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Clothes Shops, Shoe Shops, Fashion and Bargains
  • Fleetville Vintage Emporium
  • There's a jewish taylor down in Fleetville, next to CAMARA that does clothes for Royalty and also Uniforms (if thats wot you are into)
  • decadent dorothy do some cool stuff for lassies. There's that place in the middle of the maltings too.
  • David Copperfields is the only shop St.Albans worth mentionin, expensive but stocks a wide range of proper clothing from stone island to paul smith to armani jeans.
  • 'the maltings' has alot of shops like -new look, tk maxx, republic, pilot etc for the younger fashions. for the older person then look to go to 'christoper place' posh shops there.
  • Oxfam, Burton.
  • Silver rivet rungs proceeding s for garments still. they have a wide selection of clothes for girls and boys but the staff are a bit weak though??
  • get the train to london. Its the only way to avoid the tragedy of St Albans fashion.
  • The End is a wicked shop for those girls willing to dish out 50 for a t-shirt and on the other hand of the scale there is always cancer research....
  • Cancer Research is most amazing, it's near Palmerston's Cafe, and honestly, you never see a charity shop like it! The owners, Rosanna and Tem, are the kindest elderly ladies you ever should meet, and they will often give you fine suggestions as to what clothes will fit your shapely torso.
  • St.Albans is great for clothes shopping!!! You've got Smooth Criminal in The Maltings, which is a good distributer of Punkyfish, much better than the actual Punkyfish shop in Camden. also, ROCKET!!!! Emily Strange, Roman Dirge(yea!), Ruby Gloom, Scary Miss Mary, Quicksilver, O'Neill. Also, cool little trinkets in there, as well as ace clothes. THE BEST SHOP AROUND!!!!!
  • Bog standard topshop, new look etc. Hence everyone in st albans looking like a clone of each other. I admit, pre university when i spent most of my time in SA I was a bit of a townie, so I couldn't tell you where alternative clothing shops are!!
  • some gay places burton levis, the officers club is good and the trusty t.K max
  • Smooth Criminal, Top Shop, French Connection, Pilot, The End, River Island, West One, Silver Rivet, Bon Marche(!), TK Maxx(!), Kishmojin, New Look and Etam(!).
  • "Mr Sato's" on Grimston Road is a fine place to pick up no end of tasty garments. The coolest thing I ever saw there was this top that looked a bit like a redneck vest, but it had much more line and style to it. Also just down the road from Mr Sato's is "Alex's" which is a bit more risque and you are quite likely to get some more revealing garments. This girl works there called Lou Carpy and she is pretty cool but take care what you talk about because she has a dirty mind and two very able hands.
  • Gimp palace gimp palace gimp palace gimp palace gimp palace. Or, in a similar vein...try conspriacy clothing on London road...and you can get a special brew on special offer from just down the road...then you'll look the part...God like
  • conspiracy and rocket-rocket may look girly when u go in but they have some pretty cool guys clothes too
  • the usual
  • The Officers Club! Stupid name, great clothes. Never see the Officer.
  • Full of horrible chains like Next and Top Man - hence most of the 'lads' in St.Albans look like they're wearing a uniform
  • The man that hangs around by the swings in the park, nice clothes, for cheap.
  • Flying Dodo, St Albans Cream, Chester
  • Fantastic shops for clothes in london, it takes 20 minutes on the train there is no excuse for relying on the maltings for anything!
  • lets go to camden again.
  • oxfam no really no its true
  • rocket can be pricey but the hot shop assistants are well worht it, also check out the range of rings and studs upstairs to and a little somthing to that piercing.
  • There is a very good wedding shop in Town, where Scary Anna bought a top hat for just Five Pounds. She then sat in the park, painting very cool designs on it in Black and Pink, whilst the kid with the huge jaw made a massive roll-up. There is also a shop with top hats in Camden, and Rosanne tried one on, but she was then given a free tie by an old man. It truly was a day to remember. We followed around a man with big shoes.
  • Next is always a safe bet....... TK MAXX is the shittest shop in the world and I am ashamed to have it in my home town. Burtons and Top Man together used to be ok but then top man closed or whatever and Burtons sucks ass River Island...hmmmm. not sure about that one. Oh there are shit-loads of little shops that those 'cool, disturbed' nu-metal/goth/skateboarder/circus performer kids like Rhiannon use. (only joking R)
  • The Stalker Shop in Holywell Hill is always a fun place to go. MAD WOMAN on door announces to leave your bag by her feet, and then to she tapdance upon your bag when downstairs you are. Seventies Clothes and leather trousers and Anna are downstairs, and many delights for the discerning shopper. Seventies are living well and truly in the basement of Stalker Shop. Oxfam is good for Guns 'n Roses leather biker jackets.
  • The Funky Radicals have a good shop in the Gombards, and they sell old ragged clothes to women who can perform hopping act with only one foot and curled toes. Also a couple called Enya and Dolly Bob like to sing parade march tunes and perform in the high pavements. Drunk people should be excluded from talking about St. Albans.
  • If you go to the Snoopers Paradise, you will have your bag penetrated by strange woman, and crazy girl stalker follow you into there and molest you in the parking lot...
  • sometimes, when meg is distracted by rising dough, you can hip up the stairs and try on her clothes. i got to prance around for 5 minutes before she caught me and tossed me out the window. i've done it 4 times since.
  • Thank God they've shut Miss Selfridge down. But then, the rest are all dire too.
  • "The Old Weaver" in Fishpool Street likes to weave clothes out of the hair of young long haired men. Once, he found this kid called David in the street, and wove his hair into a shirt, without cutting it from the head of David. David still stumbles backwards after Serge, the boy who bought the shirt. His feet are bleeding.
  • Verulam School PTA run a uniform exchange on the Saturday morning of the first weekend in each term.
  • Officers Club is cheap like the budgie. Conspiracy is cool. Everywhere else is fine if you like to pay 60 for a plain t-shirt
  • yOU CAN GET A SExy JackEt at the FirKiN in St. Albans! Just ask the sexy scottish guy!
  • There is a cool leather/kinky/bondage/fetish shop run by a Mr Brands at Verulam, on Brampton Road. He sells expensive belts, but also chains and gimp suits. Nowadays you get a lot of kids going there, because after the success of Nicky P as Arthur's gimp, everyone in St. Albans wants to be one. There is even a square dedicated to them - Chime Square is renamed Gimp Square for the weekly Gimp Dance. Not to be missed.. wear your kinky clothing, and get on down!
  • All the clothes shops suck, if your a big guy!! my boyfriend cant buy any shoes, or clothes, coz hes tooo big. hes not even fat just really muscly
  • Oxfam, Barnardos, Scope, and all the charity shops are great. Dumb people shop in other shops. No-where to buy decent boots, so you have to nick them from the drunken youth that litter the streets every week..
  • Mothercares shut! damn. still at least fleetville postoffice still sells nurses outfits.
  • I looked all around St. Albans to find just the right size of shorts. But there were none, so I went to cornwall. There weren't any there.. so I went to watford. And spent 40 on some long baggy shorts. Bargain, I reckon! Almost as cool as the Flying Dodo! luv Fido.
  • My favourite clothes shop is TK-MAXX.. it's such fun, especially watching all the whores dancing with poles, and Shaihan jacking off in the corner. They also sell cutlery sets, and things that keep wine cool and bread hot.. useful for Jon the Messiah and his magic tricks. Liz works there too, and her best friend is Becca's sister. And Becca is Jess's twin. And Jess knows Mr Rob. Very well. I also like to go to the Flying Dodo, now that the manager sells cigarettes to little kids.
  • I hate St. Albans, they never have any decent clothes. I hate the most the TK-MAXX, which suckes the most ever. It makes me work up great Plath-like chants of hatred towards it and it's suckness. I despise the sight of it, it's almost as bad as watching The Brink play one of their original sets.
  • Well, Flying Dodo sell most of the clothes I love, such as my "World Industries" Hooded Top, and my big floppy combats. However, they don't sell my ultimate stalker accessory, which is a flight suit. I had to send off for it by male order, but I have it now. I wear it everywhere.. the pub, London, even when I play with 13 year old girls. However, the most fun comes when I wear nothing underneath, for the suit can be easily unzipped by one of the many zips, and my manhood often flops out, much to my amusement and everyone elses surprise. I would wear nothing but my flight suit all the time, but they don't allow them at school. As soon as I get home, however, I strip, and put my flight suit on. I then follow all my current stalking victims.
  • Flying Dodo is good, but the manager nailed my foot to the floor, and now my life solely consists of walking in circles on their floor, laughing until I cry.
  • All my friends hate me because they covet my wonderful wardrobe which comes almost exclusively from Flying dOdO.
  • hmmm i just discovered that the rockit shop sells clothes. doh! i think i must be to ignorant for this town.
  • There are lots of shops for young men
  • Oh now heres a great one. Most people tend to shop out of town for this one because for the younger generation we like decent clothes. The Chikin however still lets his mum purchase his clothes so he recomends BHS and C&A.
  • loads of them conspiracy levis and many many more that i cant think of right now
  • You can buy stupid looking clothes from the Flying Dodo, such as hooded tops, and stupid combats, which allow you to look like Fido. Whatever you're into, I guess..
  • St albans (bricket wood at least) is Englands capital of nudism. Who needs clothes?!
  • No-where in St. Albans sells pants. You won't believe how hard it is to get a decent pair of pants nowadays. There is a little shop next to the Organ Museum which sells good pants, although watch out for the ghastly orange decor! It was run by Mr Pepper last time I was there.
  • Ummm I dont wear clothes from St Albans cos they are designed for Trendies. GO TO CAMDEN!
  • bugger all of any interest unless you have a lot of money and can afford george street prices
  • unless you are rich and can afford shops on "high street" or george street" 8.50 will get you to camden/oxford street
  • There are loads of trendy clothes shops all over the place. If you want something different go to Rocket in the Village Arcade which is a head shop which also sells quite mad clothing. There is another head shop in the 'in shops' in the Maltings shopping centre.
  • Kishimo - Jin, The END and the Flying Dodo are all excellent and funky clothes shops for girls aged 14+ and they are all in the Maltings. The Flying Dodo is expensive but a nice smile at the manager works wonders.
  • St Albans is full of building societies and fast food shops. No decent clothes apart from Clarkes and the T shirt bit of Our Price.
  • Several Boss/Paul Smith outlets that I really cannot afford to go into. Monsoon for the ladies I suppose. The Saturday market is great for that genuine Eastenders style market-ware. Very stylish.
  • Mostly expensive top range designer lables, Copperfield is always good for quality clothing

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