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Cheap Food
  • Busy lizzies chippy is great, The quality is great, and this is obviously proven by the awards of which it has won. Despite negative comments of which it has received on this site, within such a small villiage it is the only place which doesnt appear tatty..and for the classier diners amongst you if you fancy northern fish and chips, and have not heard of harry ramsdens then give it a go, you can enjoy your food whilst sitting next to the canal... personally i wouldnt go to skipton anyway. try Leeds, much more upmarket!!!!
  • Nosh Brasserie & Bar at Devonshire Place does fantastic food!!! At last, something to break the provincial stereotype of Skipton's tea-rooms.
  • I can't believe people aren't raving about Phillips pies on Sackville street. They do the best meat & Potatoe and Steak pies, served with peas and gravey. They are better than any pie you will ever taste
  • Newmarket st fish'N'chip shop is the best chipy in the skipton. And you can get a small fish'n'chips for ONLY £1.80 (GRAET DEAL).
  • Waterside restaurant - excellant
  • - Website for No1 Cavendish Street Restaurant in Skipton.
  • Bizzy Lezzies are very food, as are Eastwoods, and the one on Newmarket street. I don't see what all of the fuss is slagging off these places, we are lucky to have such a variety. Having lived in Silsden I can appreciate this!!! (01/05/2003)
  • The butties in Spoilt for Choice on Sackville street are the best but I would say that I work there.
  • bizzie lizzies is unbeleiveably crap... i cant understand how fish and chips which smell so good from outside the shop, can taste so naff, there usually undercooked. overpriced with a portion big enough to feed your average pigeon... they seem to have a high turnover of staff, usually people who seem to have about as much experience at fish frying as the queen
  • burger king is fine. Don't go to the cafe at the swimming pool.
  • eastwoods fish and chips are far better than bizzy lizzies and there cheaper(check it out its not far)
  • busy lizzies, skipton. claimed to be one of the best fish and chip shops in the uk...who are they trying to kid??
  • Fryers on Gargrave road Beats Bizzie Lizzies hands down !!
  • dolphin (Effies)is now Bodrum, apparently named after the trouble you have after eating in Tukey at the famous resort of Bodrum and and contracting the well known "Bodrum bum", or the shit's to you.
  • Chico's Pizza - good for delivery - but u have to pay taxi fare
  • Le Caveau on the high street offers French cuisine while No1 serves traditional english food. Also Napiers, the Aagraa, Bizzie Lizzie's, and several indian / chinese takeaways.
  • PIE SHOPS - I have travelled the country and have yet to find a pie as good as the Pork Pies from Stanforth's. My freezer too is crammed full of these gorgeous pies. Ellison's Butchers of nearby Gargrave do an equally good pork pie aswell (for a Pie Eater's reference, so do Oddies of Nelson and Wright's of Stoke-on-Trent). FISH n CHIPS - Haven't sampled F&CH from Skipton for a while, but wouldn't recommend Bizzie Lizzies- a few of my school friends often found fish worms in the fish. Think the one on Water Street was a better choice. TAKEAWAY - got to be a Four Cheeses with Ham and extra Parmesan pizza from Chico's next to the Plaza Cinema. Far better than the rest of the takeaways put together.
  • Only the one serious contender here, 'No 1'Cavendish Street, a family run place - Bill, Ali, Debbie and Heather serving absolutely superb home cooked food. A Reasonably priced All Inclusive menu in a town that is gonna charge you a £iver for a prawn cocktail!. Not a place to eat and run,(you can't 'cos you are stuffed) this is an all nighter. If you want to impress Mum, Dad or your Girlfriend this is the ONLY place to go, end of story.
  • Ceasers and thats about it, you're likely to get food poisoning from anywhere else.
  • Bizzie Lizzies is THE BEST CHIPPIE EVER !! I know because I live in Devon and I havent tasted anything like decent fish OR chips since I left Skipton. The only crap place is the one opposite from St Andrews. Westmorland Street is highly praised, most people I know go there (but bloody hell its small and the fish in the tank put me off a bit...)
  • That bakery just across the river down the road from the church. Sorry to be so vague, but you'll recognise it when you see a queue of twenty people lined up for their sandwiches and cakes!
  • Bizzie Lizzie Chips Co-op deli for sandwich
  • There is only one decent Fish 'N' Chip shop in Skipton (and I'm surprised that none of you supposed Skiptonians have mentioned it) and it is situated on the corner of Westmorland Street. You have to queue for ages because it's so popular but it's worth the wait. Bizzie Lizzie's & the one in the Town Hall car park PLEASE!! I wouldn't even feed them to the ducks! A Rasta man in Birmingham once told me that Skipton had the best fish 'N' chips and he'd been to the one on Westmorland Street. So it's famous nationwide. And what about Phillipe's bakery on Sackville street, they make the best tea cakes ever (which they sell in the Westmorland fish 'N' chip shop) and the bloody superb steak pies, which I crave for whilst at Uni. I don't know how they pack so much steak in them, it's definately value for money.
  • Somebody out there must want to eat something a bit more upmarket than pizzas, burgers, fish & chips and curries. If so, why not try a)Le Caveau - former town dungeon, on High St., b)Napier's - 2 mins. from church at top of High St.
  • Avoid Efe's (enigmatically renamed Dolphin's) like the plague. The two are unavoidably intertwined. Chico's serve gorgeous, substantial and cheap pizzas. The Aagrah (opposite Bus Station in Devonshire Place) is extremely well run and is very hard to fault. Everywhere else is overrated, overpriced and not worth leaving the house for. There are no decent chip shops in Skipton, not even Bizzies who make Fish and chips that not even a pigeon would peck at.
  • Fairly nimble curry house somewhere round the back of the Building Society. They serve you a proper hot curry so hot that it has flames on the top of it literally, it looks so cool when you order that.
  • REHMAN's burger bar, BRODY's, the GULSHAN take-away for excellent kebabs on Sackville Street, just further up from the Plaza, and of course BIZZIE LIZZIE's.
  • Fish and Chips/Pizzas, Bizzy Lizzies are pretty good but I prefer the chips from the one in the big car park!
  • As for Pizzas I can't remember the name of the place, which is going to drive me mad until I think - remembered it - Chicos! Good quality at a price that's right - or at least it was!
  • Also Stanforth's, the internationally renowned pork pie shop and butchers!
  • Try the Wright Wine shop for a good range of plonk and lots of info.
  • Avoid Chicos. There's some wicked little Indian take outs knocking around. One on the main trail, the other to the back of the town. Oh and there's a nice one near Goulshen Street.
  • The fish and chip shop in the main car park is easily the best, apart from needing redacorating. I would advise you not to go to Bizzie Lizzie's if you are impatient and don't likle waiting for your ffod!!
  • Lawsons have two stalls in the market, selling Wensleydale, and other, cheeses - and fruit cake baked in large slabs. The Saturday cafe in the Parish Church has excellent food, reasonably priced.
  • A handy stanford's related tip, bite a whole into your pie then drink the gravey (or pour it away but that shows you're a tourist), stops it getting onto your clothes when you eat it.

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