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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • The Pashley brothers, pioneers in aviation from the beginning of the 20th century. Havergal Brian, composer of 32 symphonies, many choral works and orchestral music. Lived on Shoreham Beach where he died aged 96 in 1972. His Gothic Symphony (No.1) is the longest ever written.
  • Nicholas van Hoogstraten was born here
  • scott welsh,heavey weight boxer.resident of shoreham beach & used to serve us chip butties from cafe next to the duke (before he made it)
  • Once saw Adam Faith eating on the terrace at La Casa, the Spanish Tapas place at Lady Bee Marina
  • leo sayer
  • Cliff Richards used to Live on Shoreham Beach Some of teh Crazy gang used to live in Shoreham ( 1950s)
  • Simon Mayo (Radio 1) brought up in shoreham, started work on Radio southlands (shoreham hospital radio station)
  • Andrew Sachs (Manuel from Fawlty Towers) once lived in a road off the High Street.
  • While I know I'm dating myself and being very "uncool" I remember that Ronnie Corbett (the short one on the Two Ronnies) lived on Shoreham Beach for a while. I actually ran into him once outside a shop on the High Street and got his autograph. I was about 11 at the time! Also - my best friend Beverley and I know we saw Rod Stewart one Sunday. He was in a large white car with a Scottish sticker on it. We know to this day it was him, although we can't imagine why he was in Shoreham. It was outside what used to be the old "Workshop" an acting group/studio which I believe is now where the new council offices are. (I live in Arizona now, so I'm a bit rusty on exact locations!) Jan
  • Don't know any really, but I served Toyah Wilcox when I worked in The Cricketers pub on Southwick Green.
  • Leo's real first name is Gerard! My mother used to live near the Sayers and can claim the proud boast that she once bathed the baby 'Leo'! Tele Savalas (Kojak) used to visit relatives and/or friends nearby and could often be seen in the Post Office! Ask the locals about 'bungalow town' - between the wars this was a very 'Bohemian' area on 'the beach' frequented by artistes drawn to the area by the regional theatres - lots of outrageous behaviour, so I'm told!
  • LEO SAYER!!!
  • First ever public phone call made to Australia from England, made from post office. Leo Sayer (I'm a one-man band) lived there in the 70's, on a house boat. Tenko episode filmed at the airport.
  • Charles II escaped from the Roundheads from here. Leo Sayer also lived in the hospital grounds.

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