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Record Shops
  • Left for Dead, flying the flag for the good stuff.
  • LEFT FOR DEAD, indie record shop on the cop. The best. All about integrity
  • LEFT FOR DEAD, indie record shop on the cop. The best. All about integrity
  • no good record shop in town - try swordfish records in birmingham or Cob Records in Portmadoc for your vinyl needs
  • hmv by animal new look
  • Recycled Records, St Mary's PLace, vinyl and rare stuff.
  • There's a Virgin, an HMV, another large one of which I've forgotten the name.
  • I went to the vinyl circuit but there's not alot there, and he told me that Bottom Dollar Beats had closed, this was a BLATANT LIE because i had just been there earlier that day. i won't be going back. I'm sticking to Bottom Dollar Beats, the choice is better too.
  • there is a new record shop in shrewsbury called the vinyl circuit it is based next to the train station.It has a nice record shop feel to it, live dj instore with new dance vinyl covering the whole board there will be monthly competitions for new up and coming talent, also there will be tuition courses available just ask instore, so come check us out!
  • BOTTOM DOLLAR BEATS is the new name for OUT THERE MUSIC They have just changed Name Jan06. Its in the Market hall(you'd be mad to run an independant record store on the very expensive streets of shrewsbury!!) , but is a wicked store Stocking Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Hard Trance, Breaks, Hip Hop, hard House, Scratch & DJ Tools and more all at good prices -the cheapest around. Tel no is 01743 249814. oh yeah they are exclusive stockists on a lot of stuff so always go there first!
  • OUT THERE MUSIC in the Market hall, 01743 249814, is the only dance record shop in Shrewsbury, they are very good and friendly too!, they sell a good range of genres also tickets to national and local events. Flip has closed down, it seems that there is less of a market these days for dance music, probably to do with downloads. I think it is very important to buy your vinyl from small independants like this one, as this is where the scene began(In Independant record shops)
  • cobweb shut i was sad
  • Cobweb records
  • i would say virgin, but then id be shot for being a common loser, so it has to be cobwebs near the castle
  • nope - we used to have an excellent music shop but it went a few years ago, now just virgin etc
  • Shrewsbury is pretty dire for music, although there is a decent second hand place round the corner from The Yorkshire House. Bring back Rainbow, I say, a classic old school independent that shut because Shrewsbury didn't want copies of Loveless on vinyl
  • Games Movies Music All Under One Roof Buy Online With FREE Delivery, Frankwell, Shrewsbury, ps2, xbox, dvd, cd, mindisc,vhs 127 Frankwell, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY38JU Tel: 01743344666 - Fax: 01743344888 Web:
  • Cobweb Records has closed. I usually try MVC or Virgin. Creative Audio on Dogpole is the top place for hifi and home cinema stuff; it's not cheap (good gear never is) but the guys really know their stuff and you can pick up lightly used ex-demo and secondhand bargains.
  • virgin mvc hmv
  • Cobwebs (kinda opposite deep pan pizza down that dodgy backstreet!) NR the parade. Perfect little 2nd hand record shop.Nice.
  • Virgin, MVC, HMV and probably Cobweb.
  • hmvguy
  • MVC and Virgin are the two obvious ones. Some of us probably still pine after the memory of Charlie's, Rainbow Records and Durrants but they are now distant memories, forced out of business by megacorp capitalist running dogs. Shame really, they were good shops with staff who actually knew about music
  • Dude! Virgin and HMV both have a good selection but if youre looking for cheap second hand cds,try Cobweb-near the parade shopping center
  • flip cothing (upstairs)
  • "Flip records" off the ass of Pride hill does some over-priced and out of date hip-hop vinyl. Don't stay too long thou as the staff look like they listen to garage.
  • Flip Records,specialising in dance music from hip hop and drum and bass to trance, techno, progressive, breakbeat etc.
  • Cobweb records is a second hand record store filled with cheap Cd's and videos, its down the alley opposite woolies. Flip records is the only vinyl shop in Shrewsbury, but a pretty good collection for any budding DJ/
  • The Parade is full of plenty, try Cornucopia its full of stuff!
  • Virgin megastore on pride hill is very easy to shoplift from so ive been told.
  • Virgin and MVC are probably the best music shops in Shrewsbury.
  • Virgin Megastore, that's the main one.
  • just virgin - think cobweb's closed now
  • Theres Virgin on the high street and MVC which is on Mardol Street. There both good and sell more than just music. MVC Offers discount prices.
  • M.V.C become a member and u get discounts
  • Cobweb Records is a bit alternative,
  • Rainbow Records (I think its still there).
  • Virgin Megastore mvc the pub

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