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Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • cafe roma
  • Pioneer youth club Cafe no longer does Burgers and Chips..only healthy food
  • Refrectory Cafe at the Abbey
  • Go to Barrisimo on St peters street, they do the best Panninis!!!
  • I love the one next to Ottakars book shop Morellis it used to be, cant remember if it still is. I love to sit in there of an afternoon in the window watchin ppl go by with my hot chocolate.. Also costa next to pizza hut is gud, again, sitting and laffing at ugly people is always fun. Play Snog,Shag,Marry,Cliff.. Thats fun.
  • morelli's at Trestle Arts Base
  • J.K Palmers- Chicken escallope baguette . genious.
  • starbucks coffe shop is behind the clock tower, or there is costa coffee which is in the maltings
  • Daily Grind the Maltings its cheaper than costa and i feel the service is better mor user friendly
  • new costa coffee has opened on the highstreet, it is linked with pizza hut in the same room so you can have both at the same time....wicked idea! bow down to whoever thought that one up
  • Wonderful cheese burgers at Pioneer Skatepark,Heathlands Drive St Albans.
  • The Victoria Cafe was amazing, but now it is shut. If you go across the road to Cotswold you can see Tim Harris, which is always a pleasent site, unless you are in his bad books for boking up at his house.
  • The Maltings has Costa which does the best hot choc in the world, with marshmallows. Starbucks has just opened which is a sign that SA is finally moving into the 21st centuary.
  • H&H is next to the station chiken and chip gocam always give you a good deal
  • Cafe Roma, Costa Coffee and What used 2 b La La's Cafe down the village arcade but its now a sandwich shop.
  • Cafe Roma provide good coffee...and a hell of a lot more if you ask nicely (just ask for boke)
  • too many, but costa is the best! great hot choc!
  • Londis on Hatfield ROad eddie is the best drunk man who ever comes in
  • Victoria Cafe. Oh my god. It's the place to be. Egg and Chips, cup of tea, any old skool cafe food you want.
  • Starbucks, and the other one and i think there are atleast 5 in total, don't visit them they are not nice places, capitalist that they are and capitalists which we dont want
  • Read this and weep. The glorious Harley has finally decided that enough is enough and the Mad Hatter is no longer with us. Veggies will have to find an elsewhere to eat.
  • cafe Roma with the ever so angry Gotz. Officially the best cappuccino in St Albans. but gotz sucks a big fat german cock. cute girls though.
  • victoria cafe tasty mushrooms
  • the usual cafes and coffe shops really......god i hate captilism
  • Cafe Nes by the Alban arena does great food and is good value.
  • much like amsterdam, st albans has a few. if you like your over priced brownies and too-hot-to-drink café grande mocha mocha with double shot of syrup then so be it.
  • Some places in St. Albans now sell Rubicon Lychee and Guanabana juice! So the pilgrimage to Kentish Town is no longer the only way to find it! Our favourite Lychee Juice Sellers include Khan Brothers, oh Hatfield Road, although they don't sell Golden Syrup Moist Cake, H & H, by the Railway Bridge, where they have a full range of Rubicon, but don't sell tea, and Hot and Tasty, where they sell only Guava and Mango, but they do sell Tea for just one third of the price of Verdi's tea. It's nice with ginger biscuits, especially if you're in the tea-drinking clique.
  • Loads just take your pick
  • If you are feeling happy and keen, you can go on the Anti-Capitalist Coffee Rampage, and kick the windows of every coffee shop in town. Watch out for Tem when you smash Morelli's, though, for he cannot be injured by flying glass.
  • ANAL is the new Cafe in St. Peters Street, and they have lots of games and activities for the bored to indulge in. Frank loves it!
  • The Slut Cafe in Woodstock Road is always fun. It's full of sluts, and they like to perform lewd acts with Frank. Many men cluster to view the slut-party. Then Frank will stick his organ in a grinder.
  • Last time I got drunk, I built a coffee shop in my drunken stupor. It sucks, though. I called it "Mr T is in Paradise", and it's on that road that Dave Atkins lives on. Near Waitrose. Come in and drink Herbal Tea. Or sugar. Or warm ribena. Don't actually. It's really embarrasing. I wish I hadn't built it. But you can't change the past...
  • You can't eat raw bread!
  • The Engam Coffee Bar is always cool, and you can sit there all morning, causing mild surprise to Murali, who is the hottest lecturer. Fido wants to be a lecturer, and Nick and Daisy want to seduce Murali on live radio. This will make good listening. Stay tuned.
  • For hot coffee, the best place to go is Paul's Coffee Shop, in Fudge End.. here, you can buy coffee in very small cups, or even smoke the stuff! They also cook Chicken for you, and show amazing movies on the TV screens. The garden is an experience in it's own, with the 'road sign' theme making it look thoroughly spectacular. Watch out for the fish pond though. They also don't cook their rolls properly.
  • Safeway is the best! They have Coffee, and Slush Puppies, and tame animals, and the coolest members of Staff... Charmayne, Pat, Sharon, Adrian, the ginger guy who got sacked for jacking off in the coridoor, and of course Amanda, who ties students to the fence. Massimo used to work there, but he had a massive head and a long weight.
  • hey now we have a big new coffee shop next to the healbar that used to be "big" simon wills' sweet shop. Bring back simons sweet shop damn it! i rekon when they shut down he ate the left over stock.
  • *morellis*
  • The Mad Hatter on Holywell Hill does the most Insanely Fantastic selection of sandwiches and salads, and is the only place I know in S.A. to get a full Veggie Breakfast. Tiny inside, but beautiful terrace garden out the back, and the staff always look stoned. When they Legalise it, this will surely become S.A.'s first Coffee Shop.
  • SAFEWAY in hatfield rd. hmmmmmm nice
  • Yes there are some and I have heard that there is a coffee shop that has gone Amsterdam Stylee.
  • Coffee? I'm english. Its a cream tea for me. Luv Andy the Fightaz glass collector.
  • Safeway is rapidly becoming the ultimate coffee experience. Go there in a shabby suit, and get dis count, and free milk and marmalade.
  • New coffee shop in hammicks book shop is good, great mochas and you can smoke!!!!
  • Safewayy !!! bearded bacon roll £1.50, fudging rip off but great staff, there bark is louder than there bite.
  • safeway. beware of miss boulevard shes crazy
  • There is a new coffee shop in town called "FAT GLUE LUST", which is fun if you're not tall, as the chairs are far too high. Their coffee is very cool, and their waitresses are tres sexy! Safeway, bizarrely enough, has reached cult status. We waste whole days in their coffee shop, and you get as much milk and sugar as you want.
  • Safeway, bizarrely enough, has become the 'place to go'. Their coffee is nice, and it's full of cool people. Once, we saw a bunch of businessmen sitting on the toadstools in the kids area. How we laughed!
  • Safeway sell lots of milk and coffee. Dutch people get half price food there. Fat people have to eat marmalade because they don't serve them.
  • Hammicks suck, and they're far too american for our liking. Go to the Oaklands College Refectory!
  • Safeway in Hatfield road has cult status nowdays. but beware of the UHT. It's a pain to wash out of your car.
  • Safeway has a cool coffe shop where you can spend your break times trying to get high on coffee. They also have free milk things and tartar sauce which you can put on lockers to play tricks on people
  • safeway cafe- cool lots of new cafes opening around town centre.
  • safeway! staff dont know coffee from tea, but ive been going there every lunch break to try to drug up on coffee for over a year now. i managed to shake a little once.

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