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Record Shops
  • Long Haired Ed now works in Empire Records, a new place in Heritage Close selling new & old vinyl and CDs. Well worth checking out, loads of great stuff from all genres.
  • Vinal shop on station bridge dont know name
  • Vinal shop on train bride in Victoria Street
  • woodstock records - shut down now though, went all cyberspace!
  • Maniac Vinyl on Hatfield road do loadsa stuff.
  • plastic records is by far the best. manic vinyl is always full of ru'bwoy hood rats and if boxer records still exists, they've taken their password to enter policy a bit too far.
  • Manic Vinyl in Fleetville is good for U.S Hip-hop and DnB but slightly commercial. Plastic in town stocks British Hip-Hop, got some heavy beats. But then again for 9.50 get a travel card and go Soho.
  • Manic Vinyl, it is situatied just past the crown pub near st.albans station. this is for tastes such as dnb, garage, house, dance etc
  • Go to the market near past times theres a quality record shop there. Trust me.
  • HMv all the way large selection as well ad vids and DVD's although theie world musicsection needs a severe shake up
  • Woodstock and boxer are the only ones I remember. Lot of attitude in Boxer until my friend told me he used to bun with the sales assistants during lunch break
  • Boxer records down a small side street with the pub 'the swan' on the corner they are good for drum n bass, garage, hard house etc. so if your not into raving..dont bother!
  • Plastic Records is near Argos, and it's quite a fun place to go. The guy who stands there all day (not the one who works there, the other guy) is called Rob Focuz, but you should probably call him Mr Focuz until you're aquainted. He actually DJs in the Horn quite a lot of the time, and he's quite a safe dude, but don't invite him back to your house! He once tried to climb into a really small cupboard under the influence of much drink!
  • Well there's HMV and Woolies....Im sure there are alternative record shops which are well hidden away from the wrath of the townie population.
  • HMV, is crap but plastic records is sick loasa brumm and bass + hip hop it on st peters street down a little ally
  • HMV, Virgin Megastores and there used 2 b Ourprice not sure now though. Might have turned it in2 Soletraders or somethin.
  • Plastic records....they make records from plastic, with music that is good, and sell them for money...make love to me bbabby
  • hmv's probly ur best bet
  • Long Haired Ed works in sainsburys now so buy your cds there and say hi.
  • HMV is the enemy!!!
  • HMV 'top dogs'sucking each other off behind the counter eh????? Personally, from an ex pups point of view, this is a fabrication of the truth, only certain pups do. Check out the Cross breeds (no names included unfortunately, not that I'm ashamed, but they know who they are) for example....ooooooo, woof woof, how they bark!!!!!! They have Tiffany's back catalogue too.........go the the bearded and spectacled one on the market on Saturdays!!!!!! Bargain of choice!
  • 'Upmarket records' on hatfield road. What an ironic title, full of shit garage 12 inches and very little else
  • HMV? fuck that! erm... woodstocks gone. oh dear lets go to camden.
  • hmv has a good selection but is sometimes lacking in punk
  • Ruth works at the Maltings Our Price now, but they are destined to close, and so she has been bringing large parts of the contents home for ages. On the last day, she will take her manager home with her. She also makes her own clothes out of any materials she can find. She once made a coat from the skin of a young man.
  • HMV is OK but expensive....not enough WARP, Planet Mu, Rephlex etc. Our Price...both shops now suck ass
  • Our price not in the maltings, has many skaters workin'! skaters welcome
  • Woodstock Records, the guy on the market - he sells 'em cheap - probably pirate, our price (x2!!), HMV.
  • The best Record Shop in town is "Robbie Record's Sister", which is a shop that Paul Pepper keen to visit is. It has many pictures of CD and Tape and Record and 14 Year Old Girls, and Paul like to frequent them all. Quintin Parker also lives in there, and he render the Neighbours Theme Tune to all who care to listen. Once, all the occupants of shop were to vomit all simultaneous. Buckets were provided, but none were saved.
  • I like to buy CDs from the Wax Factory, in George Street. Old Drunk Men own the shop, but they are strangely lovable in an endearing way. One of them is grotesquely swollen with helium gas, but he does not have the squeaky voice this would notmally produce. Instead, he give discount CDs to kids with amputated limbs.
  • there are no shops in St Albans apart from: meg's baking, hair by jules and the smell emporim that sells aromas, mostly greek, getting records is hard.
  • You joking? There are two Our Prices.
  • Go to Woodstock records and tell 'em Nick sent you. Or go to Our price and say hi to long haired Ed.
  • Boxer Records is the only one, but they are pricey (7+)
  • Last week I was buying records from HMV, when I was beaten by a little kid, oh yeah, he's only four feet tall, stronger than he looks you know.. it was a massive fiasco, and next time I'll be a-shopping in Our Price. Falcon Records was fun, but some guy who was actually a woman took all their shop displays, including a massive Kula Shaker spaceman, and they had to close.
  • I went in Woodstock and they had lots of lovley ninja tune / wowax / warp stuff. Yummy
  • Woolworths are perhaps the most suck, but you should also take into account Our Price and of course HMV. Our price is full of sale stock that is expensive, and HMV is full of a guy who talks to your boyfriends.
  • If you want to Spin the Black Circle in style, then go to "Sick and Wrong", it's a record shop behind Woolworths, and they use it for slaughtering pigs at night, but that doesn't make it any cooler.
  • Woodstock records in Heritage Close, just off chequer street I think, that's very good. The blokes in there are really helpful and will order in anything they can for you. They've got a mix of new and second hand and they've got all types of music. Definitely worth a browse
  • They sell the Toilet Boys CD in HMV thats probably the best of the record shops
  • Theres Hmv, and Ourprice but the best selection is in HMV. I like to listen to the classics like Bach.
  • You can buy hot spinning disks of iron from Dr. Ennis, who isn't really a doctor, but runs JACK SHOW records from the Fighting Cocks, a local place. God bless his sadly truncated floppy hair.
  • Woodstock's schmoooove daddio. Shame the weird dude just got rid of all the CDs tho'... Still Harry Secombe rrrrrocks. Or something.
  • There is a rather strange but cool chinese/canadian guy in Hatfield Road, who sells really wierd music that you can't get anywhere else. He's called Warren and he does some really odd things.
  • Woolworths suck hard.
  • A new HMV recently opened in St Peters Street, expanding the amount of music available in St. Albans many fold, Stratospheric prices however. Good CD stall on the market every saturday, normally outside WHSmiths somewhere. For the more specialist stuff go to Woodstock Records in Heritage Close.
  • I thought HMV suck anus, but they did have a single for 1.99. MAGIC CUM!
  • HMV suck eachother off under the counter, they take turns at this, and they sold someone a Clash CD and it was all scratched. They are downright evil. And they have singles for about 5.00 each. Go to London or Brighton.
  • Woodstock records is a grand place to buy stuff cos he plays dodgy music in the background that he wrote himself buy a fireside in devon during the 1980's
  • hey theres now an HMV. still pretty shit though. if you do go, remember your student card!
  • Falcon. They'll get you what you want (if you ask them nicly) thell even happly let you put your name on thwe back of there displays so you can later have them (our price tend to promise you them, but then give them to someone else!)
  • Quite a few crappy commercial places inclusing 3 Our Prices! Woodstock records is a cool shop tho, catering for underground dance.
  • Every Monday in the Town Hall - Little man selling cool second hand records
  • The only good record shop in St.Albans is Boxer records... Ok, Ok it's only dance, but I assure you it's good. Oh, and then there's the guy on the market... he's just about opposite WH Smiths.... Sells good stuff, new & second hand. See, there are some decent places to shop for music in St.Albans!
  • Our Price x 2 (aren't we lucky!!)
  • Woodstock Records - Purveyors of fine second hand records. Always worth a laugh - especially when playing "Who can buy the most embarrassing record?" game.
  • godamnit ----Boxer records is a load of dump!!!!
  • Boxer records sell mainly hardcore and rave, but are a good stockist if you like that

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