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Skateboard Shops in St Albans, Hertfordshire*

Where to buy skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, curb wax, tees, caps, set ups, bolts, kingpins etc

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Skateboard Shops
  • Conspiracy skate shop, st albans
  • Conspiracy London Road
  • conspiracy is ok.... but it IS NOT THE NEW CLARKES SKATES! clarkes was a true classic.... they were pioneers... conspiracy is just another sk8 shop like any other! i remember slapping griptape onto a new board there in bout '86... happy memories... wish i could go back in time and buy all the boards hanging from the ceiling... big respect to clarkes skates!
  • There is no where in the worls like Conspiracy in London Road
  • Conspiracy
  • Yeah i agree with the last post, Conspiracy is a real good store, the staff are always friendly & helpful. Last time i went in, i was so desperate for new bearings as i had just destroyed 2 of mine at the pioneer....anyway, even though i was a few pounds short, they still gave me a new set! The guys in there obviously know what its like to NEED to skate on summer day... Cheers guys. Visit you local store, become a local, make new friends.....skate hard.
  • If your looking for one of the best snowboard stores around, goto Conspiracy skateboard and snowboard shops in St Albans. Such a good choice of top brands at good prices.
  • Conspiracy has got to be the best skate & snowboard shop around... Those old comments from people saying they are over priced are so old and need to be updated! If you find something cheaper anywhere else they will beat the price! We should support our independent shops before they disappear... The chain stores are the rip off merchants, like route one! open your eyes and try something fresh, go to Conspiracy!
  • conspiracy on london road is the only option
  • there is a good shop down victoria street just past dominoes pizza sells skate board stuff and ski stuff etc
  • Conspiracy the coolest place EVER. free stickers!
  • Cponspiracy
  • I used to like clarkes, when it was down by the old flea infested odeon. They were really cool in there and had nuff retro oldschool skate tees and shoes. I got my favourite ever tee there, its a purple Lance mountain t-shirt with little yellow figures bouncing all the wy round, bit small now! Anyway, I don't
  • Clarks is now called CONSPIRACY
  • Conspiracy,London Road St Albans
  • conpiracy (rip of) better of going to watford
  • Conspiracy on london road.
  • Just saying, If you read below they say "clarkes skates" on london road. Clarkes has now changed their name to "Conspiracy" which, if you ask me, is alot better! The prices are a bit off, but it's the only good place in St.Albans. Oh yeah, Hi Zig, Joe, Joe, Sam, Austin, Stephan and anyone else who knows me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Coral press will sell you cool hoverboards like those seen in Back to the future. If they say they don't have any in stock, don't take their word for it..just jump up and down in the air screaming 'I wish i was michael j fox' until they bow down to you...they call this an initiation test...welcome to the future
  • conspiracy is the best. staff are friendly and happy 2 help. girls and boys clothing, surf and skate. boards r kosher
  • conspiracy, the only decent one!
  • Morry Ryan's in Hatfield Road has a quite lame selection, as they seem to sell Skateboard stuff, but also building equipment. The same goes for Buttles.. they have quite a selection (Gordon is the resident expert.. you may spot him hiding round the back amongst those big bags of stuff). Again, lots of building equipment.. St. Albans is possibly the only place where you can pick up a skateboard and a pallet full of bricks in the Same Shop!
  • conspiracy kicks ass a bit
  • conspiracy has a good stuff but not enough t-shirts in large.
  • -Conspiracy! The only skate shop in St Albans, pretty good but waay overpriced
  • conspiracy skate shop, used to be clarks skates
  • Coral Press is still the main skateboard shop for those who wish to avoid the chinese Custard Torture, but Jill has left, so Clare is the resident skateboard expert. However, if skateboard tips, lessons, second hand goods and oral pleasure are your key, then put your right shoes on, and go to Chuckie's house. He is the man. Apparently he's into porn too.
  • The Three Hammers near Chiswell Green passes itself off as a Skateboard shop, but it's really a pub! Many young skate-clad teens like Oscar and Chris Ennis and Fildo make the hour long pilgimage to The Three Hammers, only to be turned away by Tommy Boy (of 'wheels of steel' fame) who used to work there. One kid knocked some glass out of a window, and their barmaid asked some strange kids about their novel in progress. She was hot. Yeah.
  • Conspiracy on London road
  • Coral Press, in Hatfield Road, is the only place in st. Albans that you can get a decent skateboard without fear of the chinese guys and their custard pipe. You can buy all sorts of Skateboards from there, plus Skateboard tools, and Scented Ring Binders, box files, jiffy bags and other items of Stationery. Jill is the Skateboard Expert, and she'll gladly demonstrate any skateboard for you, or tell you about the ins and outs of skateboarding in St. Albans
  • Coral Press on Hatfield Road is the best for Skateboards in the whole town.. they have a wide selection, and the staff are always helpful, especially Jill.. They don't tend to keep them on display though, but if you ask her to show you the Skateboard selection, you're sure to get a pleasing reaction. They also sell all sorts of other things, including Scented Ring Binders! They actually organise the "Coral Press Open Air Festival", which takes place every year on the Coral Press Roof, a great community event that involves the whole of Hatfield Road. The theme this year is "Monsters of Rock - In Drag!" Go to for more information.
  • go to coral press in hatfield rd. a large range of good quality skateboards for bargain prices
  • These real cool cats called Pepsi and Max run one in Midway. It's always fun to look around, and Pepsi is great. But Max is really nasty.
  • The skate park in St Albans also is great for young men
  • There was a decent one but it closed and opened as a crappy snowboardy type shop selling there own crap.
  • Last time I went into a skating shop, I passed out, and these chinese guys had a tube up my ass and were filling me with custard. I'd advise the one on London Road, I think it's called Obsolete. The one with the chinese guys was Demanufacture.
  • CONSPIRACY the best shop in town they sell everything for skateboarders
  • Don't skate down to no.18.. the railings are great, but my little son Danny cracked his head open on one of them. Poor kid.
  • Well I would say clarkes but they sell about 5 pairs of skates and people need to travel into London if they are serious about skateboarding/ hockey/ agressive.
  • Clarks Skates on London Road has a good range of kit and friendly staff too.
  • clarkes skates. canberra house london rd. great shop, est.1977 (must be one of the longest running skate shops in london)
  • DO NOT buy from Clarkes. They charge rip off prices. If you want selection, goto Skate attack in Kentish town (the biggest in the country) if you want to get stuff for a third of the price, use the net and order it from the us. or even better go through the channel tunnel and get them from the massive sports shoip in citie europe
  • Clarkes SK8s in London Road. Well cool: always has the latest gear in and sells old stuff cheap.

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