a real ale fan I recommend the following crawl; Hillsborough Hotel (Fri and Sat evenings only) Gardener's Rest, Cask and Cutler, Fat Cat, Kelham Island Tavern. If you're really thirsty do the New Barrack Tavern first. All great pubs if a little full of the typical real ale drinker (if you get my drift). If you want a more lively pub with a good beer range try the Devonshire Cat. Proud to be a Townie!
  • start your crawl at the hammer and pincers, bents green for quiet pints and best beer garden- then down ecclesall road south- prince of wales, banner cross, porter cottage and lescar. all fab.
  • Robin hood for its quiz nights
  • forum
  • For a good pub crawl try this: Rat and Parrot on West Street. Along West Street towrds uni, stopping in every pub along the way (should be about 10) Then into Bar 1, down the road a little bit more to the West End, and up into Broomhill. Firkin first, then South Seas, The Place, O'neills, Broomhill Tav, And then up to Ranmoor, via Ranmoor in and the big one before it. End up at Triplets wine bar at about 11pm nicely wankered! Nice one!
  • the best pub in sheffield is the Globe (just up from the bus & train stations)
  • Apart from the boardwalk (see venues) Try the Tuxido Blue on Sharrow lane. Very friendly hosts and something different every night (monday nights 4 open mic with some blindin' talent) Sun lunch is cheap + an acoustic session too. The Vine is very popular with the 'alternative' croud espessially pre club.
  • boardwalk rocks, has bands on too.
  • The Byron on next to netheredge shops is great. Pound a pint night on Mondays, thursdays and saturdays.
  • We just love The Devonshire Cat on Wellington Street. It just has to be Devonshire Greens coolest pub. Loads of nice grown up people not being stupid or out of their minds on bad beer and alcopops. Great crowd and they say over 100 different beers. I've not seen anything like it anywhere.
  • The Yorkshire Grey The Rutland
  • flares is a right laugh, go and funk out in your seventies gear!
  • If you hate the Cavendish, you'll probably love The Beer Engine, which is next to the Safeway petrol place. It's a cosy place with lovely people, an ever-changing range of beer and cheap, filling food.
  • The Dog and Partridge, Trippet Lane is loverly! -Original little cosy rooms, nice to have an alternative to the soulless barn-room neon townie hell-holes. 3 Tuns is ace too, and the Harlequin [Off the Wicker] -Cheap/sometimes FREE Pool! The Cavendish [West Street] is a vast, rowdy-student domain, but it does have a PIN-BALL. And the Grapes ,Trippet Lane is sound too.
  • the fairways (Brinsworth)(o.k I know it's not really sheffied..but very close) on friday night 60 70 80's music played by the famous brian...and unlike any other dj I know...he does play ALL your requests!
  • Other side bar, a great place to go before heading to the Corporation which is situated very handy right next door. Cheap drinks, good music, great atmosphere, what else could you ask for???
  • West Street is the place to go for a pub run if you're a student. Every time I go back there seems to be a new pub there. They tend to follow the fashion, so there was a rash of "Irish" pubs, then cafe bars were springing up everywhere when I was last in town. Try the older ones for decent beer and less student types. The studenty bars are good, but can get completely chocka during the beginning/end of term and most weekends. Little local pubs have more character, better local beers and cheaper prices. Try the Fat Cat for a range of ales, or the Tap and Spile. Try the local drinks - you can't beat a good pint of "Barnsley" by an open fire on a cold Winter night. Or cask conditioned Stones..Mmmmmmmm...
  • Lots of changes in the Sheffield Pub Scene. The New Barrack Tavern, Penis (don't laugh) tone Rd, Hillsborough, and the Sheaf View, Gleadless Rd, Heeley. (left just after the Railway bridge on Chesterfield Rd) both sell nice english and continental beers at reasonable prices. Half the pubs mentioned in the list have changed their names, usually to something stupid, and Wards brewery, sadly, is no more.
  • The Matilda in Matilda Street has just become gay, and better than the Cossack. Not that that's saying much.
  • the lescar, sharrowvale, the washington nr devonshire green
  • The Fat Cat Kelham Island - great beer, good food, outrageously low prices.
  • fat Cat, Red deer, any that sell beer....(not that poofy lager stuff in bottles)
  • The Dog & Partridge on Trippet Lane is easily the best pub in Sheffield, a real Irish pub, not an artificial latest craze "Oirish" pub, a close second come Fagans, and the Fat Cat. The Frog & Parrot was okay about 10 years ago, when it was independent, shame about all the arty farty students (bless 'em), and the real ale bores - just drink it lads ! P.S. Just a quick mention to Wards brewery R.I.P., if Swallow Hotels didn't want a brewery why buy it in the first fucking place. It wasn't the best pint in town but by the time it closed (June 99) it was the only major brewery left. Best wishes Kelham Island Brewery, and more power to Mr Wickett's elbow.
  • The Hornblower near the Forum was the best pub in town, it's changed now, to an Irish pub, it's still cool though.
  • I'm a tad surprised that nobody mentioned The Dog and Partridge at 56 Trippet Lane. I spent many a great night in this most friendly of pubs. Very eclectic mix of people and very friendly staff.
  • 'The Old Grindstone' on Crookes Road is excellent. There is a super atmosphere and the food is excellent!
  • The Vine on Cemetry Road is a good place to go. Nice mix of 'townie-baseball-capped' locals and 'begging-crusty-asking-to-get-beaten-up' students. I've lived in Sheffield for three years now (yep, i was a student) and I love it. I've always found it friendly as fuck, and to be honest, I've had more hassle from my own drunken student brethren than any locals. Sheffield, we love it.
  • How old is this, the foundry & firkin is no longer a NEW pub, and it is also a good place to have a laugh with a mate! However, a newer pub on west street is the CAVINDISH, which is a great place for a laugh, with cheap beer (with a 'yellow card' available behind the bar, with an NUS card.), a choice of arcade games, apoll table, table football, and lots of people going to get tanked up before they go clubbing, or just going to get tanked up-as it has that kind of fun atmoshere where you just don't care!!! So if your ever in Sheffield check it out, you'll like what you find.
  • Hmmmm, depends what you're after really. The Newt and Chambers is a good, lively city centre pub. Serves Wards, landlord Spence is a top lad (though has been known to handcuff members of barstaff from rival pub The Yorkshire Grey to lamp posts) and the lad who does the quizz on Mondays is bloody insane. The Washington is great, but I'm kind of loath to reccomend it; since people found out Nick Banks owns it its been over run. Use with respect. The Brown Bear's always alright - nice pint of John Smith's, but dodgy jukebox. The Howard is great all the time; friday nights give you the chance to see the World's Most Evil Looking Bouncers. Other good places: The Union, Nether Edge; The Vine Inn, Sharrow; The Red Lion, Heeley Bottom; The Hallamshire Hotel, Walkley; The (other) Hallamshire Hotel, West Street; The Frog and Parrot; The Dog and Partridge, Trippet Lane (and in the same vein but even better) Fagan's, up from West Bar. Great music, Tetley's, company, Guinness and also chips. Landlord Tom Boulding is a top bloke and will not throw you out if you've not finished by 11:20. Look out for the pub's resident dog. Avoid Like The Plague: The Cavendish and The Foudary and Firkin, West Street, and that other Firkin pub at Broomhill. This sort of thing is not big, or clever. Please help these places go bankrupt.
  • Lamentable shortage of gay pubs in City centre. Only the Cossack, which can't decide if it's Arthur or Martha half the time
  • Berlins is not towny. I am a student (I come from Sheffield but don't study there) and I think it's fantastic for those people who know how to have a good time. Students who are stuck up there own rear ends and even use the word 'towny' give us all an undeserved bad name. Such students deserve to get beaten up by Sheffield's finest. Perhaps this is why they daren't go near Berlin's?
  • Red Deer (back of West Street: Has Motorcycle meetings by the University of Sheffield at 9pm every Monday
  • Fox 'n' Duck, Broomhill
  • Nottingham House, Broomhill
  • Pomona, Ecclesall Rd (very good cheap drinks on Tuesdays)
  • Berlins, Eyre Street. Horrible Towny!!!
  • [That comment is revealing in itself. Others disagree.] The Berlins comment (really towny), is a little unnecessary, not only students have access to the Web.
  • The Porter Cottage, Sharrowvale Road, is getting a reputation for barring everyone for silly reasons.
"Thinking of a night on the piss and ending up at the Leadmill?" asks Jim, "Might I recommend a pub-crawl around the bus station? In particular"
The Rutland:
Top beer and ever so slightly camp since the much lamented Cossack (Sheffield's premier gay pub) closed down.
The Lord Nelson:
Dingy, yellow and dirt cheap
The Penny Black:
As rough as a badger's arse with as much character - well worth a visit.
The Queen's Head:
Not a nice pub but worth a look to see what brain-dead developers can do to a perfecty good beer shop.
Here are some more favourites from other people:
The Fat Cat:
Great Kelham Island brewery beer, no pool table, pinball machine etc and wonderful pub food.
The Newt & Chambers:
On Arundel Gate, close to the Novotel monstrocity. It's got an absolutely fantastic pint of Wards there, and is within easy staggering distance of the Leadmill. It's a refreshing mixture of locals and some non-locals without any aggro. (Not that I've seen, anyway.)
Newt and Chambers is a top pub - Visit it now!
Yet more:
  • If you want yet another Sheffield pub listing, I'm rather partial to the Red Deer, near the University just off Mappin St.
  • And I second the recommendations for the Fat Cat and the Frog and Parrot. Probably the best two pubs in the city.
  • The Sportsman on Cambridge Street started shutting it's doors at 10:30 19/1/96. Why?
  • Also, how about some of the country pubs around Sheffield? There are lots of beautiful villages around the City and most have got interesting/value for money pubs. For example, try starting at Stannington.
  • Small correction to pubs In Sheffield. The Frog and Parrot is lousy, (too packed, noisy and generally poncy) as is the Slug and Fiddle. The best pub in Sheff. is THE VINE on Cemetery Road. You might not think so to look at it, and it is getting worse, but owt is better than the bloody Pomona. Incidentally, if anyone is interested in a whip round to buy semtex for Meadowhell then I'll chip in.
  • The best pub crawl in Sheffield can be performed through Handsworth and Attercliffe. Start off in the Norfolk Arms in Handsworth (a very hospitable place) and then catch the 52 bus, get off outside Corona and visit each pub on the main road. The best ones are the Travellers Arms, which boasts cheap pool and other requisites (if you're lucky) and the Greyhound which has a wicked jukebox and Caffreys on tap. Then finish off with a bag of chips in Darnall. Sorted.
  • Morrisey's Riverside, Mowbray St is also a great pub with an upstairs function room & occasional bands. On the subject of beer, The Cask & Cutler (Shalesmoor tram stop) has great beer from obscure breweries and a no-smoking room.
  • Oh and a word for the Harlequin Inn, Johnson Street: very friendly pub. Live music especially Fridays. All the old crusties (like me) go there. Also the Washington, Fitzwilliam Street: musicians pub (Pulp's old watering hole).
  • The Best Thing in Sheffield is a pub-crawl starting at the Barracks Tavern (just south of the Hillsborough Barracks, Penistone Road), followed by the Cask and Cutler (Penistone Road, just near the Shalesmoor tram stop) and finished up by a trip to the Fat Cat (Alma Street). These are all fantastic real ale pubs with atmostphere and big ranges of good beer.
  • You've got to mention the Happy Hour in Champs on the Eccleshall Road. All that can be said is 'Mega'! Without doubt it has the cheapest, strongest and best tasting cocktails in Sheffield. They have a wide range of various alcoholic drinks that would send the most horny elephant on heat to sleep. Happy Hour lasts 6pm to 9pm, but don't expect to notice the end as falling down and memory loss sets in! They have many TVs with various sports on them, with many additional sporting bits'n'bobs spread around the pub. Music ain't that bad, typical Friday/Saturday music! Other pub goers, well, can't remember cos when they are coming in sober, I'm off out crawling.
  • The new Foundry & Firkin on West Street. Mega. Loud, Big, Loud and Big again. I think that sums it up. Beers could be a bit cheaper, but what do you expect from a Firkin? Many chances to win T-Shirts from drinking many gallons of beer, but be warned, the Roger'n'out is to the most pleasant tasting beer in the world to drink in order to win a T-Shirt. Very good Music, and it has probably one of the best Juke-boxes in Sheffield. Must also mention the Sunday lunches. The roast Sunday dinners are truely brilliant, and also thrown into this cheap price is a substantial pudding as well. What more could you ask for on a Sunday after a night on the beers?
  • The Globe down by the station is a breath of fresh air. Designed after the 'Scream' by some famous painter, it has a cool atmosphere with plenty of good drinks (loads of flavoured Vodka, oh, and lagers and beers of course). It has the distinction of being one of the rare pubs in Sheffield which has a pool table! Not expensive and you can usually get on there just before closing time, hence the popularity of this pub. It also has the distinction of having a free Juke-Box, but don't think you'll get your songs on before closing time if you put them on at 10:30pm. This pub has games galore, and the sight of a one metre high connect four grid has some getting used to after a few beers have flown down. The pub goers are mostly students. However there is always a good atmosphere and fun to be had. The Globe is a scream, and if going to the Leadmill is ideally placed. In all, Mega once again.
  • Why has no-one mentioned the Yorkshire Grey as being one of the best pubs in Sheffield? It's fantastic and it sells this cherry wine which is absolutely lethal. By the way I don't think there's a problem in Sheffield between the locals and the students: people should realise that without the students Sheffield would be dead.
  • The best pubs to go to in Sheffield are as many people have already mentioned, the Fat Cat on Alma Street (and try the Kelham Island 'round the corner), the Red Deer on Pitt Street (a personal early evening favourite) and one that no-one seems to have mentioned, the Broadfield on Abbeydale Road, it's a bit of a way out but you can request your favourite beers and music for the jukebox and it never gets too packed. But whatever you do do not go to the diabolical Speakeasy just up the road. The Frog and Parrot is pretty abysmal now as everyone goes there and they're living off they're reputation.
  • Bar One in the Union building at the University of Sheffield is just too cool! It boasts seven pool tables, many top arcade games, a large drinking area (of course), and at the time of writing John Smith's at only £1.22 a pint. Get yourself down there and see life as it should be.
  • Woodhouse is THE pub crawl! Start up at The Angel (Pool tables etc.), casually stroll down to The Royal (watch for flying bottles!), sink some in The Stag, drown your sorrows in The George, get bladdered at The Brunswick, drop in to The Junction ....and it's not over yet! Then there's The Princess Royal (my personal favorite) and the Woodhouse Mill W.M.C. From there, you can get a bus to Handsworth, Darnall, Atercliffe or Town, if you're able, and continue from there. I live in Woodhouse and it cannot be beaten for booze!

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