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Family by sharon (Member 10296940) on 24-Oct-2014
Looking to know if anybody new,john(jock) gibson and Dorothy gibson nee bish,   
What Is There To Do In Shoreham Once Retired? by Mo Sheppard (Member 10257925) on 12-Feb-2011
Just found this site after looking for some form of club once retired. When I was working there seemed to be a huge amount of things to join, now there seems to be nothing.
Anyone any ideas for a 'young' 60's...? Pleeeeeease let me know or perhaps start something.
  • Re: What Is There To Do In Shoreham Once Retired? by tony hill (Member 10286558) on 20-Jun-2013
    You could volunteer to be a custodian at the Marlipins Museum, find out a lot about our town and its history and meet other interesting people.n Just go in and say you may be ionterested - you'll be made welcocme.

    You could join Shoreham Probus club. We meet for lunch and a talk on the last wednesday of each month at the Amsterdam.

House for Rent by Jill Herson (Member 10200254) on 4-Jul-2009
If you're interested in renting a nice Georgian-style modern town house in central Shoreham from August 2009, then why not take a look at for full details.   
Mrs. Webster, English Teacher by Stephen Ruff (Member 10237244) on 5-May-2009
Does anyone remember a teacher who taught English at Middle Road Secondary Modern School for boys (later to become Kings Manor Upper School), the teachers' name was Mrs. Webster, I never knew her first name but I do remember that she had a beauty spot on the right side of her face and she had black hair and about 5'6".   
  • Re: Mrs. Webster, English Teacher by derek harrild (Member 10201268) on 19-Apr-2011
    i knew mrs webster a very friendly and nice looking teacher

Shoreham Beach cinema by shirley smith (Member 10237030) on 24-Apr-2009
I have some old family photos showing people dressed up for acting as extras in films on Shoreham Beach. I'd like to find out more about what films were produced and how people were found to take part in them. Any help appreciated.   
Glynis Cousins by Corinna Turner (Member 10209787) on 26-Jan-2009
I was friends with Glynis when I was at Kings Manor back in the early sixties and have often wondered what happened to her. If anyone knows her whereabouts/name change etc I would love to hear from her. Her dad was a sound engineer [i think] in TV and they lived in Shoreham. She was apparently named after Glynis Johns the actress because her dad {?} like her. I liked her mum's spaghetti bolognese!... more >>   
  • Re: Glynis Cousins by shirley smith (Member 10237030) on 24-Apr-2009
    Hello Corinna,
    I've just discovered this site and seen your message. I remember Glynis Cousins too, but have no idea where she is now.
    I've recently been in touch with Glenys Earthy (cousin of Susan Earthy who you might remember)and she recently arranged a reunion of girls who left good old King's Manor in 1964 - they were Janice Ledbetter, Sylvia Candy, Jackie Henshaw, Margaret Waller and Jack... more >>

What Difference Would Extra Income Make to Your Life? by David Taylor (Member 10103609) on 31-Dec-2008

Why not make a new resolution to change your life in 2009. I am looking for people who have experience in the Financial Services, Utilities or Sales Industries. I can offer a good opportunity for those who are prepared to put in effort on a part-time basis with a Footsie 250 Plc company to earn a regular residual income for life.

Visit my website for further info... more >>
60s Beat/Mod/R&B bands from Shoreham WANTED by Paul (Member 10233578) on 24-Nov-2008

I’m based in Sussex I also collect records and am completely obsessed with the 60s.

I am working on a project of putting together a compilation LP entitled “60s Savages from Sussex and The South C... more >>
old friend by Maureen Mc Shane (Member 10220345) on 26-Jan-2008
Hi does anyone know of a Peter Lambert who used to live at Hawkins Cres Shoreham........I knew him years and years ago and would like to say hi as I came across some old pics taken in Santa Ponsa where we met all of those years ago .   
  • Re: old friend by Stan Ford (Member 10229345) on 18-Jul-2008
    By now I presume you have located Peter.
    If not and we are talking about the same person he was an old Table Tennis colleague who now lives (I am told) in Upper Shoreham Rd SHOREHAM.
    I can get exact details if need be

  • Re: old friend by Amy Lambert (Member 10232009) on 20-Sep-2008
    hey, pete is my uncle- i was looking up my dad, John Lambert, petes brother, who died when i was younger when i came across your message- let me know if you need any contact info! he is well! my cousins, his kids are great too! x

  • Re: old friend by Maureen (Member 10273737) on 13-May-2012
    Hi, Sorry it has taken so long to reply ...4 yrs to be exact but I had forgotten about the message I had placed .......If anyone is still on this and still has contact with Pete tell him I said hi and pass on my regards...would love to chat to him ...hey he might not even remember me M.

Hilary and Brian Lewis by Malin Vikstrom (Member 10220089) on 22-Jan-2008
I've lost contact with my wonderful host family, Hilary and Brian Lewis in Shoreham. Anyone know them and know how I can contact them, please...   
Born 12th May 1956 Brian James Bain adopted by Patty Cosby (Member 10093938) on 29-Sep-2007
Searching for my brother whose name before adoption was Brian James Bain dob 12th May 1956 born Doncaster Street Maryhill Glasgow. Mother Mary Mcleod Barclay (maiden name)Bain dob 18th August 1931 any information would be grateful.   
House to Rent by Jill Herson (Member 10200254) on 24-Aug-2007
Available again from September 2007!

If you're looking for a nice modern 3-bedroom house to rent in the centre of Shoreham-by-Sea, why not take a look at
Kings Manor 1959 - 1964 - Re-unions? by Corinna Turner (Member 10209787) on 23-Jun-2007
Hi there I tried the reunion site but it does not seem to be working. Anyone know if there is a re-union this year at all?   
old friends by derek harrild (Member 10201268) on 3-Jun-2007 looking for some old friends who i lost contact with years ago be grateful for any help they are Jannette and julia brazier and david brooks. thanks alot you nice people.   
House for Rent by Jill Herson (Member 10200254) on 3-Jan-2007
If you're looking for a nice modern 3-bedroom house to rent in the centre of Shoreham-by-Sea, why not take a look at
  • Re: House for Rent by lisa (Member 10201060) on 15-Jan-2007
    can you please forward me some information on house for rent ( eg: price availability. )

Bernard Reed by John Evans (Member 10140527) on 11-Dec-2006
I am looking for any connection with Bernard Reed born about 1896 and married in 1916 to Bertha Isabel Fielder.they lived in West Street Portsmouth.I believe his father's name was James William Reed.   
  • Re: Bernard Reed by Tracey Reed (Member 10207524) on 2-May-2007
    Hello John Evans
    I am replying to your Post Re Bernard Reed of Porstmouth.
    I am not sure that we are talking about the same Bernard REED.
    I am tracing our family tree and we have a Bernard REED . He was born in Shoreham about 1891 to James Reed & his wife Elizabeth A B Merrix. My father in law told me
    "He Lived Portsmouth, had 2 sons. Married a Daisy. Served Navy 1st WW Stoker on HMS Revenge... more >>

Paradyne Computer Systems by Mandy Croft (Member 10021839) on 4-Nov-2006
Wide range of blank media including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R DVD-RW, Printable CD / DVD from TDK, Sony, Ritek, Infiniti, Philips, Maxell. DVD Writers.
Also printer labels, ink and inkjet photo paper.
Anyone out there by Alan (Member 10167061) on 20-Oct-2005
60 + in Shoreham By Sea   
  • Re: Anyone out there by peter weaver (Member 10034945) on 4-Jan-2006
    Evidently not.
    Try again in 2007

  • Re: Anyone out there by James Watson (Member 10187021) on 22-Aug-2006
    ....or again in 2017

Hello by Nikki (Member 10147235) on 2-Mar-2005
just looking on this site...shoreham is yeah oring but will be good once the rope tackle is up and running...but im moving up to Slough ( check that one out) yeah ive had it with the south a real sussex girl.. need a change
take care to you all
  • Re: Hello by Moscowman (Member 10174755) on 19-Jan-2006
    Dont Moan about this Town its not that bad, But if you do want to move on and Sell, Rent, or Buy
    Properties anywhere in UK or Europe This is easy to use site, whats more you can register and search for House, Flat, Caravans,Holiday homes All on A FREE OFFER, So go take a look
    Because once there is Lots and lots of Content and adverts go into the national press, Then You ... more >>

A Grandfather's Plea From the Past by Brenda MacCulloch (Member 10035523) on 24-Nov-2004
A Grandfather's Plea From the Past

I am not sure who you may be or where you might be living, I can only assume that if you are reading this you have some interest in family history and thats good because of the pickle that my ggggrandaughters Pam and Brenda, have found themselves in when trying to find out where I came from, who my parents were and if I had any brothers and sisters. The same ... more >>
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