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Hookup Spots
  • Most of the bad comments sound as if they are from people on Skiptons STAND list
  • Most of the bad comments sound as if they are from people on Skiptons STAND list
  • Most of the bad comments sound as if they are from people on Skiptons STAND list
  • Seems every biker in the north meets up here, and often Mini rallies too
  • the townhall car park where all the boyracers go speeding through doing all there handbreak turns while all the little slappers sat on the dustbins whistle and try to get a ride.
  • watch out for all the rock ard townies who think there brickshit because theres about 20 of em all with joints while they smoke themselves to death and pretned to be wrecked out of there heads. the lads fight in a group of 10 and all the lasses walk round like there from keighley with 10 gold soverigns 10 chains hair like a pineapple on the top of there heads an a pair of rockports! COMMON SLAPPERS!
  • The ginnel! A dozen cold wet teenagers squashed under the slide passing round a bent 'funny fag' while 3 others braving the weather (and abundant dog poo) playing footy.
  • The church yard was, and still is, a favourite place to hook up - especially on hot summer days! failing that there are the steps opposite WH Smiths - And then on Friday/Saturday nights all you teenyboppers can hang out at the bus station with your cider -
  • the town hall car park is an ideal hang around spot plenty or room to chill and cruise respect is due to boy racers ... ritchie
  • The church yard at the top of the highstrre
  • We always used to meet in the Cock 'n Bottle when it was a real REAL ALE place, now I think the better beer can be found at The Narrow Boat, Lock Stock & Barrel and as always the Royal Shepherd.
  • And the award goes to...... the bench at the bottom of the bus station, across from sunwin travel,(just behind the phone box that always smells of wee),no surprise really 'cos its more or less opposite the After Death, sorry Bliss nightclub,and is nightly used and abused by *issed up clubbers trying to get a taxi home and relieving their bladders whilst waiting.
  • that bench on the corner of the bus station, you know the one next to the phone boxes. i know for a fact that that is a spot for all the sad local greatwood estate kids to buy drugs. not that they have anything better to do!
  • If it's still there - the burger van at the bottom of the high street. Commonly referred to as the 'Dog Van'. This could be down to the dubious nature of the food or, more likely, down to the dubious nature of the birds you picked up there. This van gave rise to the local phrase 'ten-to-two er'. As the night rolled on the better looking girls (of the type now hanging out around Superdrug) were taken. Only the truly pissed/ugly/desperate were still there at ten-to-two when Skipton dies for the night. This gave a ready indication of the 'grade' of pickup for tonight, ranging from 9o'clock to ten-to-two. Sometimes (always really) I'm glad I moved to London.
  • The steps leading to the Town council hall is a well known spot for older teenagers "chillin' " and whilsting at any boy or shouting at any old farts!!!
  • Ha ha yes the electrical box outside Superdrug (usually 13 yr old tarts there) and the seats in the Churchyard at the top of town. Town Hall steps are a fave for the above 13 yr old tarts. Bus Station (overspill for Bliss nightclub)
  • OK here we go: Benches outside townhall - spot the drivers of shite cars heading for the townhall carpark to sit around doing nothing Benches outside library - see above Benches in Church yard at top of High Street - see above Electrical Box outside Superdrugs at the bottom of the High Street - as above but get to see the drivers heading up the high street at well Outside any "backstreet" offlicence on a Friday and Saturday night trying to decide which 14 year old might get some diamond white or castaway
  • After Dark - Full of sad locals who mend rooves for a living
  • The bench at the entrance to the Bus Station, or the Snooker Hall.

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