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  • Hi. Please can you remove my name (Jason Tatton) from your page about St.Albans ( I don't recall ever submitting information. I will one day in the future though. Thanks, Jason
  • GINGER MILLS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Can I just say I know the elusive Adam Chady and he never lived in St Albans, he lived in Shenley, sorry to shatter that illusion
  • we have the most pubs in Europe and the oldest pub in the world
  • If your going to visit St. Albans, thake the advice of someone who has lived here for the whole of my 29yrs. DO look out for the rat infested take-a-way shops in London Road. Especially if walking to work in the moring on that route, as the rats are often seen on the path. DO look out for roadworks, many roads are totally jammed as idiot drivers cram all the routes as idiot road workers close roads for 8 weeks plus! DO be careful of the ignorant, idiotic taxi drivers there. All of them are fools who seem to think they own the roads. Half of them should probably not be driving! Mind you, the bus drivers are no better!
  • cheek out all the local UBC crew with thier nutters members by chillin at civic at 12
  • I miss it coz now i live i SLEFORD!!
  • NATURIST EVENING. Westminster Lodge. 19:00 to 22:15 Admission ú5 per adult.November 1st .email
  • urm... run out of stuff to say, sorry.
  • Romance makes it home in a nest called abbey view road...there is also a nice view of the abbey. Good pies of all size available at your local pie shop...just don't eat the all or people may sing about you. The one stop in Jersey farm is to be turned into a tesco express...early indications state that this new building will be too bright for the hazy afternoons and no place to go into the mornings. however..the choice of pre packaged fruit and fruit juices are immense....i reccomend Ever made a cabbage out of nothing..well you should try it...It wuold be really fun The holiday store may suck out your soul...or provide with you a very cheap holiday to fairly good accomodation...assuming you can ever find is located within the heell mouth Much respect to the mashed potato
  • beamont school should be demolished! get rid of wilkinsons in the maltings! and then the rest of the maltings!
  • Fitness First members and non-members alike, now have the opportunity to take 20 minutes out of their busy schedules to relax and unwind in the Relaxation Zone - a quiet room lit with soft salt lamp lighting, with relaxing music and a state of the art electronic massage chair providing the ultimate relaxation session. The state of the art, leather, electronic massage chair helps to ease back and neck pain, reduce fatigue, relax tense muscles, increase oxygen flow to the body, eliminate stress and much more.
  • Okay - Cool bookshop - Paton Books sells mostly secondhand books. Lives next door to the Abbey and has a really nice garden with a fountain.
  • My name is Andrew come visit me on Sunderland Avenue. I'm very lonely but very happy to welcome you into my humble abode. i have bourbon creams and i suck a mean dick.
  • cheese factorys
  • How can Loreto be called the whore-house but also the Virgin Megastore?! Big up the class of 2001!
  • After long struggle, Chris Parkinson has the finest sideburns in the whole of St. Albans, out-side-burning such masters of the face hair as Robbie Ennis, Simon Wills and Arthur "Drug Farmer" Burrows. Chris's Dickensean Sideburns are a sight to behold and people come from as far as Norwich to stroke them!
  • Let's all have a party!
  • St. Albans rocks some serious donkÚ!!!!
  • Stanley Kubrick used to live in St Albans!
  • i just read something about the loft at batchwood i thought i was the onlt one whocould smell old smelly socks in there but you have noticed it to please inform my friends who make me go up there all the time cheers
  • Loreto Girls are easier than hitting the ground after you've fallen out of a plane.
  • Laughing at Tim Kiek for being a Westlife-fanatical radical-left wing feminist is fun, but remember kids, nothing that comes THAT easy is worth it in the end. You cna take the Dolling apprach and throw furniture though.
  • The fact that people in St.Albans are snobs is a myth. I blame it on the Rich people from Harpenden saying they live here cos no-one knows where Harpenden is.
  • Characters to be seen around St. Albans: 1) Fag Ash Lill' I don't know if she is still alive, but could often be seen in town and walking up Waverley Road toward the hospital. Mad old woman, wears open trench coat and cycling shorts. Special abilities - can stick cigarette to bottom lip and walk for miles without cigarette falling to the ground. 2) The Racer Can still be seen walking along St. Peters Street and Harpenden Road at roughly 18:00 in the evening, looks quite respectable, wears trench coat, flat cap, circular glasses, 40 - 50 years old. Special abilities - will not tolerate being overtaken whilst walking, feels the need to get back in front. Multiple overtakings increases the speed until both parties are running. 3) "Just got into town" Be very wary of an often drunk young man with a scouse accent asking for money, claims to have "just got into town". Has "just go into town" for the last two years now, lives in the hostal on Bricket Road. Other sightings - Luton.
  • One little known thing about St. Albans is that it was the place where the 2000 Anal Flumps epidemic broke out for the first time. The town was quarantined for over a week, but Anal Flumps still spread as far as Reading.
  • i am the god of hell fire and i bring you satan satan satan
  • I think here I should appologise to my mate Fido (mentioned a few times before in this town) because of the time he almost got killed by some 'home boys' and I was too drunk to care and ended up taking a piss against a tree having a chat with one of the mates of the guy beating him up. We were all very drunk and thats my excuse.
  • I need help
  • St. Albans Canoe Polo team are current NATIONAL league champions! St. Albans are one of the top teams in the country alonside Liverpool and Derby, so WHY DON'T WE GET ANY COVERAGE IN THE LOCAL PRESS!?!? Check out for more details. Luv Andy the glass collector.
  • They should open a mock studio 54 in town, and have a disco and motown station, i will run POWer 123.4 FM ST ALBANS JAMMIN OLDIES
  • I live down the road from that mad chinese bloke. He's an asset to the town, I assure you. Although I haven't seen him for a while. Maybe they caught him... There's loads of crazy people in St.A (nevermind Borehamwood people, they're all quite sane in comparison.)Fleetville especially has masses of loonies. Including myself, it has to be said. Phil S. is it you that keeps saying "pants"?
  • Oh... here's a new category: CRAZY PEOPLE. I think you should mention the wierd chinese guy who goes up and down hatfield road, trying to buy stuff with photocopied money, giving people sweets, and generally being strange. Have YOU seen him?
  • Beware of people from Boreham Wood. As nice as they seem. They're all a bit wacky.
  • St. Albans seems to have been the birthplace for the cult of Adam Chady, and many stickers proclaiming that "My name is Adam Chady" are often seen around the Town. Who is this elusive character?
  • The little concrete square in the middle of the park that just appers to be there we should all go and sit on it and say thank you to the St Albans County Council for keeping it.
  • Oh dear oh dear. There I was thinking that the >knowhere< guides were meant to be full of brief light-hearted tongue-in-cheek entries by and for young people not reminiscing by sad middle-aged left-behinds and whingers complaining that no one mentions the traditional tourist traps for which there are hundreds of glossy guides, web pages, etc. `A lot of the St Albans entries are long out-of-date and - easily the main moan - most of them are far too serious. Come on - lighten up you local luminaries and turn this into a guide that's worth reading.
  • Batchwoods loft stinks - SOMEBODY BUY NEW CARPETS
  • The best thing about St Albans is the skate scene. Other than that it's crap. The worst thing is the amount of RWAA (Ravers With An Attitude) Đ St Albans is plagued with them. Other than that it's a wonderful place (not!).
  • I think that the review of St.Albans is pretty poor. I've lived here for over 18 years and find it a great place, especially once you can actually get into pubs (i.e. over 16).
  • It seems that you really didn't cover the city that well. No mention of the Cathedral of Verulamium Park. O.K. cathedrals aren't everyone's cup of tea, but you didn't even allocate a sentence to the history of the town. Also left out were the museums in St. Albans - again maybe not of interest to you but there are some people who might like a historic trip.
  • Another ommission is the sports facilities at Westminster Lodge. The Alban Arena got a look in but only to say that it's basically crap. Often there are great events there, such as Comic cuts, and gigs by people such as the Bootleg Beatles (who were a great success at Glastonbury last year), and Jools Holland.
  • An update that I think you should include is that just before Christmas '95, Batchwood Kiss burnt down! You obviously have something against St.Albans, but you could and should give it a fair go.
  • I'm writing from Australia and would like to throw in my bit about St.Albans. I, for one, will be placing the city high on my list of places worth a return visit. Its history, sadly lacking down here, is understated and its residents are friendly.

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