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Skateboarding Spots
  • In St Albans every where is a short drive apart, or an extremely long skate. I recommend skating in st albans with a car or come skate in harpenden where all the spots are a lot closer.
  • Westminster lodge (verulamium park), 2 long waxed marble ledges, small stairsets, large stairset.
  • 2 Decent stairsets and a ledge just by Barclays Bank and the maltings.
  • For up to date information go to our website,
  • Skatejam at Pioneer Saturday 14 Feb 2009 from 1pm Cost £10 info from 01727850741
  • Pioneer skatepark doesnt do Chips or Burgers any more just "healthy food" cause the youth service doesnt like to give the skaters what they want...
  • New Infomation about the Pioneer skate park. The parks opening times remain the same. mondays 7-10 inliner night (2.50 quid) Tuesdays 7-10 mixed (2.50 quid) wednesdays 7.30-1030 skateboard night (2.50 quid) thursdays 6-8 begineers only (2.50 quid) 8-10 mixed (2.50 quid) Fridays shut at the moment Saturdays 12-5 mixed (4quid) Sundays 10-12 skate school (5quid) 12-5 mixed (4quid) might start a new night on the first friday of each month which will be a bit more of a Jam style event than normal session Hot food has been suspended due to lack of staff but drinks and sweets are still for sale.
  • Warning the good old pioner has gone very politically correct they dont do hot food dont allow you to take pictures or videos no more. There's talk of the park bein run with Youth Workers. Its just not friendly like it was.
  • Skatejam at Pioneer Skatepark Saturday 15th March 2008 12 noon to 6pm cost 37 further info 01727850741
  • Pioneer Skatepark new session Thursdays 5.30-7.30 cost £2 Burgers available.
  • Oaklands College: Stair sets, flat bank. (Watch out 4 security weekends are the best time to go) Station: Flat banks, ledges' smooth surfaces. Civic centre: Just been refurbished. Stairs, flat bank, boxes. Pioneer: Opening Victoria Rd: Stairs and flat banks scattered around. Maltings loading bay: ONLY GO FROM 5:30 ON SUNDAY or you will get kicked out and the cops WILL come. You don't even get a warning from the people.
  • Pioneer Skatepark good ramps In and out door.No Pikkies or chavs to trouble u like at Watford also hot foods like burgers an potnoodels
  • in St.Albans Pioneer was the spot! haven't been down since it re-opened, used to sk8 the metal mini outside early saturday and sunday mornings, bout 6am! we'd get down there with towels to de-ice and smoke/sk8 it up! Station carpark & jersey ramps were good as well... there were some ok kerbs near jersey ramp! alban arena was not bad/ not that good though.... some nice hills for some downhills sh*t!
  • Check out the Pioneer Skatepark, Heathlands Drive
  • At Homebase in the industrial park - As a guy mentioned before it's got really smooth surfaces and sweet ledges. While not that high, they are the perfect material to grind and ride. There is also a bike ramp over at one side with concrete ramps down the side. The top is like a smooth kicker or you can just ride it as a flatbank. Unfortunately the concrete slopes down the side have stones stuck in them so you can't ride, but there is a good enough sideways runup to trick down on to the bicycle ramp without hitting the other side. Just a word of caution though, sometimes at night strange people turn up in a white van and start riding mini-motos around the car park.
  • Pioneer Skatepark is still open daily for sk8ing sk8boarding and the best burgers in the world (almost). on Heathlands Drive off Harpenden Road A1081 Phone 01727850741 for info or see pics on
  • Pioneer Skatepark Heathlands Drive St Albans Oldest indoor skatepark with good burgers and also ramps
  • Oysterfields skatepark next to the old hospital but its bollocks -worst park layout ever - go to the pioneer instead
  • Pioneer but its weak, for street might as well roll on to Milton Keynes, or jump a train to southbank
  • Aboyne Lodge school, got sum sick little ledge with sum sik benches to lay down them!!
  • Civic and Pioneer. But St.Albans is quite chavvie these days.
  • Home Base - this place has got a smooth surface with raised pavements that are godd for ollieing up/off and grinding on. plus they got these trolleys with a flat surface that u can use for sumthing.
  • The loading bay for the maltings! super spafe ledge low to uber high and a super cool 4 1/2ish foot drop with a lovely long run up. mind you only skate there on a sunday after 5 30 or theyll kick you out by speakerphone! HErETic 2.0-coming soon!
  • the pioneer vmost prob or jus an ordinary street some mans jus drop tricks outside the civic centre barclays bank
  • Station car park. Alll the way, Rodney flipping the top ramp on the cover of Sidewalk made me proud to skate there.
  • Always see skateboarders outside St.Albans train station, not sure why.
  • Coming soon to an skatepark near you (thats if you live in St Albans).It 32 foot long you can skate on it.More info from 01727850741... Girls Skateboard Comp at Pioneer skatepark Heathlands Drive,St Albans Sunday 4th April 2004 12noon-5pm. Prizes too.Anyone who is not a girl will have to a not bring a board b have to check their board at the door before they go in. c have a sex change operation before they come.
  • Pioneer Skatepark opening times are Sat and Sun 12-5 All cost 3 Mondays Inliners only 7-10pm 2 Tuesdays and Fridays All 7-10pm 2 Wednesday 7.30-10.30pm Sk8boarders only 2 Thursdays 6-8 Beginners only 2 Thursdays 8-10 All 2 Sundays (and alternate Saturdays) 10-12 Rodney Clarke's Skate School (5)
  • The pioneer skatepark is quite a good spot but thats only if you like people watching you ( don't ride in front of people they go mad ). Its betta if you just rent it out its like 25 a hour but if all your m8s chip in it don't cost that much.
  • errr the fuckers corner where all the prostotutes go it on the dge of town and it has a huge 2-10 set of stairs with marbel run up pure heavan
  • Oaklands collge in town, Mapel banks are sick. St. Albans St stevens has a huge grass gap wich i have seen Ian duncan and jason have. The 8 at marks and spencer which jason recently kikfliped
  • Clarence Park
  • francis bacon school round back there's a halfpipe, has no coping and a chain in the middle but its pretty sick and the fence has been bent so its easy to get to. but don't spend too long-eyes all around! pioneer skate park just reopend
  • The Station Roof. Once I saw Ginger Skatey Tom, who is one of the legendary St. Albans Skaters, and his big baggy trousers were ripped all the way down one leg. Apparently they'd been skating on the station roof, and he'd taken the skating equivelant of "one toke over the line" and gone flying off the station roof. I'm amazed he only ripped his trousers, and not his spleen or something.
  • Pioneer Skatepark now open again after being closed for nearly 2 years.Mondays 7-10pm Inliners and Quads.Wednesdays 7.30-10.30 Skateboarders.Tues,Thurs Fridays 7-10 Skateboarders and Inliners.Sat,Sun 12-5 Skateboarders and Inliners.Cost 2 Weekdays and 3 Weekends. Helmets must be worn.Some available for hire at 1.Skatepark can be rented on Saturdays from 5Pm for 25per hour. Canteen with Hot Food usually open Mon,Wed,Fre and Weekend Sessions.More Info phone 01727 850741
  • pioneer soon to re open
  • The ramps in jersey farm are no longer (and haven't been for time) but they were wicked. It was a whole mind experience.
  • The bandstand, clarence park! Prepare yourself for gang warfare! Skaties vs Geekies vs Townies vs Old People on Bowling Green
  • Hey kids. Dont's skate....smoke!
  • LORETO GIRLS SCHOOL has some really cool skater chix in yr ten nxt year oh oh oh im one thats y all known fit skater boys report there at luch times we will give ur you missions ;p
  • Safeway carpark, got lots of curbs and a really waxed up ledge, great for beginers as it is secluded and great for pro's who wanna stretch their legs. Also 2 new skate parks comin' soon, one near cottonmill and the other in Francis bacon school.
  • you forgot to mention the only decent in-door skate park in heartsfordshire (which has been there only 10 years) The pioneer in st albans off the harpenden rd. i am suprised you have not got this in your guide despite it being nationaly covered by skate press for its yearly competition!
  • Try and sneak into St Columba's Collage and skate round there. It has everything a pro or a beginner wants - stairs, benches, some downhill places and nobody cares if you skate there (but try and skate there at the week ends or the evenings)
  • If you like Grinding, then down Hatfield Road there is the Ky Tung skate park, where you can play at the grind technique all day long.. The guy who started it all was called Ky, and it is rumoured he made up the grind technique...
  • I like to grind on the railings outisde number 18. I am the best at the GRIND TECHNQUE!
  • The Alban Arena loads and loads of step there and loads to grind Christopher Place car park double sided curbs the lot Camp Road thats quite good but you'll probably get moaned at the houses are higher than the street so the have mini concrete flatbanks at the front of every house and of cource the pioneer the best place in town Mondays-Inlines Quads Wednesday-Skateboarders!! and Fridays football and other sports
  • the curb outside the policemans house is great, he bad he bad to the bone, mad mad maenntal boy!
  • churchill rd has just been resurfaced and the kids have already waxed the curbs. go slide down this hill and check out the railings at no. 18. slick.
  • The roof of verulam school
  • Pioneer Club: Indoor street course with hip, quarterpipes, wall-ride etc. Tuesday 7-9, Sunday 9-1, 2-5, Friday 8-11pm. Under 12s only on Thursdays (?). £2 per year plus 50p per session. Also midi ramp outside for dry days. Safety gear required. Phone St Albans (01727) 50741 for up to date information. Venue for notorious street competitions.
  • Station car park - blocks on driveways, smooth 2nd level. Civic centre - very good, steps, blocks and nice tramps.
  • Jersey farm mini ramps: Rareunit mini-mini. Their first elbow.- check that they're still up.
  • St.Albans is near Hemel Hempstead which is good.

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