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  • The Goat, The Hare and Hounds, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, The Cock, The Peacock, The Peahen, the White Hart Tap, The Farmer's Boy, The Horn, The king Offa, The Red Lion, The white Lion, The Lower red Lion, The Colney Fox... And many more
  • Fudge was GAY
  • Round the back of pioneer by the ramps favored by Winos and guys in hoo dies plus some grebos
  • Fightin Cocks
  • Wouldnt even bother going to the pear and partridge they serve disgusting...Its a locals pub and they run it landlord has no control lots of illlegal stuff happening in this pub.
  • i think that the camp pub is one of the best i have visited in the area, it is a friendly, locals pub and i was very welcomed into the pub by the locals and the staff
  • the rats castle makes me shudder
  • The Fleur de Lys on french row is nice n chilled, the fighting cocks is the oldest inhabitated pub in the country and is great in the summer.
  • pandp london colney is a lovely pub with alot of potential just need some good looking male staff and it may be a winner! shame bout the muttons though!!
  • the Fleur is home to the fresh faced croud, there is always fights here, if you are over 19 dont go there. the vintry is the same!
  • The Farmers Boy on London Road has its own microbrewery. The beers are very well kept and the staff are friendly.
  • Annie HEll! LRL! Cider! Gin! Chess!
  • nah dont drink still casa supposed to be good or O'neils
  • Oh dear the fighting Cocks. Been revamped now, I'm sure thers still staff coming in from the school. Calling all youngsters, the White swan usually serves up the goods. I dont know if they still do karaoke though?
  • for the younger 'at heart'...18yr old...there is always the fleur or cross keys. Peahen is good if your 30+ and still trying to feel young but feel odd with the younger crouds.
  • The Bee Hive got renovated, but Harry "Spit Roast" G still works there, and it's still quite a pleasent evening out.
  • Pubs in St. Albans huh?? Hmm, well as long as you have a school uniform you should get into most.
  • the clannad in victoria street has a quiz night every monday at 9 pm
  • SA has the most number of pubs per square mile in the country, however ive only been to a select few. The cross keys is shit, the vintry is pretencious, the peahen is full of scallies and the bell smelled of puke up until recently. I dont go to town very often now!
  • The White Hart on Hollywell Hill serves both Skoll and Gold Label, oh yes!
  • The Goat is the site of all of my midnight sex escapades....all of them....and its not too far from the nunnery on a cold sunday morning
  • BARNEYS- my brother works there
  • HORN HORN HORN (vintry)
  • The 'Hive (otherwise known as the Bee Hive) is the pub where all the cool kids hang out. Just down the road from the tool tent. You might need to bring your own chair if you want to sit in the garden though, and it takes about half an hour to get served at the bar. It's worth it for the atmosphere though.
  • Fighting Cocks and the Phirkin
  • Don't go to the beehive if you look young, even if you are,indeed, over 18 there are old, bitter bitches in there who dispise the young having a life, unlike she did when she was young, before she discovered peroxide hair bleach and birth control.
  • Fighting Cocks, st Albans Crooked Chimney, Welwyn, Herts
  • Want a decent pub, Firkin is now O'Neils, worth a visit as has late licence, Peahen still busy but things much more lively now with dance floor etc, Cross Keys - STAY AWAY - cliental all appear to be 19 year olds who felt the need to have face lifts to remove 5 years if you get my drift, Vintry currently being refurbed - not holding my breath mind, decor was not the problem was the customers! The bell, all right, the only decent pub showing football at the moment!
  • The Pineapple on catherine st run by a lady called joy...about the most relaxed friendly chilled out boozers in the world....a few years back. Some great bands and some dross but hey! thats pubs for you.
  • vintry is the best
  • One of my favourite things to do is sit in the Cross Keys all day. It's great! The beer and tea is really cheap, and it's full of drunken old men who buy you drinks all the time. I once persuaded one of the old men to come down there on a Friday Night. He got into a fight with a load of townie kids. Hell, those kids didn't know who they were taking on. He killed four of them with his stick alone.
  • the six bells
  • the beehive wins hands down cool music, hot babes and good beer just remember some id as you will be asked
  • How we have progressed from The GOat to the Firkin, to the Fighters and now the Beehive...
  • Pubs.....alas i am still to young to go on that magical journey
  • Casa is quite pretentious but good for the older crowd. The Firkin has now closed and become an O'Neils. O'Neils is closed and is to become 'Barneys' the St Albans version of Harpenden's Billys- can't wait!!
  • x keys for cheap drink easy girls. vintry of you shop at zobia etc. fighters is the real mans choice. hot coles used to be good then they got skanky with their happy hour seeing as everyone pissed off afterwards. casa for over priced ponce.
  • The Horn Reborn kicks arse, the staff are really cool, just don't mess with Ian! The bands are really cool and DJ Hansi on monday nights is v cool. Look out for X and Urban Native as both are v good
  • Fitas (better known as the fighting cocks) my opinion is that its a unique little pub that you cant beat (although i may be slightly biased concidering i worked there this summer) best in the summer when u can laze around in the garden in the afternoon and then leave hopefully not in an ambulance at closing! Also has lovely staff as long as it isnt a sunday lunch time when the place is rediculously busy!
  • Fighters-top place, with good food and lots of alcohol! but look out for the scary guy who tried to set fire to the garden the first nite i worked there, and steve the barman who turns everyone upside down! ();-) squeak
  • The Bee-Hive seems to rapidly be becoming the new Goat. Alas, they are quite mean to me sometimes and ID me, but I really am the right age, and now we are friends again. It, in the summer, seems to fill with the old St. Albans alternative crowd, including Frank vaulting the fence, and Alan stumbling about in a haze and then going off to Potter's Bar. It's One Amazing Day Out. Ooooh, and they have space heaters in the Garden now, although we had a disturbing moment in the Garden. We stood there with our Aliens stylee proximity detectors, and Shaihan and Frank and Timmy the stag Boy approached us, although we couldn't see them. Then they leapt through the garden canopy. Remember, short controlled bursts!
  • Mine's a pint of melted recorder!
  • Casa is a new 'bar', just bout the only non-pub decent drinkin place in St Albans, except 4 Hot Coles. The Bell is the place to go, with its landmarks such as Helen from Waitrose occupying her corner, and occasionally redecorating the walls. Other partners can often be seen, but due to drink, they'll never see you.
  • The Three Hammers is nearest to me but is full of sad, old people. The geeks! Fighting Cocks is ok but no fighting cocks except once a cock called martin g did get in a fight. The Vintry is alright...
  • some good old pubs, enough wetherspoon-alikes to keep the shiny shirted mothers boys out of your way. top spot for sunday lunch - go out of town past cafe rouge, turn left, go past The Goat (ah - you thought i was going to say the goat) and go in the next pub on the left. got good beer garden out back.
  • Last Days of the firkin, every day, at the Firkin. You can always bump into some random people. Plus, if you go to the Fighting Cocks, you can make fires, and annoy poor Student Nurses from Southhampton. Or play the "swing the glass" game at the White Hart Tap.
  • The staff of the Beehive have remarkable skill in sqeezing past each other, why don't they widen the bar space? or put the staff on the cabbage diet?
  • The King's Arms? That hasn't been a pub since about 1996. All the Verulam Indie kids used to drink in there, whilst us Beaumont indie kids prefered the Peahen (when it was dingy, with a big turtle shell on the wall above the door to the bogs).
  • Every year, the St. Albans Shaihan Snogging championship takes place in the White Swan, and many attractive men from the surrounding area cluster in the White Swan to get a chance to snog Shaihan. At 7.30, Shaihan is released into the pub, and he has an hour to drink as much as he can. Then, the men are released, and they must take every opportunity they can to snog Shaihan as much as possible. Crowds gather from many surrounding towns to view this spectacle. James Seals has won in the last four years, and looks set to continue doing so.
  • "The Whiskey Pub" in Fishpool Street. Lots of drunks, but a good atmosphere.
  • The Fighting Cocks has a very misleading title. Me and my friends went there to watch some cocks fight, and not a single cock fought the whole night. We even brought a whole load of angry roosters, and they asked us to leave. Now the bear baiting in the Inn-Shops has stopped too, there's nowhere for medeival sports entheusiasts to go.
  • Firkin + Fighters are bestest. We also like Hot Coles, especially when they undercharge you. Or go to the keys and laugh at the Townies.
  • St. Albans is full of good pubs. Pretty much all of them are alright, they just have the odd bad night.
  • Pubs? Wherever the bouncers dont look too hard. Especially the Fighters (there are no bouncers) and if you are prepared to swallow your pride, The Cricketers. If you are a little older than 16 then any of the pubs will do and there are many to choose from. I got into the Firkin once, that was nice.
  • The Duke of Marlborough does not like families. Unless both parents are under 18.
  • Go to the Firkin on a Tuesday/Wednesday night! Don't forget your green shirt, though.
  • so who else has heard that the firkins gonna become an oneals. shame. the firkin was grewat until it killed itself off by droping its bands, banning its regulars, getting rid of its wood, moving its stage, having dj nights, and then (the final straw) charging to get in!) poo.
  • the horn reborn
  • Fighting Cocks is god, the Firkin is the suckest! They are now charging the moronic sum of THREE QUID to play with them of a Friday Nite! Whores!
  • If you go to the fighting cocks, you can smash as many ash trays as you like, but beware burning phallically shaped man penis, especially in front of alison and rosie, as some barmaid will throw you out. Trust me, I know..
  • Paul Ray pours the pints at the Horn, and he is the king of it.. he pours the white froth with little problems, and fills the pint glass right to the top each time, often it overflowing.
  • The Horn reborn is very good, especially when THE BRINK are playing one of their original sets.
  • There's squillions of pubs in St. Albans, from really quiet locals to "havin' it large" pubs in the centre of Town. Noone agrees on which are the best, it's a total matter of opinion. Too make huge over simplifications: if you like dance and trendy stuff you'll probably like the Vintry or the Peahen. If you in to rock or skateboarding, you'll probably like The Fighting cocks, the Horn or the Firkin. If you like live bands of all sorts from 60s to 90s heavy rock to cheesy classics then the latter two are good for you too. The Bell and O'Neils are over 21 pubs so you can normally avoid the severely under aged there. everyone says they hate the cross keys but it's always packed because it's cheap and you can wear trainers (unlike the peahen and the vintry etc)The Fleur has DJs that do garage and house and whatever else, so that's quite happening too. Other than that, most of the pubs are a bit quieter. Except for the best of the London Colney pubs, which are definitely worth a visit even if you don't live very close.
  • I like the young men in the Fighters pub and the Horn
  • Lots of pubs, the yocals usually go to the Firkin on Friday nights. I tend to go to the Horn to see the bands and the yocals will be there like Dante 1 and 2 they are both funny in the head, The Messiah, Moody, and The Chikin amongst others
  • If you're into lots and lots of fun bar staff, tasty food and dancing old people, then the Fighting Cocks is the place. You can even buy beer there! It's near the park, so you can go and burn stuff on the big concrete square.
  • The Fighting Cocks, now that the garden is open, and Andy has fixed the lights, in between canoe meetings, and Ginger is back. Their fruit machings suck though.
  • Ye old fighting cocks:-Staff is wonderful, food is homecooked and good value, though serves better bitters than largers!!
  • go see andy at the fighting cocks and tell him you want him to dance for you. he does it y'know. ...and it doesnt cost much. but make sure you ask for drink not food. cos they stop serving food too early to get fat.
  • I would love to know where the hell normal 20 somethings go in this bloody town
  • If you like people of the same sex, the White Swan is the best Gay pub in St. Albans. However, if you're not gay, you may get picked up on if you go there. Shaihan got snogged by James Seals there, against his will!
  • The Horn Reborn - The name says it all dont go there - Full of alternative freaks Vintry, Goat, Xkeys, Fighting Cox are fantastic , to name a few The White Hart Tap, The Great Northern, and the Firkin act as the local 'Creches' of a saturday evening. Where all kids under 18 in St.Albans congregate
  • Let me introduce you to some of the characters in the Firkin (known to everyone in St. Albans as the F'Kin!). Now, if you go outside, especially on a Friday, you may spot one of the following people: Kinglsey: Tall, spiky hair, very disturbing. He likes making films, looking surprising, singing Song 2 in a high voice, and lying on the pavement. Mark: He is the same as Phil out of Waynes World ("Woah! It's Phil! Hey, Phil.. you gonna spew? Spew into this".) He sticks Budweiser bottles up his nose, and goes to college. Dave: He once tried to make a glass pyramid. Steve: He likes to cause mayhem whilst moshing to Clear Cut, he drinks Guinness, and now has spiky hair. Chris: He wears a big leather coat, he drinks water, he is a subversive and once tried to blow up the maltings. Robbie: He likes to mix strange drinks, he has a pint hole on the table, and he puts out fires. Adrien: He has a tattoo and a red mini, and he has lots of phones. Dildo Man: He is a strange man who walks about with a dlido in one hand, laughing evilly.
  • The Fighting Cocks is the best pub for freaky people to go to, now that the goat has closed. You can always spot a bunch of strange people burning stuff. Sometimes you can go to the Firkin, generally known about St. Albans as the "F'Kin!" for reasons unknown. Most of the bands their suck, but it's now open until 12.00, and you can sit on the last table along where all the cool people go, including Kingsley and "Phil out of Waynes World" The table also has "O <-- Robbie's Pint" written on it, which brings back fond memories!
  • The Vintry won't let fat people in. They suck in this respect. Also, the Fighting Cocks is full of Greeks. And they don't serve Stella any more.
  • DON'T GO TO THE GOAT ANY MORE!!! The pub has recently come under new management(mid '99), the Alternative crowd has moved out and you now have to be over 21 and wear smart clothes, no jeans no trainers, to get in. As an alternative try the Beehive on London road, friendly, intimate, and a great music quiz on tuesday nights. Other good spots include The White swan by WHSmiths(cheap Guinness), and the Hare and Hounds on Sopwell Lane.
  • Oh, if you want little kids, go to the Duke of Marlborough... that's actually a youth club. No, the F'ting C'cks wins our first place, especially in the summer, with the F'kin coming a close second.
  • Go to the Fighting Cocks, because their staff are great. They have Ginger, who rocks, and showed his ariel to Caff, and accused Adrien of giving head to his bottle. Also they have Chris 1, who came to Paul's gig at the horn, and all sorts of others, and there's a cat who stands on tables when you need to take druggy arty photos. However, the best member of staff is Andy the Glass Collector, who will do anything you ask him .. he did a dance, jumped down some steps and even posed seductively for us! We love Andy!
  • Fighting cocks. but beware of the low celing
  • The Crossed Keys is a great pub for young drinkers, although due to recent cctv installations in St. Peters Street, they have started IDing. At least that should lower the average age to about 17. No music there, but is definitely the place to meet people you know.
  • Don't go to the Goat if you value your sanity.
  • The goat, packed and cool. I shall never understand how there jukebox works (seems to skip between 80's, death rock, pop, folk, etc) The Firkin- tacky but livley. The Fighting cocks - especially nice now the gardens open (but dont smash glasses or i promise you, you do get dissliked :) ) The X keys is only good at lunch times when they do two meals for a fiver
  • The Goat is by far the best alternative pub
  • Fishpool Street makes a great pub crawl. This is the city with the most number of pubs within a square mile. Sorry but I can't remember how many but it is around 65 when I last checked.
  • The best pub used to be the Crystal Palace - London Road, this unfortunately got demolished to make room for office blocks - but many good times had there. Otherwise St Albans is OK.
  • From what I can remember, the Adelaide, in Adelaide Street, was worth a far better mention than it got. I found the atmosphere pretty cool and the guy that runs it, Ricky, was really great.
  • The Goat is a superb pub 18-30 sort of age range - alternative crowd nicest doormen in the world. The Adelaide is sooo goddamn aweful, full to lager louts with attitude.
  • The Fighting Cocks is one of the oldest pubs in GB and is a pretty cool place for a warm summer night.

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