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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • It's all about the Glitterball!
  • the whole of king street is filled with pubs and clubs to appeal to all tastes in music. then further afield there are a selection of good pubs along the coast road ideal for those sunny days by the beach.
  • Gotta be Glitterball for a laugh for the right reason and Gutterball (The Waterfront) for a laugh for the wrong reason!
  • Dusk is fantastic and really busy every night, the music is cracking dance and R&B upstairs and Cheesy pop downstairs, gota be there!!!!!
  • I can't believe people are saying that eivissa isnt decent. its amazing, i mean if it's so bad then why do michael charles (galaxy, streetboy (galaxy) and wayne (metro radio) go there regularly? Anyway its under new management and is doing really really well. I love it and they are having a glo party sat 15th october, should be mint.
  • i cant even believe that people think the clubs that are in shields (ALL 3 OF THEM!!) are any where near as good saying these people have obviously never ventured out of this shithole. people only go to shields because they think that the toon is expensive but its not the case!!!
  • in ocean road
  • i think ur all mad i am 20 yrs old and i enjoy south shields a lot and every single 1 of u ppl saying this shit probably drink there anyway IF ANY1 IS LOOKING FOR A GOOD NIGHT SOUTH SHIELDS IS WELL GOOD THESE PPL DONT KNOW WHAT THERE TALKING ABOUT.
  • Glo - South Shields, Club Nights every last friday of the month. Starting 17th december 2004 and new years eve - exellent
  • Only place really is Escape, if you dont mind the same people every week
  • vogue n roxannes r the place 2 b like! cayote wild is shite!
  • lol none in south shields u might aswell go to newcastle
  • shite. all of em. escape tends to get a hell of alot of underage ppl. vogue an roxannes play crap music and coyote wilde jesus. the question is not where are the clubs in shields but why are u in shields when sunderland or newcastle are mere bus rides away.
  • The Mid-Boldon Club is the current CAMRA regional club of the year. A gentlemen's club which celebrated 90 years of sexism with a Ladies night!
  • Rose and Crown
  • Ive heard there are some. I was sick in one when i was younger. It was like being i a pub. There was a Gambler in the corner. They sold Beer. If you are reading this considering a night out in Shields then you are already beyond discouragement. I dont care what you do.
  • none that are in South Shields
  • Feb 2002. Ocean is now VOGUE and is linked to ROXANNES, so 2 clubs for the price of 1. Plays 80's music upstairs, chart downstairs. Escape is full of charvas and the other clubs are havens for old pervs gunning for tarty schoolgirls.
  • what was ocean , just changed its name to ??? is good if they use the right dj .
  • I dont club in Shields either bacause none of them play my style of music.
  • Roxannes is a sh*thole and full of freaks. Avoid it for Gods Sake!
  • ***Eivissa is not a club ***South Shields is crap for clubbing but pub life is funky, a decent circuit exists within the town.
  • there is a new bar opened down town oppersite the town hall called breeze it is really good and everyone goes there after the clubs have shut its great
  • all clubs are shite. They are full of under age shits who have no manners. Go out in Toon instead dont waste your money.
  • Anybody remember the Cellar Club (aka Chelsea Cat). Had some fun times there. Also the Latino - Desmond Dekker, Canned Heat - to name just a few acts.
  • EIVISSA our only decent club
  • There are a few clubs here but Newcastle is only a twenty minute tube ride away - need i say more.
  • OZ is now closed, DeNiros is a hole, escape is decent, but the place to go is ROXANNES, where they have an excellent deal on a thursday night opening both ocean and roxannes as one night club, thats right one price to goto both clubs, music from 70's onwards in roxannes and popular dance music in ocean and what makes it even better is no matter what night u go, if u are a squaddie u get in for free
  • Escape or Ocean
  • The "Yella Wellie". Get in here on a Saturday night and you realise your over the hill and lonely(:-))
  • Oz.
  • Cleadon and district social club
  • De-Niros has a wicked 70's night on Thursday. Oz Nightclub, Victors, Roxannes and the beand new club called Ocean. NOt bas for a small town centre
  • De Neiros is the ONLY place to be on a Saturday night supposedly. The last time I was there it was a grotty little sweatshop that held about 20 people including the bar staff, bouncers, (crap)DJ etc.
  • Oz. has now shut but we do have the new Ocean club, which is apparantly 7.50 to get into. and Victors is moving to a new site soon and may get rid of the druggies in the move.
  • OZ is now closed and is converting into a healthclub. DeNiro's (under the Multistorey Car park is the BiZ

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