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  • The Horn pub has pretty decent bands sometimes
  • There's a Gig @ Pioneer,Heathlands Drive St albans on Saturday 14 Frb 2009 from 1pm with aroung 14bands playin on 2 stages and a skate jam too. Cost £10 and you need to have a copy of their flier which u can print off from
  • No more Trashcan Gigs at Pioneer. Only Inhouse youth service gigs for under 18s
  • O'Neills - great for live music, especially Head - rock and indie covers, amazing energy, sing yourself hoarse!
  • try Pioneer Club
  • Pioneer Club hosts Trashcan gigs (for 14-18 year olds) about twice a month on Saturday Evenings
  • Pioneer. Blatanly obvious one yeah. Also a nearby-ish venue is Milton Keynes National Bowl - It's outdoor so best in the summer. I've seen.. Green Day, Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eats World, Hard-Fi, Oasis, The Coral, 22-20s[or sumthing like that]. Was wicked but i suggest take picnics and lots of suncream cos its like a big outdoor park. Amazing though.
  • THe peacock has some good stuff from time to time, also (of course) the horn.
  • the Horn
  • The Horn Reborn. Great for live bands of various genre.
  • Drunk in Public ,which is Mark, Simon & Jon from the LEVELLERS with Rev Hammer are playing at O`Niells in St Albans on Sunday March 20th 05.I think the venue is the place for tickets
  • Pioneer near the st albans fire station (dunno wat road it is) 6th march 2004 a big gig 7.30ish til aboutish the "not katies" are playing i think and many other kool bands! come dopwn fro sum fun and laughter only skater dudes,grunges etc not townie fags cos they suck and spoil it everytime by trying 2 fight us wen we no we could beat them anyday...........just dnt want 2 lol c ya there!
  • Saturday Night under 18 Gigs at Pioneer Club mostly by Trashcan Promptions.About 1 each month
  • Guitar, bass, drums and vocals courses for teens and adults from Musicademy. Tel 01923 285 305.
  • The Horn has a lot of tribute bands, some better than others. O Neils (formally the Firkin) has the odd band, and very occasionally the Alban Arena but this caters for more mature tastes. London is where to go to see the big names.
  • Flatline play at the pionner Rob Kiff is vocals he is a cool dude
  • St. Albans Arena.
  • The roof of the multi story car park at the station has a secret gig featuring world class acts every thursday lunchtime...unfortunately the gigs only last for thirty seconds. Previous acts have included the Nine inch nails, David Bowie, Steps, Coal Chamber and the Krankees (featuring MC noel edmonds)...that last thursday was hell on earth
  • there's a bar just up the road from safeway-mostly tribute bands, but there are some origanals
  • HORN
  • The Horn. A wide range of bands, there's a Nirvana tribute band who play who are quite funny, Andy Meek never fails to entertain, and on Mondays there's a load of crazy ravers there dancing to repetitive dance music.
  • St.Albans music scene is dead. Whichever brain dead wanker promotes music at St.Albans only half decent live music venue the horn, always seems to put on the kind of dire 70s rock cover bands that would make your dad cringe.
  • Lordy Lordy the Forum in the early 90 s.Bottle of wine outside,the joy of getting hand stamped so as to be able to buy snaky B.Blow jobs,fights,Moshing,Stage diving and,of course,Vagabonds.
  • if you rawk out and wear a chain and are very concerned about social injustice then the pioneer is the place to be. otherwise join us at the horn and watch the lyrical nick stephenson perform wonders as his groupies flock. oh yeah and if the brink ever played there anymore then they're worth checking out.
  • my radio
  • the horn was good until a very dubious winner of battle of the bands was announced rumoured to be friends with the management
  • - The Pioneer! The only place in St Albans for Punk and Metal gigs, great fun even without a gig on, look for the bushjumper... he jumps into bushes...hehehe. Definitly no underage drinking or drug abuse....well..some....actually......lots.....Look out for townies throwing bricks and generally trying to hurt us.
  • The firkin is no more. horn - quality when brainfreeze are there.
  • Horn Reborn!
  • The Horn Rebourn on Victoria Street is the best music venue in Herts... Freestyle beats on Monday's with Dj Hansi + guests, Tuesdays + Wednesday's are Local Bands that are V Cool also (X, Urban Native etc.) Thursday's are okish + have tribute acts mainly, Friday's + saturdays are wicked With acts like The Slaves, Soulfish (the lead singer looks like Errol Brown). Late licence till 12 monday to thursday, and till one on fri and sat! wicked cool...
  • Alas, and woe, for the Firkin is no more. It was bought by O'Neils, and is no longer open. No more shall we see Indie-rock covers bands play for us, no more, alas, no more shall we climb the pole and get thrown out by the bouncers, woe, no more shall we break paving slabs, alas, no more backflips onto tables, no more drum 'n bass nights, no more Punk Kids from Oaklands and half of Sikth in the pub, woe, no more Incredibly Stoned Nick Russell incidents, alas. The Firkin has taken it's last breath, and we shall forever mourn it's passing.
  • There are no big venues capable of housing all of MY fans! :p
  • The Pioneer
  • The Pioneer! Pioneer! It's always a fun place to hang out if you can't get into Noah's Arcade, and there are plenty of characters ready for you to experience. Nicky P is always wandering about looking dazed, due to Londis Cheap Vodka and Alan's "happy cigarettes", and Alan himself will be wearing the Green Shirt of the Gods. Timmy T will undoubtably display his bronzed and oiled torso to all who care, and Andrew London will be a twisted fiend, talk about cooked babies, and make out with a girl with no knees. Emilia will mock a young man known as Memory Bitch, who is Rosanne's fancy boy, whilst Rosanne herself will be thrown about by all present. People will scheme to squish the gun wielding Popcorn head's hair, and Madge won't get in because she will be drunk. Eventually, everyone will fight and kill a load of drunk violent townies, and their bodies will never be found. Oh, and there are bands, too...
  • Go to Robbie's Lectures at Uni of Hertfordshire.. the Gamelan Practice is great, and you can often not see Mykee the 80s Goth at these. Also, they have a wierd man who keeps a bicycle in his basement, and lots of famous camp Madonna fans. You can get the full experience by following Robbie about all day, and you may even encounter the famed LRC Massive.
  • the horn puts on bands mainly made up of immigrants. they swop instruments regularly, sometimes in mid song, and make a terrible din, put the patrons leap around and spill their drinks.
  • the horn was recently run by the man with the moustache and is now in the Starbucks advert on the tv. It involved his drunken stumbling behind the bar and frequent molesting of fat Graham the dribbly stella ponce and his jug. he molested him to get at his potatoes, which graham had promised him back in 98 but never delivered. this used to happen every night about 11.30, sometimes on stage while bands like trooper where trying to complete their sets. imagine that! two hefty men rolling around a plinth making snatches for each others swollen organs. it made me sick.
  • Anyone else used to go to the Forum between 1992/3 and 1994? Remember the dark bit? Snake bite and black and a dance to Vagabonds anyone?
  • The Stereophonics once played in the Firkin in St. Albans. This is proof of what a dull place St. Albans truly is.. that they cancel quality bands like 100% and Clear Cut for boring sub-indie dirges like the Stereophonics. We threw rotted cauliflower at Kelly. It hit him in the elbow.
  • MR T is no longer working at the Horn! But we still love him. Every week, we go to his house, and smear him with butter as a symbol of our love for him. He is very hot, so the butter melts swiftly.
  • The Firkin is brilliant for live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Friday nights are 1 to get in (not 3, for whoever contributed that wrong info) and free on Saturday. Regular bands like 100%, Clear Cut and Sqwint are excellent. Very VERY few underage people get past our bouncers (who are lovely, by the way, as long as you don't piss them off) and it is NOT a moronic trendies bar. The place is generally full of pretty groovy people; I should know, I serve them. But you can get the occassional idiot trying to start a fight but they get kicked out pretty quickly. The Horn is also excellent for live music. Their tribute bands are really cool.
  • The Pioneer. That is actually it..oh no wait, The Horn. Desparate lack of music venues for the non-Garage loving fraternity.
  • Pehen has live people on thursdays, pretending to be famouse.
  • At Halloween, I go the the Erin Art Gallery, and wear my ties. Alice said to. I wept at the streets of the decay. Malison on the counter. Safeway delicatessen coutner, wihere we court food on a large grey platform. Ducks fed on the loin bread of those who remained. Anger was the fluid of the weak.
  • If you go to the Horn Redbourn, you will find that it kicks severely, and you can see many bands, including the disturbingly cult-ish Dust, who rock greatly, and have crowd-surfers who kick the lighting about, but it's a bit scary in a spiritual sense. Steve once called the lead singer 'Dave Grohl', which I think confused him a bit. He knows Nina (who wears blankets).. There are also lots and lots of sexy people about in the Horn.. Chikin playes gee-tar for Beanfeast, and he is very hyperactive sometimes. Robbie has two cats called Pepsi and Max, who are large celebrity.. Chris has floppy hair and a bag of tricks.. Jon the Messiah can turn water into wine.. All of Moody's flesh is covered in stickers.. Puh brandishes a pint glass and asks "Does my cum look big in this".. Paul Pepper is the only person with a surname.. Becca compliments Ky on his hawaiian shirts.. Jess makes badges with everyone else on.. You too can become part of the cult of the Horn Redbourn..
  • Da LRC massive will soon be holding events at the font bar (formerly the hub(formerly the font) ) in herts SU. so it may be an idea to go to batchwood instead. cos the music theres just so cool. like, harcore metal on tuesdays , indie shit on wednesdays and friday nights are punk with a classic grunge set upstairs. coooool
  • francis bacon school on a thursday night between 7.30 and 9.00
  • The Firkin is fun if you like sadistic bouncers, Fresh Faced Verulam Students, and Dave Atkins. However, some of the bands aren't bad, and we climbed the pole (so to speak) and crowd surfed in the Firkin, plus the band gave us one of their leads. Which we used to short-circuit Robbie's lights. But no.. it's a bit of a hell-dive, the Firkin.. the tables get soaked in beer, the bouncers suck, and it's usually full of moronic trendy kids. So we go to the Fighting Cocks. Which isn't a music venue.
  • Stop spreading libels about me and my pals in the brink! We are the rockest band ever, and we will make it big time with our bad oasis covers! Brainfreeze are silly men!
  • The Firkin was the place to go about two years ago.. we were underage and we could get in. But now they've changed it, and it means that underage cool people can't enter (so to speak), whilst moronic fresh-faced trendy kids can, and do, and start fights and do stupid stuff like that. We hate them deeply. Also, because of said moronic trendy kids, the bouncer (stupid scottish guy) stands right in the middle of the mosh pit and chuck you out if you crash into them.. We hate the Firkin now, plus, STOP PRESS, they now charge three quid to get in of a Friday night. We vote them the most suck ever.
  • I like to pluck the strings of the Bass Guitar belonging to the Slaves, a covers band who play at the Horn, in Redbourn. They are joyful, and play a jolly metal version of Tainted Love.
  • Genetic Dance Possibly in St.Albans................
  • THE BRINK ROCK - or do they "suck"? See them and make your mind up for yourself, check out the events listings here on knowhere.
  • The Horn Reborn, where petty arguments can be started about two very different bands, one of whom won a certain Battle of the Fans and apparently sound like Oasis, and another which didn't win (er, came last actually..), but doesn't care 'cos all the members had loads of fun anyway despite playing like shit. There was also this wicked-arsed pink duck, that bobbed away all the way through both bands. I asked him which band he preferred, he said "qquuWAK!", so I really don't know. So don't ask.
  • After a few years in the doldrums, the music scene seems to be opening up again. The Spotted Bull, White Hart Tap and White Lion are now regular hosts to local "adult" and original talent, and the Rose & Crown carries on as always with Monday acoustic sessions and Thursday folk/irish. The Horn Reborn, however, continues to insult our tastes with a constant stream of "Stars In Their Eyes" acts, otherwise known as "Tribute" bands. Still, it's agreat place to meet the local muso crowd and dream about St Albans one day having a proper music venue.
  • da horny Horn Horn Horn. It doesnt like to blow its own trumpet. so i will instead. (oh my god that was crap. what was i thinking of)
  • More than you'd realise. Most people only ever go to the Firkin or the Horn (both on Victoria street) to see live bands, but if you can get out to London Colney, which is becoming a much more happening place these days, you can see some really decent bands too. The Pear and Partidge and The Meeting Place are both on Lodon Colney High Street and have wicked bands. The bands in the Firkin are unfortunately only ever allowed to play covers so other pubs are better for originality. However, most live bands in most pubs around here do only play covers - even in the Horn a lot of the bands are only allowed to play covers. Most of the bands would rather play their own stuff, but the pubs reckon that the punters prefer what they know.
  • The Horn is great, lots of young men
  • The Firkin has some poo cover bands soetimes but the Horn is marvelous. Such bands as Brainfreeze featuring the Chikin, and Wiretap featuring St Albans most famous twat The Messiah
  • The Horn's pretty good... la la la...
  • They have very sexy guitarist at the Firkin sometimes. The band are Boot the Root I think, but he wiggles nicely.
  • Yeah, the Horn is defo. best - and getting better (with real raw rock bands like The Brink); followed by the Firkin, which is unfortunately getting a bit w**k. 100% are a good Firkin band, very sexy and great snogging abilities. Good musical talent too, of course. The band to look out for is definitely The Brink, great covers nights at The Horn as well as The Pear and Partridge in London Colney and some pubs in Borehamwood. Check out the Battle of the Bands at The Horn, especially the semi-finals on Wednesday, May 10 2000. You'll get to see another brilliant originals set by The Brink, their new tunes kick the s**t out of any other band.
  • club havana on Victoria street is da bomb. they do diz cool garage night dat proves. there's still an underground to this town. Student nights on Wednesay where you you can get in for only 13. wikid.
  • The Astoria is fun, especially on Saturdays (CAMP ATTACK), but it's a bit far away. Go to the horn, and if you avold being attacked by morons, it's really fun! Watch out for regulars, like The Messiah, Chikinboy, Moody, Dante (1 and 2), the wierd guy who burns your legs with cigarettes, Chris 1 who works in the fighting cocks, and lots of others. Quite a lot of them are also found in the LRC, another exclusive venue in Hatfield.
  • The Horn, RE BORN! Brainfreeze are the coolest band! their guitarist (Paul) is SOOO cute!, and last time they played, his big combats nearly fell down, and we all saw his pants! We love paul!! xxxx Their music is cool, too..
  • Traditional covers bands and local talent frequent the Horn Reborn and the Firkin, (NB:the Horn charges admission to see most bands, the Firkin doesn't) try the Rose and Crown on St.Micheals Street for folk nights (normally sundays) it makes a nice change.
  • The Firkin play cool music, with bands like One, Worm and 100%, but they have the EVIL David Rowe, who is the evil version of the good David Rowe we all know and love. Ky tends to seek out the Evil David Rowe, as do Rob's friends from Waitrose, but the rest of us can go to the Horn Re-Born!, which does not feature any evil people with curtains. No-one knows that is on the second floor of the Horn Reborn, but it is probably a brothel. Bands at the horn include Brainfreeze, Syndrome/Malpractice/Sikth, Beanfeast, The Slaves, The Organs, Paedophilophobia, and Can't Snorkel. All the bassists have short hair.
  • John Lill's centre for music in UH. I'll make you some stuff that french people call music.
  • They have cool music in the ANUS, but it's only open on Tuesdays.
  • THE HORN THE HORN THE HORN....they have cool bands like Brainfreeze and the Slaves. The Firkin is good some days like when One or Worm play oooo oooo and 100% the basist has short hair
  • the horn- go to the battle of the band nights always good.
  • Horn - definatly. Go see the slaves. they are the best cover band around. Otherwise, the firkins good enough.
  • Pubs are where the music happens in St Albans. The Horn Reborn has bands on every night, and now the Firkin has bands on most nights as well. Other pubs have folk music, and DJs etc... There is a very good atmosphere in the Horn and the Firkin and the latter is free most nights too!
  • The Goat has a cool resident band called "Sour Kitten" The singers are really sexy
  • Best music venue - The Horn Of Plenty - being renovated and has been taken over by new management - loads of good bands. Dance music scene - home of Decompression. If you like funky acidy techno then check these people out - usually doing events in and around St. Albans. My band "OUT" = hard to describe our style, but we play down at the Horn reasonably regularly!
  • Don't think the Alban Arena counts, try the Forum in Hatfield, if you like young flesh; usually a live band in the Firkin.

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