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Cringing Cult of Celebrity
  • Brian Johnson
  • I don't know if this counts but in the early 60's the Animals played one of their 1st gigs at the Bailie's Jazz Cellar Club which was situated in the basement rooms of Mrs Smiths dancing academy near the townhall
  • Wavis O'Shave creator of such obscure classics as "Anna Ford's bum" & "Texican raveloni". O'Shave frequented the Channel 4 youth culture programme "The Tube" in the early 80's with a series of 5 minute comedy slots as "the Hard", "Mr. Ordinary Powder" & "Foffo Spearjig". Also experimental musician Barry Lamb was born in South Shields
  • the most famous south shields resident is catherine cookson and not because of the cookson festival. the museum on king street usually has a tribute of her life on show.
  • Ummm Catherine Cookson of course. Lewis Carroll used to stay in Whitburn up the Coast Road.# any others? There is talk that Cleadon House was visited by Charles Dickens and that he was told the story of the previous tenenat who was stoood up at the latar...he let the house go to rack and ruin....this was then the inspiration for Miss Havisham and indeed Satis House. Pick up the info Cds at the library..they're great. Souter Lighthouse was first in world to use electricity...
  • WAVIS O'SHAVE , star of channel 4's THE TUBE in his Geordie guise as THE HARD, and recording artist of the hit 'ANNA FORD'S BUM'. Often in national press & music papers during 1979-86. Lived in town from 1956-1998. Is official Patron Saint of THE VIZ COMIC, which he helped start in 1980.
  • How could you miss out WAVIS O'SHAVE - he's in the Wikipedai list of Famous Geordies. Born in South Shields in 1956 until leaving in 1998, comedian and musician,famous for his portrayal of THE HARD and many other surreal figures on Channel 4's THE TUBE 1982-87 and he had the classic 1980 hit album 'Anna Ford's Bum' - is the Patron Saint of VIZ Comic, and recently (2004 had an underground dance hit with 'Katie Derham's Bum'. A legend at Tyne Tees Tv having appearesd on numerous slots 1979-86. Also, mime artist Lindsay Kemp was born in South Shields, too.
  • David W Scott, author and until a few years ago resident of Shields, pupil at Brinky, wrote good account of growing up and nightlife life in South Shields here the book cover has a pic of Marsden Rock on it
  • Loz the Proz, of Taxi toilet fame. Phhhweeeeeeeewwwww.
  • Bob Hedley, comedian & scriptwriter.
  • Turner!!!! whach it
  • Cathrine cookson !!!!! wow
  • Brian Halcrow: South Shields only professional pool player. World semi-finalist, ranked in the top 10 uk.
  • Ridley Scott. I used to play with him as a youngster about 7yrs of age, he lived in Harton House Rd. Harton, just down from St. Peter's church/
  • catherine cookson, ridley scott
  • Catherine Cookson is about as exciting as Shields gets
  • Catherine cookson, not much 2 brag about
  • i think ridley scott was from shields. not sure if it north or south tho.
  • Frank Williams is from Jarrow NOT South Shields he then moved up to Dumfries at about the age of 10
  • Absolute drivel. Only a drivelling idiot would believe Stan laurel is from this neck of the woods. The famous man hails from the fine Cumbrian Market town of Ulverston 9where there is a a Laurel and Hardy "museum" adjacent to a chippie.
  • Fat and lazy Mac at the Grey Horse, East Boldon.
  • Eric Idle was indeed born in South Shields (at Harton Hospital) though he was whisked away within a couple of years; Michael Palin was born in Sheffield and, so far as I know, has no connection with South Shields
  • er, Catherine Cookson. And Jack Brymer, the clarinet player. And the Angelic Upstarts. John Miles, if you count Jarrow as part of Shields. That's aboot it.
  • Ridley Scott
  • that consultant off Holby City, Anton Meyer. He's from South Shields. I think he used to stack shelves in a supermarket before he went into acting (sure about the bloke; not so sure about the shelf stacking!!!)
  • Jack Brymer the classical clarinettist was born in Shields in 1915. Among his many claims to fame he played the clarinet on the Beatles track A day in the life. Another musician from South Shields is Kathy Stobbart the jazz saxophone player - now living in Devon and still gigging around in her 70's.
  • catherine cookson (rip)lived here and apparently used south shields as a basis of most of her stories
  • The woman who pushes the sweet trolley in 'Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone' lives at the end of my block!
  • Ridley Scott, director of recent Hollywood blockbuster 'Gladiator'
  • That misearble Formula One boss Frank Williams is South Shields.
  • Monty Python star Michael Palin is from Shields and not Eric Idle.
  • Let's not forget South Tyneside's favourite...TOMMY THE TRUMPETER! A middle-aged man who likes to dress up in full military uniform and entertain kids. We all love him.
  • Mohammed Ali married in the United States. His wedding was blessed at the mosque in South Shields in 1977.........You stupid inaccurate South Shields moron.
  • Muhamed Ali married at our town hall
  • The bit about Stan Laurel is wrong -- he's from North Shields (and there's a statue there to prove it).
  • Shouldn't somebody tell the people of South Shields that they can leave if they want!?
  • Dame Flora McKenzie Robson, Actress -appeared in films from 1931- her last appearance was in the Clash of the Titans as a Stygian Witch. She was born in South Shields on the 28 March 1902 and died at Brighton in 1984. Also Hal Walters born in South Shields on 29 January 1892 and appeared in silent movies from 1925.
  • Catherine Cookson
  • John Simpson Kirkpatrick became famous during the first World War at Gallipoli as the "man and the donkey". Saved approx 300 lives. Born in South Shields on July 6, 1892, Died at Gallipoli on 19 May 1915.
  • Um, unless there's another South Shields, are you forgetting Eric Idle? THE funniest and sexiest python and MAN in the world.
  • Catherine Cookson is very much revered there are no crappy bus tours relating to her. On entering the town signs tell you that this is Catherine Cookson country and in the south shields library there is an extensive display of what life was like in her young day's.
  • Feel I have to add that Danny McCormack and Ginger of the Wildhearts and there own break away bands (the YoYo's and Clam Abuse/Supershit 666) are from shields And Chris McCormack, Dann'ys brother and 3 Colours Red guitarist And don't forget Paul Anderson, director of Mortal Kombat, Shopping and Event Horizon Oh, and the Animals... And Bill Travis
  • one member of popular group stuntdog comes from south shields
  • Ridley Scott, director of Aliens, Themla and Louise, Someone to Watch Over Me
  • Catherine Cookson, immortalised in a crappy bus tour round the town; a PLO terrorist called Davidson; the man in charge of the Williams racing team; numerous footballers including the magnificent Craig Russell of Sunderland.
  • Apparently Stan Laurel was born nearby, but I could be hopelessly wrong.

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