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Recording Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, PA Hire in St Albans, Hertfordshire*

Recording Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, PA Hire

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Recording Studios, Rehearsal Rooms, PA Hire
  • Metrosound Recording Studios in Camp Rd, St Albans. Matt is a really decent guy, and has a wicked 22' live room and separate control room with a 1k JBL PA and a fantastic Soundtracs desk. He welcomes young bands as well as old. He offers great rates for rehearsing as well. £28 for 3 hours any night of the week. If you want to record stuff he offers amazing rates on that as well. £50 to record a rehearsal or the same to record a song in an evening. Contact Matt on 07740 590835 or at home on 01727 856983
  • Alma Road is now CLOSED (yes! it was the youth service that did it!!)
  • If you reherse at pioneer you need to have a parent with you.Otherwise your nor trusted
  • Band Room and Stage available at Pioneer,Heathlands Drive,Harpenden Rd St Albans available for band pracice Tuesday evenings 7-10pm cost 15 phone 01727 850741 to book.
  • Pioneer Heathlands Drive has practice room available on Tuesday evenings 7-10pm cost £15. Youth bands particularly Welcome phone Tracy on 01727 859741 for bookings...
  • Band Room at Pioneer for young bands
  • Alma Road - its run by the council so its really cheap. 35 for 3 hours is what we got, you normally need like 2 sessions if you're gonna do band recording cos vocals go seperately later. They're real nice people, its great equipment and it's a laugh. Plus there's a chip shop nearby so you can send out for supplies =P
  • Liberty Hall Recording Studios. 020 8440 0011. Based in Hertfordshire. TWO Fully equipped recording studios, latest software & excellent sound engineers. Hire a studio for recording or production. Take a course in sound engineering or music production. Lovely studio really nice team who work there.
  • Hope Recordings - Price per track not per hour, accessible centre of town location, open minded production with producer's input optional, free pre production. contact Adam on 07771763011 e mail
  • Herts uni has a new music block on the original Hatfield campus - they've got everything you need at student prices
  • Hello, my name is Shane Shanahan and I have a recording studio in the industrial estate of St. Albans, the website is down at the moment at we're making a few changes. but if theres any interest out there you can contact me before the web site is up at
  • Yeah, there's a 'Maida Vale' esque studio in Roulette Drive, near Waitrose. The owners, Rob and Sarah Evans, have been operating it for quite a few years now, and David Essex recorded his second album there! Plus, the best point, is that they'll let you use their heated swimming pool after recording. Although the thought of David Essex in his tight swimming trunks turns my stomach.
  • Rehearsal space available at Pioneer Club, Heathlands Drive St Albans (01727 850741)
  • one on 3rd street
  • Theres a Rehearsal room at the Pioneer youth club, just ask someone who works somewhere in the Pioneer.

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