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Cheap Food
  • Louis
  • The Cross Street Centre
  • No more cheap fry ups at Pioneer only "healthy food" Thanks Youth Service who seem to have taken over this skatepark...
  • morelli's at Trestle Arts Base - It's cheaper than the one in town and it's a nice place to chill. Safeway's has gone, it really marks the end of an era. It's been replaced by a dirty stinkin Morrisons. Everythings cheap and dirty but nothing comes for free.
  • mc donalds/ burgerk king
  • Gokkkkan! H&H party special
  • Mos DEF. this one goes to the DIRTY SOUTH (Southern fried chicken)on London rd the ISH is heavy Baaal, mans cant test or they get merked real quick like One piece with chips.
  • Chiness Express Hatfield Road excellent and quick, Lantern House also Hatfield Road and excellent but slower!!! Tried all the Chinese restaurants in St Albans but our personal favourite is Tim's Table in Radlett...expensive but the best food and service around
  • J K palmers, for lunch if youre at the Boys school.
  • SFC SFC SFC - Chicken Wrap all the way.
  • The GREEN SHOP on London Road is by far and away the finest kebab eaterie in the Western world. It also has a rather magnificent poster of James Dean on the wall.
  • Pioneer Club St Albans does Burgers chips and Pot Noodles for members most of whom are sk8boarders and sk8ers.
  • I like Pizza Express and ZiZis. There's also a good restaurant near clarance park that used to be public toilets. The Fighting Cocks does good pub food and you can sit outside when the weather's nice.
  • There are 2 many 2 mention
  • There's a new cafe on Abbey View Road called BOKE. It's one of those cosmopolitan places which sells all sorts of foreign food.. I went there with my friend Eddie and I got something called a "Boke Milk Supreme" which was amazing.. you'd think it had six pints of milk in it, but actually there were all sorts of tasty ingredients. Eddie got something called "Boke to be Thine" which was a massive great meal, a bargain and easily enough to fill you up. We ate so much, I thought Eddie was going to go to the bathroom and throw up. But we were okay. We would both heartily recommend going to BOKE in Abbey View Road if you get the chance!
  • Dulcies sell sandwiches. Greggs sell pasties and pastries...I hate them both...they suck the life blood from the fillings and replace it with evil
  • mcD is gay, BK is gay!
  • O'Briens Sandwich Bar, Frodsham st,Chester
  • Bueno Amici - GREAT food by global not st albans standards!
  • MEAT PIE, CHICKEN ROLL, COME ON GOKAN GIVE US A MOLE! meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew...
  • my kitchen
  • ummm.. i love burger king after they gave us free chips....but i dont like it anyway sooo.....i dunno
  • Try Brilliant service, better than tesco if I do say so myself
  • bar 62. check it. hot coles used to be good then they got skanky
  • Sukiyaki by Argos is v nice but v expensive!
  • You can buy a Pizza from H & H 2 (Pizza Showroom) in London Road, called a "Fifteen Inch Three Way". Sadly, it's not as exciting as it sounds.
  • H & H is always to be full of Skaties and Geekies and Kids with Hoodies. The Gokan Clone Stunt Double serve them with relish!
  • H & H Chikin are to support many regiments of the army, for in the event of a war, H & H is to become Premier Chicken War Station! Gokan will emerge with a bandolier of chicken legs, with mayonaise and chicken grease camoflage, and salad for leaves! He plunge chicken drumstick through armour plating of tanks!
  • Hot N Tasty's.... hmm... no comment. Harry's is good for really greasy chips with stupid amounts of mayo on to mop up after a heavy session.
  • again any road has somwhere you can eat. Tudor Tavern's christmas meals are shite tho. sorry.
  • The golden arches, burger king, loads of pizza, italian, greek, thai, chinese...tons of it.
  • Gokan is a sexy man. The sight of him makes me hungry... for love.
  • Fish Restaurants
  • Go to Woolworths.. it's the best place for a picnic in the whole world. Spread out your blanket (or man-slave) on the floor, and sit upon him with cheese toasties (normal standard) and cups of tea. You can sit there all day, and no-one will object. Sometimes, the Woolworth's staff will come and serenade you with violins. This is often pleasant, but it's probably not a good idea to encourage it.
  • H & H is full of old men doing press-ups on the tables. This man once bought a cheeseburger from there (noting the service provided by Go-KaN!), and ate the cheeseburger. Then he filled the carton with ink, and presented it to Gokan, asking "What the hell do you kids think you're playing at!". Gokan swelled to four times his original size, and crushed the old man with one finger. Then he took the ink, and poured it into the cheeseburger machine. To this day, I don't know why he did that. But it was cool.
  • Henry Higgins chip shop, sublime.
  • Gokan is currenly being sliced and made into burgers at the H and H Takeaway near the railway bridge. So, if you want to get a warm part of Gokan inside you, now is as good a time as any.
  • Mumtaj, opposite that old cinema, london road!! its the muts nutts, great food
  • H & H is fun, not for the food, which is often burnt, but for the Gokan, which is always hot and tasty.
  • Gokan is our man-slave. We crept into H&H at night and captured him, and then zipped him into a spare gimp suit as soon as we had him in our clutches! We invite you all to come round to play with him! He's tame and lovely and he cooks for you too!
  • H and H is the place to go, any night! The wonderfully sexy hot macho man Gokan is there! He shakes his hips! He makes sarcastic comments! We love him!
  • Gokan is great if you want to be fed, and not only that, he's excellent in bed! He's handsome, he's macho, and I'm sure you'll agree that he's the man for me! Go! Gokan! Go! Watch the kebab juice flow! Go! Gokan! Go! Watch the kebab juice flow! Gokan is lovely and so is H&H! The sight of him brings a big smile to my face! Chikin and chips for one pound fifty.. the place to go if you are thrifty! THE THING THAT MAKES MY LIFE COMPLETE IS HIS MASSIVE ROTATING PILLAR OF MEAT! Go! Gokan! Go! Watch the kebab juice flow! Go! Gokan! Go! Watch the kebab juice flow! THE THING THAT MAKES MY LIFE COMPLETE IS HIS MASSIVE ROTATING PILLAR OF MEAT!
  • H & H Kebabs are the best! And why? Well, because they have THE GOKAN! He is the perfect man! He gets all the girls because they love his big rotating pillar of meat.
  • They did food at the Fighting Cocks, but only until 9 o Clock. After that, they yelled at us because we talked about cooking.
  • Verulam School is the most fun place to eat.. their food is tasty, and often cheap.
  • The Peking Chinese on the corner of Sandfield and Hatfield road
  • I recomend H&H kebabs. They sell the best burgers I have ever eaten. Somebody I know once ate a Kebab there and got so exited he went to the owner and said "that was the best f*ckin kebab I have ever eaten, theres no elephant leg in this one, you must of stuck a whole f*ckin sheep in it." Dont go anywhere else.
  • pizza hut dominos pizza mc donalds burger king etc
  • FOOD! Endless takeaways on London road! If you physically NEED a pizza after closing time then check out H&H pizzas and burgers. Mumtaj is a good curry house. Casa Bianca is the best *proper* Italian. Burger King milkshakes are top. THE PASTY SHOP IN FRENCH ROW!!!!
  • Macdonalds suck big time now. Go to Robbie's Cafe, in Rowlatt Drive. It's hot!
  • Food Food is nice. Not too much or u get fat and they dont let u in studio 54. Harrrys donuts at the gasworks in Hatfieldrd, excellent munchplace.
  • H&H sucks now! It's full of moron trendy thugs, like Ugly Kid's Friend. But nowadays, Rob just pats him on the back, and he gets more and more annoyed...
  • H&H Kebabs do a great "Barrel of Oil", as they call it, and their staff are lovely too..
  • I like to shop in Tescos. Reason is that Safeway is full of unruly verulam school students, who Amanda throws out and ties to the fence. Waitrose is where Robbie works, and Tim spotted his Minty-Fresh car in the car park. Sainsburies is where Steve used to work, plunging his chopper into meat.
  • H.K. Kebabs cos they have nice cheese burgers
  • Eat at the Cafe des Amis near the Our Price in the Marketplace. The chicken livers are to die for.
  • cheongs take away on vesta avenue. i only have to phone up and they know me by name! or after the horn closes, hk kebabs on london rd, (or victoria st (nice and new))

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