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  • chinnerys
  • the bench 100%
  • The Ship.
  • Chinnerys.
  • Club Riga -
  • chinnerys is always good for local bands and bigger bands but i prefer places like saks where a host of djs play all sorts of top tunes
  • Chinneries, The Mill, The Ship.
  • I used to go to Chinnerys but it has got crap recently. There is the mill in Rayleigh which is alrite at times, they've had some really decent stuff, but it's just full of kids. I feel so old and I'm only 17! Are there any other decent places if you're 17?
  • CLUB RIGA! =) The infamous TooREX play there every year and so do Split Decision and they get a packed room and great audience!
  • Club Riga, for Blues Rock and no handed stage diving.
  • in benfleet down the road there legacy xs skate park and bands play there regularry
  • chinnerys (obveously) The Cliff...yeah its a gay pub but hey! gay ppl kno how 2 enjoy themselves!!
  • The Minerva, The Chinnerys, The Alex, Saks (downstairs), The Sunrooms and Club Riga all have bands playing every so often. Best local bands include The BiG, The Rejects, Blood Drenched Fist, Operation Nailbomb, Cisco In The Aquarium, Fire Apple Red and The Filaments (most of which have websites)
  • hmmmm, club Riga and chinnery's always have a few good bands playing, although I habvtn been to either forquite a while so its all news to me!
  • Woodgrange up the road from the kurssal aint bad, not many places to sit though. Riga has a kool atmosphere but not my kinda music.
  • chinneries great bands. it is a bit small but great times
  • chinnerys is da best 4 rockin out
  • The Lounge, nuff said
  • cliffs pavilion,club riga
  • Riga Music Bar in Westcliff. Used to be really good but now is a bit crap. Puts on lots of tribute bands. Grand Hotel in Leigh - private hire for bands Chinnerys on southend seafront. Never been. Upstairs at the Ship in Leigh - jazz, blues Reds in leigh - bistro/bar with music, usually 1/2 piece
  • Chinnery's down the Sea Front has some good gigs.
  • the best place is in chinneries. saw lost prophets there and bad manners have been there. and many many others. very good very small very cheap. the kursal on thursdays does local bands too, look out for local favs SIZE. oh and the sun rooms has bands, also well small, upstairs and down.
  • Upstairs at the Grand in Leigh. They have great bands and the atmosphere is brilliant. Not recommended if you want to chat or dislike the smell of 200 sweaty people!
  • Chineries
  • Riga Music Bar , Westcliff
  • Minerva, Chinnerys...both on the seafront, have kareoke in the former and live bands at the decide!
  • The Alex, The chinneries
  • Riga music bar on Milton Road. some original stuff but mainly a tribute band haunt. You get charged an extra 1 if you annoy the bar staff by not ordering everything at once.
  • The Grand, Jah Shakka etc late 80's wicked!
  • THE ALEX plays bands now n then on a Sunday, otherwise just go there for the Metal!
  • Chinnerys go see SiZE there on april 20th!!!!
  • Hah! We lost the Esplanade to the Family Pub crowd. Chinnery's, along the seafront is probably the only place in town you'll find 'alternative' music. Club Riga's alright if you're over 45 and enjoy Jimi Hendrix cover bands. Like The Receeders. Who are crap.
  • chinnerys is good when u look so young that there is no where else to go. dawn is better but is now under attack by the ever growing population of the rude boys and girls no names mentioned( liz Grover and Sean Palmer and Danni cool Buckle-from the king john school)-only joking guys
  • Chinnerys
  • Chinneries, and why not. Host of Battle of the band heats a bit of fun really. Saw Dirty Harry, Symposium and King Adora...not really very good bands...but with an alternative scene as threadbare as ours beggars can't be choosers!
  • u mean theres places that theres live music in southend thats any good?
  • Riga Music Bar - IT IS THE BEST VENUE - plenty of top rock/soul and tribute bands (someone told me it was a blues club???? NOT TRUE). Thursdays great local bands Friday some of the best bands I've seen. Check their website
  • chinneries. size, stoopi, raiden, gutworm. bunch of self masturbating arse
  • Chinerys for deff see the likes of size my mates heavy band and signed bands like age of ruins and kaowin!
  • chinnerys SUCKS nowhere decent here
  • Nah there all pants. If any club riga.
  • Chinnerys and the Kursaal are good places for music...depends what your looking for???
  • Chinnerys (Thursday night) and the Kursaal every other Wednesday, are the best places to go if you want to listen to 'real' music
  • I'm a member of a band playing at the Kursaal on the 9th May, come along and support us, its going to be a wicked night!!!!!!!!
  • F.B PROMOTIONS PRESENTS: BREATHE, a new live music night at the Kursaal in Southend - evening starts at 8.00 pm, every other Wedensday starting 9th May, 5.00 on door (advance discount group bookings available, if you contact rob at his e-mail address:, three local indie bands play on the night, disco after untill 1.00 am - including drinks promotions.
  • Preview Musci Club - Live music every Friday night. Turn up , book in and play 8/30 - 11.00 pm Club has been running for 15 years. Spread Eagle Pub - Victoria Avenue, Southend on Sea. Local Guest Artists. Full P.A
  • chinnarys sucks but thats the best place
  • The Alex and Chinnery's has grunge stuff, the Kersaal has a R'n'B and hip-hop night.
  • The Cliffs Pavilion for discerning clientele
  • Well, I would have said the esplanade if it hadn't been turned into yet another family pub. So, again, it's got to be the brush
  • The Grand Hotel in Leigh, Club Riga behind the cricketers pub or for the best music under the Railway bridge about 2am on a Friday or Saturday! :)
  • The Railway in Clifftown Road has an excellent DJ on Friday nights.
  • only one word, Chinnerys!
  • Club Riga The Cricketers, London Road Live lusic held 2 to 3 times a week. Small, homely and gives new bands a chance to play. Sound system OK and run by dedicated music lovers. Worth supporting
  • The Grand Hotel, Leigh Broadway (upstairs). Small but homely. One of the original venues for The Hamsters when they were starting out. Great place for trying out local bands. Gigs only Friday & saturday nights (not all the time).
  • Chinnery's/The Esplanade/Minerva (where just about anyone can get a gig - think Ill apply there myself!)...
  • Chinnerys on the sea front, The pub next to the kursal
  • The Esplanade has been closed down and re-opened as a theme-pub of some description. Live bands no longer play there. Saw half of Squeeze a while ago, but it looks too clean now to entertain the likes of us who like our music live.
  • the minerva's ok now that it's been refurbished check out any of the following bands there:- nuclear anarchy plc yanan chinese burn unite and loads of others that i cant remember
  • Club Riga. Where I first saw the amazing canvey island based band "smile"
  • The Sunrooms are the coolest, if all you want to do is sit and chat with a cold beer in your hand for a couple of hours, and maybe roll a couple then this is the place. Even if you're on your own , you can talk to the Barstaff. Peter is the best of the lot, but beware, they may not be there for much longer! The sales signs are out. Though I have been told that if they lose that site, they will be moving to another location, so all is not lost.
  • The Esplanade (on the seafront!) has now been redeveloped as a "Harvester" family restaurant, So I doubt there'll be any music thers (MUZAC perhaps!)
  • Whilst the Esplanade is being revamped, bands can be seen at the Fish&Firkin, Yates's wine bar, the Sunrooms, the Chinnerys and (rarely) at Club Art
  • The local band scene is preeetty cool. Go out of Southend to Rayleigh for the Pink Toothbrush (four Miles away). It plays indie/hardcore/hip-hop - always busy, especially during the Uni holidays.
  • Club Riga (the Cricketers pub) is the only music venue in the county to visit. Live music every night, and a "Tooled Up" night where you turn up with your guitar and play!!!!
  • The Function Suite (next to The Minerva) has a load of bands, like Hot Buddha & The Furious Schmoo (who are the NUTS!!!), and is a damned site better than Club Riga.
  • The Esplanade on Southend seafront attracts some surpisingly good acts - Pearl Jam, Tyketto and Francis Dunnery to name but a few. However, the Hammy Odeon, (or whatever the hell it's called now), it ain't.
  • Riga Music Bar is the place for live music. especialy Thursday Nights 3 local bands for only 2. Fridays & Saturdays pretty cool as well and also open till midnight. Far better than both the Minerva & Chinnery's.
  • They knocked down the Esplanade. The only decent venue is gone. Sob sob!

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