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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • Pioneer Youth club no longer hosts Trashcan Events. It does have jolly little gigs for kids with no smoking or drinking and over the top professional bouncers
  • just steer clear of batchwoods. In fact, if you want clubs, go somewhere else. Just go to london.
  • Standard Thursday night proceedings is Vintry then Batchwood. Fridays is an O'Neils night or Vintry and hit the Destiny bus to Watford. City isnt too out the way so you go up there but its a ton night that way.
  • biggest club would be batchwood after its 1.5million refurbishment. thursdays- student night, over 18's cheap drinks, fridays and saturdays-over 21's expensive drinks but better music and a better croud.
  • The Pioneer - Even the pikeys are friendly.
  • batchwood strictly rest of the palces to go out are bars!!! or pubs
  • It had to be batchwood, I'm through it now, but those days were cool. Guarenteed pull.
  • Batchwood on a thursday night is 18+ has alot of young looking 18 year olds, not that i would doubt their id'ing process at all. good night for cheesy music and old dance tunes, with hip hop an rnb in the second room...somethin for everyone. friday is ok.. saturday is 20+ but the croud are around 30+
  • Batchwood is great. The clientelle has changed for the better since it was done out and stopped playing garage. Certainly the best club in St. Albans and attracts fit birds rather than the dirty slappers in Watford and Hemel.
  • If you go to the Horn on a Monday, it's not quite a club, but they have got a tasty Monday night late licence, where a number of talented DJs spin records for your joy and for mine. Look out for Sleeve Hancock, who plays Michael Jackson, Squarepusher, his own stuff, and also raps in a ragga style during the more hot and pounding points of the night!
  • Batchwood and Adelaide are both shit, but Adelaide is slightly shitter, but easier to escape into a taxi from, which you will inevitably want to do after 1 hour, as it is much nearer civilisation than Batchwood.
  • St Albans has 2 clubs, the Adelaide for the town elders and Batchwood, the most overhyped club in the world. Despite a recent refurb, the loft carpet is already sticky and a few new lighting effects dosn't disguise the fact that its a pile of poo. However, we go there as there is NOTHING to do in SA.
  • Batchwood(!)
  • If you wish to buy some flesh (mostly cow) go to batchwood. If you want some real fun go to Nicky P's Gimp Palace on Churchill road, just stand on the abandoned and knocked down tree filled lot at the end of the road whilst wearing riding chaps and holding some kind of whip and crack the weapon three times whilst crying out...'take me nick..take me somewhere I've never been before...HURT ME!!!' Or you can join the St Albans Organ appreciation society (somewhat similar to the Gimp Palace, but a slightly rougher clientele)
  • nothing doing, go to luton (batchwood at a stretch)
  • The Tool Tent is probably the best underground two-step club in the whole of Hertfordshire. It's quite small and cramped, but ever since they've had the extenstion they have a whole new clientele. So yeah, all the cool kids in St. All Brans seem to be hanging out at the Tool Tent. And then they get Vangos and so everyone won't be seen dead in the Tool Tent, they just want to go to Vangos. Come on! The Tool Tent may be a bit more run down, and Vangos is snazzy and nice and orange, but blatantly, Tool Tent has more character.
  • Batchwood Night club, St Albans, Herts RB's, Chester or if you really wanna get off the beaten track......City Bar, Chester
  • Nothing in St Albans, with all the pubs having later and later licences there is no excuse for anyone to show their faces in St Albans, again if you want a big night out get into london!
  • mmm... yeasty snatchwood.
  • The Adelaide is for pervy old blokes and desperate teenagers
  • don't go to batchwood or the pioneer damm townies
  • Batchwood - like a night time New Look - same music, as much class and quality of lady folk... Best stay at home!
  • Batchwoods is a meat market and is fine if all your after is a quick shag with some st albans tart who looks about 16 years old and is wearing a skirt bearly covering their arse
  • Anyone thinks Batchwood is good needs to be shot!! The place doesn't even resemble a nightclub the music is Garage which is rubbish and the dance floor is tiny, Its more like a big PUB i.e FULL of drunks. The atmosphere is nasty , it was a better club before it burnt down.
  • There is a new club opening up, called the E-Shack. This club has remarkable features, including set music of Tool and Drum'n'Bass and Rammstein! However, best feature is the Smoke Machine, which in fact is Greebo Al in a small box, with a lightweight portable rapping roll-up machine keeping him with a constant supply of roll-ups. See the smoke gush into the club! Dancing goes on way into the night, and indeed until the next morning. A night not to be missed!
  • Rumours are that there is a secret Underground Two Step Club in St. Albans at the moment. It moves about all the time, and apparently it was in the now legendary TOOL TENT at one point. The grapevine allows us to keep track of the movements of the Underground Two Step Club. It's run by a crazy kid called Evan, who once fell asleep in the Tool Tent, on top of Emily, who then force fed his comatose figure half a packet of biscuits. Evan nearly choked! However, he was fine, and went off to have Two Step Clubs in pastures new. Evan and the Two Step Club have been sighted in Brighton and Southwold. Look out.. the Underground Two Step Club could come your way soon...
  • My favourite club is Destiny! It's really cool, and I go down there with a big lump of butter! They have this guy with tiny shorts doing a pole dance!
  • Batchwood...never been there as of yet there is a shit little club on the high street but it looks, erm, shit...
  • Adelaides is shit. plain and simple. not shit in a good way, like cheap but run down and in actual fact good to get pissed and fuck around, but shit in an expensive, run down, thinks its really something crap hardhouse 1992 way. avoid st albans for clubs. best thing here is the horn, which is a shitey late opening pub, cheap but ok to get pissed although full of grungers
  • The Pioneer
  • Snatchwood.
  • The Stud Room in Brampton Road has been expanded, and not can fit even more people. But the clientele aren't as cool any more, and they fixed the wall. Batchwood burns down every month, but sadly everyone gets out. "The Drunk Guy" on Verulam Road is good for people who like to drink. However, the ultimate club in St. Albans is "KEEGAN'S GAMES FIELD JACK SHOW", for people of all ages in the Town Hall on fridays. Keegan jacks for me and mine. He is the coolest, and has the best shorts!
  • The Batchwood Bus now goes from outside Marks and Spencers in St Peters Street, not outside Vintry anymore... at 10, 10.30, and 11pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  • By far the best club in St. Albans is KNIFE PARTY, which is on Holywell Hill, but is worth the journey. Chino Moreno is known to frequent there, and you can always find some space on the dancefloor. Bring your dancing shoes! Also, the Jacking Club on George Street is worth a visit.
  • Batchwood is fun, if you like to squeeze 1700 people.
  • The Bone Machine is always a good club to go to. Some guy bought me a soda, and then he tried to molest me in the parking lot. Yup.
  • Two places that are worth mentioning - the Vintry It is really cool, the bar staff are young fun and cool!! the landlady is a gem! i like the big new guy Dave, hes always friendly and helpfull, not to mention goodlooking, bu es got a bird, all the other guys there are kool!! Batchwood nightclub is great!! get there before 11, coz it can get expensive, there is a free us fro outside te vintry, it also brings you back to town after!! its a big venue!! it has a main room, loft, garden and conservatory, its better tan it sounds, can squeeze about 1700 people, doormen are cool, dancers are good. barstaff are also great, you get all te trendy people in town at batcwood.
  • Well, there was Kiss. And then it burnt down. And now there is Batchwood. All the cool people in town should really create a recurring theme, if you know what I mean.
  • Bensikins Morris club are real scary. They dance around in circles outside pubs and things. and there are scary pictures of them on the internet.
  • dance music should be banned
  • The STUD ROOM! The hottest Gay Club in the whole greater london area! You won't believe the hot guys they have here, and it's such an exclusive venue. Above Verulam, in Brampton Road.
  • Batchwood is my joy factory. We dance there and tease drunken men. Suzy did a pole dance.
  • Genetic Dance Possibly in St.Albans................
  • I like the gay bar
  • Batchwoods for the little girls but thats about it. Everything else are pubs.
  • Batchwood night club
  • Clubs suck. Clubs also blow. In fact, clubs circular breath like jazz musicians.
  • They have a lovely disco at the Town Hall every Friday, which is called "Keegan's Games Field Jack Show", for some reason or other. It's very good if you like young patrons! You often see them leaning out of the window on your way home from the pub. Kingsley actually took his video camera.
  • Yes, they have cool Trance/Garage at the end of the Bell, comically called the Bell End. The irony is that the people there are throbbing man organs.
  • There is only one Gay club in St. Albans as far as I can tell.. it's called "The Stud Room" and it's on the second floor of Verulam in Brampton Road.. It's a lovely intimate venue, with regular clientele.. the chairs are a bit broken, but there's always something going on.. They also have a thing at the moment where everyone there helps to paint the walls after the club closes, so it gets redecorated.
  • Clubs that arnt golf courses? the very idea is obserd , however if u like a lot of chocolate on your buiscuit, then the minty club on hatfield rd is good. youll find it out side the CAMRA headcourters near the nphone box. yum.
  • Spritzers on the Redbourn Road is an amazing club for gay people. It is run by Stephen Howard and has been voted national gay club of the year for several years in a row. - A remarkable feat Stephen!
  • Not a decent bloody club for miles. London is the best bet as the train service home is prety good, but ONLY on a Friday night. Try coming home after about 1am on saturday night and you'll get stuck at Kings cross for 5 hours waiting for the first of the Sunday service trains home and debating wether to stump up the 40 or 50 quid for a taxi.
  • Batchwood now does a 16 - 18's night every wednesday. Its alcohol free and great if you fancy pulling some 14 year olds. although it is strange trying to prove that your under 18, not over!
  • There is a secret Jacking club on George Street.
  • All clubs in St Albans are big pants
  • By the way the Adelaide is an absolute shite hole and Batchwood is superb and there is a free bus service from outside the Vintry on Thursdays now as well as Fridays and Saturdays
  • batchwoods good for drunken pulling nights, but again, i think its worth going into london for this
  • Batchwood Hall used to be a cult undeground place, but has re-opened under new management and is very much a 'lads' club, people go ther to pull or get in a fight *:/ having said that the decor and sound system are amazing and there is fun to be had if yer drunk enough! Adelaide's in Adelaide street has a rock/indie night every Wednesday, despite being tiny the club has a good atmosphere, and the DJs will play most things requested. The Club is applying to expand as well so this time next year it may be half decent. The Pioneer club does underground dance stuff every couple of weeks. The atmosphere is amazing, a real original rave.. Easy Tiger do a night as do Portable Deluxe.
  • Only 'Kiss at Batchwood' - shit - go to Watford, Hemel or even Dunstable instead.
  • Decompression
  • Adelaide - Quite fun in a "drunk n' fightin'" way.
  • Since Batchwood has reopened after the fire, it has certainly improved and is better than any in Hemel or Watford. It's the best in the area without going into London. A tad expensive though. Try and get a flier from various pubs, in particular the Blacksmiths Arms. There are now free buses on Fri and Sat nights to the club which is a little out of town, form outside the Vintry and in the town centre.

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