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Computer and Games Shops
  • CeX
  • gamestation which is joined with blockbuster on london road
  • Buying games at The Cheque Centre. Very cheap pricies. Also sold them a bundle. They always have stuff n junk arround.
  • 'game' in the maltings sells millions of playstation games and a few pc games
  • Games Workshop??!?!?!!?!? Smells of male sweat and enthusiasm.
  • Game - duh!
  • I think there's a Game in the excuse for a shopping centre that is the Maltings. Games Workshop is near the brand new Starbucks and is frequented by slightly nerdy people who collect dungeons and dragons models.
  • Game in the Maltings. !
  • Game, beware of the game cru, they all do karate!!! NNNOOOOOOOOO, haahahha! also chaos city is full of people who havent been taught social skills!
  • LAN Parties? This guy called Paul Pepper organises a regular "Redneck LAN Party". It involves, well, apart from all the LAN, a 24 hour meat barbeque, and the letting off of air guns all around the place. It's like a redneck fighting den run by geeks. Whiskey, sawdust, meat, guns, and multi-player gaming.
  • games?
  • Games Workshops. Loser virgins. The lot of them!
  • -GAME and HMV are the only 2 in town and that makes my sad
  • I was a saturday worker in Software Plus for just under a year, and now were closed I'm free, free I tells ya hahahaha. Whats really funny is that 3 days before we got shut down by the evil men in our headoffice I took a 45 deposit on a couple of games from a small boy of no more than 12 Muhahahaha come get your money little boy, but you can't HA! Ahh the fun we had, oh and I'd like to say that I officially though 90% of our customers were twats, yes that means YOU, I couldn't say it then when you were at the cash desk trying to get a discount on a 20 game but I was laughing at you inside, LAUGHING. Hahahahahaha, what the? NO put me down, I didn't mean it, really, PUT ME DOWN, GAH, grrrrrr
  • I like buying games in St. Albans.. Games Workshop is the coolest! I once went there when I was drunk. Boy, that was a mistake. I threw up on the king of the goblins. Then he started singing, and threw my little son Danny into the bog of eternal stench..
  • Games Shops are all well and good, but Games Fields are the best, especially for my Jack Show that takes place on one. I call it "Keegan's Games Field Jack SHow"
  • I think the only decent games shop in da UK is "I bleed for me and mine", which is in St. Albans. They play with you.
  • if you mean computer games HMV
  • There is a shop just for games called software plus, howerver they dont sell many games because the shop is a load of bearded thats why IT HAS SHUT DOWN HA HA HAAAA dont give me that 'sorry we dont have it in' bullshit, what sort of games shop sells about 6 games??? I ask u. (HMV is Good) A geezer at my place of education does ps games for seven quid, u name it he get it.
  • Software Plus has closed down. Apparently it is all because Fido (Saturday Staff) destroyed it because Helen (who is an aries) is going out with Adrian (who isn't, but is a director) He made a growling sound, and enveloped the shop in his own flesh. He now carries it about with him like a mutant child.
  • Software Plus has now closed down! Apparently, it was due to a rogue Saturday staff member.
  • There is a Games Workshop in Heritage Close, but for all you Pokemon needs go to Chaos City Comics next door.
  • Software plus in the Maltings. Games unlimited also in the Maltings but in the upper level.
  • Games Workshop is pretty smart.

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