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Subjects 21 to 40 of 65    <<back    next>> Today's messages are highlighted in red by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 14-Nov-2006
If you are interested in flying you are very welcome to visit my blog at the title address above. Just copy & paste into your browser. Plenty of aerial photos of South-East England and Northern France.   
Moving to Shoebury? by Saila (Member 10189021) on 12-Jul-2006
I live in the US and my partner is currently residing in Shoebury. He is determined to move here permanently, and I have yet to go visit the area. I'm not sure whether to make the international move there or remain where I am. For everyone that lives there what can you say about Shoeburyness? or Essex/England in general? Everyone's experience varies, but I would respect some input.

  • Re: Moving to Shoebury? by Brian Kane (Member 10145749) on 4-Aug-2006
    Hi Salia. Regarding you moving to Shoeburyness, it is a bit of a one horse town and even that has left. here is what the local government has to say about shoeburyness.

    A 7 year scheme to prepare school leavers for life and work, to be delivered as an extension of the approved Round 3 scheme. Shoeburyness is an isolated, run down area whose problems include high unemp... more >>

looking by christopher cook (Member 10180972) on 16-Apr-2006
hello, i am looking for a woman that used to live in wessex road. her name is Melanie Lane/Ellis. If anyone can help please leave a messagge here thankyou very much.   
Gliding Holidays by Malcolm Jackson (Member 10123942) on 23-Mar-2006
Fancy a holiday with a difference this year? Why not learn to fly gliders at Kent Gliding Club, near Challock, Kent? Visit the website at for more details.   
Shoeburyness by Tony Paton (Member 10173260) on 2-Jan-2006
What is Shoeburyness?
Since Shoeburyness was brought to my attention in a TV programme featuring some ramblings by Janet Street Porter, I have often wondered what Shoeburyness is like? If happiness is a noun formed from the adjective "happy", can "shoebury" be an adjective too? What if anythiing does "shoebury" have to do with burying shoes? I really like the name "Shoeburyness" but can anyone su... more >>
  • Re: Shoeburyness by Brian Kane (Member 10145749) on 7-Jan-2006
    Hi Tony. In reply to you question about Shouburyness if you take a look at the South Shoubury parish webb site at the address below this may answer some of your questions. I lived in Shoeburyness until the late 60s. Hope this a help to you.

  • Re: Shoeburyness by SminkyPinky (Member 10234826) on 25-Jan-2009
    i think wikipedia has a section on shoeburyness.

greetings by Brian Kane (Member 10145749) on 24-Dec-2005
I would like to wish all users of this site a merry christmas and a happy new year and hope that some of your wishes may come true in 2006, all the best to all. Brian   
Sign petition by robbie (Member 10070712) on 30-Jul-2005
Please take a minute to sign the petition no human rights for terrorists.
looking for sarah lacey or tracy springett from shoeburryness by Lee Timson (Member 10152004) on 23-Apr-2005
hi I met these lovely young ladies apprx ten years ago. I have often wondered how they are getting on and would love to see them again, if any one as any info i would much appreciate it.
i met them in kavos corfu and have thought about them a great deal, i lost contact when i joined the forces, PLEASE HELP me find them!
Hayman ???? by ian (Member 10146441) on 21-Feb-2005
Hi, I am working on a family tree and trying to find details of, or how to contact Brian Hayman whom would be about 70 now. Father was Percy Hayman. Sisters were Daphne, Doris and Patrica Hayman. Last known address was 8 Stroma Gdns in late 70's, at Shoeburyness and Brian used to work at Heoneywell as European Systems specialist. Would appreciate any help. If you can help please email to   
  • Re: Hayman ???? by Christine Davies (Member 10242326) on 13-Nov-2009
    Mr & Mrs Hayman, Daphney, Doris and Patricia attended St Andrew's Road Methodist Church, where I attended. The three girls were girl guides, Doris was Captain and Pat was 'leffty'. Brian was their brother. Bought my first bike from Mrs Hayman, believe it had been Pat's. Went camping down in Dorset with Pat being leader. Hope you find them and please pass on my regards - Christine Davies (nee ... more >>

  • Re: Hayman ???? by John Keyes (Member 10247695) on 16-May-2010
    just sent you an email on your intuitmri1 email concerning HAYMONS

  • Re: Hayman ???? by John Keyes (Member 10247695) on 16-May-2010
    just sent you an email on your intuitmri1 email concerning HAYMONS

  • Re: Hayman ???? by John Keyes (Member 10247695) on 16-May-2010
    just sent you an email on your intuitmri1 email concerning HAYMONS

  • Re: Hayman ???? by vanessa (Member 10248584) on 9-Jun-2010
    Hi Ian, and my big bro, Doris used to be our house mother in Amethyst house, seaview childrens home, Daphne her sister got married about 67 (at a guess),Linda Gelsthorpe and i where bridesmaids. I think Doris got married in the late 70s.
    Hope this helps Vanessa

Locating lost friends by Brian Kane (Member 10145749) on 12-Feb-2005
Hi, I'm Brian Kane,now aged 60 and presenly living in Stowmarket Suffolk. I lived in Shoebury Avenue, Shoeburyness with my mum, dad, and my brother Terry up until the late 60s when I got married and moved to Suffolk. My grandparents lived in Wallace Street, their name was Adams. Some of my jobs were working in the brickfield, then I worked for ROC Robison the builders, and was also a postman. I... more >>   
  • Re: Locating lost friends by Betty Peterkin (Member 10000132) on 3-Jul-2005
    Hi Brian, I don't remember you but I did live on Shoebury Ave. Number 3. My Mum, brother and I immigrated to Canada in January of 1954, our name was Hewett. I was just 14 and it was a very exciting time. I've been back to Southend on and off for the last 10 years and always get down to Shoebury. Heard the Shoebury Hotel had a nasty fire last year. Anyway just wanted to drop you a line as I am a... more >>

  • Re: Locating lost friends by Brian Kane (Member 10145749) on 2-Oct-2005
    Hi Betty. Thanks for replying to my message, sorry that I haven't replied before but I haven't checked the sight for a few months. I lived at no 11 Shoebury Avenue and I do remember your surname. Perhaps you remember my sister Patricia or Pat as she was usually called. Do you remember Vessy's shop or any other families that live in Shoebury Avenue or Wallace Street. Hope to get reply from you soon. Brian

  • Re: Locating lost friends by Brian Kane (Member 10145749) on 10-Oct-2005
    Hi everyone who looks at this site from outside the UK. Some bad news! Southend Pier has caught fire at the seaward end and has destroyed the station, a pub and a fish and chip shop. The fire broke out on Sunday evening and was still burning on Monday. Just thought that you would like to know. By for now, Brian Kane

  • Re: Locating lost friends by Jock C (Member 10206309) on 8-Apr-2007
    Hi Brian

    Are you by any chance related to Paul Kane who lived at Silverlea Drive Southend and served with 260 Signal Squadron (SAM) at Horseshoe Barracks Shoeburyness in the late 60's early 70's?

  • Re: Locating lost friends by Brian Kane (Member 10145749) on 12-Apr-2007
    Hi Jock C. Although we both have the same surname of Kane we are not related. I hope that you find the person you are looking for. Goog luck in your search. Brian

  • Re: Locating lost friends by Brian Kane (Member 10145749) on 12-Apr-2007
    Hi Jock C. Although we both have the same surname of Kane we are not related. I hope that you find the person you are looking for. Good luck in your search. Brian

  • Re: Locating lost friends by Dave Adams (Member 10244767) on 14-Feb-2010
    Hi, my name is Dave Adams from New Zealand. I too am after more info on the Adams from Wallace street. He is my Great Grandfather, I have a photo of him when he was a Major in the Army, and I am keen to find out about his Army service as I have done 30 years in our TA. Be interested in finding out our relationship on the family tree.

    All the best
    Dave A

  • Re: Locating lost friends by Maria Killworth (nee Glover) (Member 10276640) on 22-Jul-2012
    Hi Brian...I vaguely remember the Kanes. I was born in 66 but my brother and sisters (and parents) moved to 6 shoebury ave in the early 60's. My nan and grandad No 3. (we had the 1st telephone in the street) Mums still there and my sister Margaret lives in my nans house now. I'm still in shoebury over by the high school

Royal Artillery. by Jack Knight (Member 10136477) on 4-Nov-2004
I was in 63.Regt. R.A. at Shoeburyness.1952-54
91.Bty. Anyone remember me? Bdr. Jack Knight.
  • Re: Royal Artillery. by Judy (Member 10075392) on 12-Jul-2006
    Hi Steve, I was in the WRAC from 1984-1986 at Shoeburness and wondered if you remembered me. I remember you, so would love to hear from you.

  • Re: Royal Artillery. by derek kemp (Member 10233510) on 21-Nov-2008
    hi Jack i was shoeburyness from 1952 to July 53
    i was with the MT section
    , i do not recall your name i don't if you new
    any won in the transport side, we use to spend most of our spare time in the ymca which if i remember rightly was just inside of the main gates,

Uwist psychology reunion by brian (Member 10125747) on 12-Aug-2004
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Fed up with making other people rich??????????? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 17-Apr-2004
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  • Re: We are fed up with making you rich by bruce smith (Member 10029368) on 20-Apr-2004
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Looking for old friends 1994 - 1998 by Kelle (Member 10120945) on 26-Mar-2004
hi all!

I'm looking for old friends/contacts from Shoebury. I went to Shoebury High and lived In Toucan Close between the dates above. I'm especially looking for: Matthew Whitehair & Charlie Brown/Campbell.....please get in touch.
Kelle Chinnery -
Richmond Infants And Juniors or Shoebury High/Comp by Paul Major (Member 10114338) on 9-Jan-2004
I`m looking for anybody who was at Richmond Infants and Junior School,Shoeburyness between 1971 and 1978,or Shoeburyness High School between 1978 and 1983.Any pupils or teachers who remember me, please get in touch.I am now living in Brazil.   
  • Re: Richmond Infants And Juniors or Shoebury High/Comp by debbie scott nee burwood (Member 10243768) on 14-Jan-2010
    hi i use 2 go 2 that school in 1975 , also i went 2 shoebury high i no the triplets, george paul john do u rember me . i use 2 hang around peter clake, in richmond.

Searching for Michael Bertram Spencer by T. McIntyre (Spencer) (Member 10108139) on 23-Oct-2003
Searching for any information regarding Michael Bertram Spencer, born July 15, 1947, Rochford, at Southend Municipal Hospital. Birth parents, Bertram and Peggy Spencer (nee Fowler). Birth mother later remarried, surname 'Yost'. Michael may be using surname Spencer, Fowler or Yost. When Michael was born, the family lived at 199 Lonsdale Road, Southend-On-Sea. Believe family may have moved shortly a... more >>   
Shoebury High 1982 by Jason Blake (Member 10105384) on 15-Sep-2003
Hi, I'm Jason Blake and I'm looking for some old school friends from Shoebury high between 82,83,84, I moved to london, when I was half way through the 3rd year of that school, and really would love to contact anyone from that time, such as Joanne brown, Nina Herman, Paul bretpit, or Haley. Cannot wait to hear from them   
  • Re: Shoebury High 1982 by cloeyt aplin (Member 10128874) on 23-Jul-2004
    i started school in 1984 claire taplin i dnt no if you no me though

shoebury-ness by claire cooper (Member 10088789) on 31-Jan-2003
hi my name is claire im22 and lived in shoeburyness up until i was 16, had a lot of good times .I went to richmond jnrs then shoebury comp and several others, school wasnt my strong point ha ha! my brother jay still lives there. just to say hello to all the shoebury-ness possey!   
looking for people who lived there in late sixties by jill Smith (Member 10087144) on 10-Jan-2003
I used to work in the area in the late sixties. If anyone there worked in Shoebury ay that time and remembersa nursury there , they grew tomatoes, also the Landsdowne club, or Kemsleys Farms. Thanks if you can help   
Moving to Essex. by Mark Guntrip (Member 10084805) on 8-Dec-2002
Hi, we are looking at moving to Essex and have seen a property in Newell Ave near East Beach (ex Army Quarters apparently). What is this area like? Please advise what areas to look at to live etc.... Thanks   
  • Re: Moving to Essex. by cloeyt aplin (Member 10128874) on 23-Jul-2004
    it is quite a ruff area to move to i have lived here all my life i live near asda north shoebury i ad vise you to move to thorpbay area or by the renown

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