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Sports Clubs and Facilities
  • swipe it from me scool ye
  • Da muggas afta skool matey!
  • shitt ridden skool fields
  • The Sanchin-ryu Okinawan Karate taught at Digmoor and Birch Green Community Centres is top class for self defence. That is all they do, not sport tournaments.
  • i did the archery and liked it
  • digmoor sports centre. loada shite
  • all shite
  • Ur jokin rn't ye?!
  • the skem football league for the kids is ok the adults is more like a ufc ring and its full of kirkby cockheads
  • losts of sports events seem to be going on around skelmersdale,none league footy is popular and dance classes at every community hall.
  • The sports centre at skelmersdale has reasonable 5-A-Side football facilities..........
  • Taekwando-Ashurst Centre, Kuk-sool-won-Birch Green Community centre, swimming-Nye Bevan, Karate-Digmoor, Trampolineing-Skem sports centre, Skem FC, skem sports centre does loads of stuff-gymnastics, badminton, tennis...........
  • the sportsy
  • there is actually quite a lot of sports run things in skem.
  • Everyone who was hard in Skem was always a Black Belt in Tyquando!!!!
  • If its not at skem college then they haven't got it!!!
  • i recommend the archery
  • archery?! why not eh!
  • The sports centre known as the sportsie in diggy, down the road from the fire station
  • The archery club in skem. they have two world record holders!!
  • there's the dybevon and there are dance classes every were
  • The mighty Tanner FC, plus plenty of other good Sunday league teams in Skem.Good standard of player, bar Mark Norris. Oh and Skem Utd are quite good, unlike there waterlogged pitch.
  • the parade, try and get the old lady wiv ur football is one of the scallies favourite games
  • Bowmen of Skelmersdale REcord breaking club based in the town
  • There's a football team and all the normal stuff..swimming pool but all people do is piss in it.
  • PPl play footiue almost newere eya, but no1 play rugby matie, its skem not wigan.try d sporties or Glennie :D
  • sportsy up in digi
  • Skem United f.c. Shite
  • Visit Skelmersdale United have finally launched their site on the world-wide web. please pay a visit.
  • We have a local football team(skem).They are a bad team after all.As for sport try digmoor/west bank college and spare land.
  • Football down stannonough road when all the cars are parked up on a 60 mph road, handy good thinkers...
  • go to the asda overflow and join a game

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