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  • St Austell Cinema now closed down and ready for demolishing. New Cinema Complex being built but when who knows!
  • boring and getting pulled down
  • A bit rubbish and falling down but not that bad.
  • filmcentre- great cinema. old fashioned inside, smells of popcorn. way better than the one at truro. hope it doesnt get knocked down
  • well they still ave the cinema for now, it is still uncomfortable especially if u ave watched a 3 hour film lol. They say they r planning on building a new one when they can be bothered to, instaed they wanna knock things down and build car parks, like st austell needs another car park.
  • Cinemas!! Soon to be closed
  • keep the town going watch a film there,but if you want to drive it,s got to be Plymouth,but think of the nostalgia, and the popcorns hot at st.austell
  • its all good but i remember when it was 3.50 for an adult to go.... now its 5 dammit so i dotn bother going unless its a must see film, just wait until its out to rent from the video bug
  • its crap thats being demolished in september and all!!
  • St Austell cinema is decent enough but truro is safer for drivers. (cars seem to be a target for crime for st austell cinema goers!) so for peace of mind go truro or park somewhere safe.
  • St Austell's cinima - I may now get in to see Crocodile Dundee (three times I tried as a yangun).
  • St Austell cinema is great, I've been told the actual structure of it is rotting. Anyhow its gonna be knocked down and replaced in a few years time.
  • The cinema is pretty good - it has seats and everything. The manager, Adrian, is pretty scary and he'll ask you for ID.
  • the cinema is large for cornwalls standards, but overpriced.
  • wadebridge is fine
  • ER Hello !!! Will you lot stop complaining i used to live in Cornwall and now live in London, 4.50 is a complete bargain for a cinema ticket opposed to 8.50 we pay up here, I suppose you lot in cornwall have nothing better to complain about GET A LIFE and stop being so stingy !!
  • The 5 screen in the town center is ok but it should be replaced, the only reason it hasent all ready is because the bisy bodys think it looks nice (not my opinion!)
  • take the plastic covering off the cinema and we would have a good looking building. i'm gald the campaign to keep the cinema was victorious because it has so much more life and pesonality to it tahn a souless oeden.
  • u have to travel miles!!!! very pricey! but still, a film is a film!
  • St Austell Filmcentre is in the centre of Town, very traditional, I would be very happy to go and watch a film there. There is also Ozzell Bowl which is situated at the top of the priory car park, this is a very good night out, and always lots of good drink offers!!!!
  • no way keep away too expensive
  • Yep we 'ave one of them. Horribly overpriced; but luckily it is soon to be demolished for restoration work on St Austell.
  • 5 screen cinema - shows much of the top films, good compared to truro cinema
  • Film Centre @ Almer Square, costs 4.50 for a film, bit of a rip off, but thats coz there aint another one for bout 20 miles!!!!
  • personally i love the cinema. all my friends werk there so i get free tickets. bowling is ok, you have the Video Bug Bowling and Ozzel Bowl, which is bigger and better.
  • ok but not much information there about films
  • we have only one cinema and it's vertually the only one for 20 miles or more it is situated in the town center
  • Film Centre is OK, but pricey.
  • snozzle bowl
  • St Austell Film Centre - 5 screens, art deco, has it's own bar.
  • Decent Cinema for the size of the town, probably the best in cornwall. It has 5 screens and a small bar, but alas there is only one in the town

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