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Cheap Food
  • my nans
  • home and barguins
  • Don't try the pizza place - Bella Pasta - dark and expensive for what you get
  • SPAGGOS - UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP - ***SUPERB*** Great value for money as they have not only a great menu but offer three courses for £10. We went last week and were worried as its had some negative feedback but the new owners have really turned this place around. A*******
  • wimpie
  • Good Pubs/Restaurants surrounding Stafford are The Hand & Cleaver in Ranton Green (100m from where Ozzy Ozbourne lived). Also try the Bridge House at Penkridge. For cheap pub meals try the Boat in Gnosall will only cost around a £fiver. Pizza Express in Stafford for Italian or La Favorita in Stone.
  • Mr Sizzle burger van. BEST VALUE FOOD ANYWHERE! 2 Maccy D's Loads of pubs/resturants
  • Mc Donalds, Wimpy, The Swan Hotel, The Sun Inn, Yates', Pizza Express (not as it sounds, very pricey and fantasitic food). there are many more but these are the best and main one's.
  • The Shire Horse is one of the nicest places who's pub food is quite posh - very tasy
  • hmmmmmmm lots of take aways
  • There is a great new take away in Mill street called 'cookies & cream'. They sell paninis, baked potatoes, soup, freshly baked American cookies, ice cream (local stuff - Mmmm), hot and cold drinks and other yummy food. The best thing to hit Stafford in a long time. They tell me they are going to have some seating soon as well. Go and try it.
  • The balti kitchen rocks
  • The Seven Stars at Sandon do offer a range of good quality foods at affordable prices. It is advatised as a 'Country Inn and Restuarant' and all the meals are home cooked.It has a very nice atmosphere, the staff are very friendly and efficient.The real fish in the fish tank also add a homely feel to the place.
  • ASDA has the best take away curry in town, at least they won't abuse your dinner before they serve it. Barley Mow at Milford has good quality food, good service and superior bar service. You can ask the barstaff there anything and they know it, nothing is too much trouble and the whole drink buying experience is good.I know, I work there :D
  • The Firkin does really nice food and it's not really that busy in the week. For something really special it has to be The Hollybush in Salt, this is the place to impress your parents with, never had a bad meal there and not majorly expensive. The Thai restaurant (the purple building nr the coach and horses) is also fantastic, but don't everyone go there cos it's only small and i won't get a table!
  • Balti Kitchen - their cheap and cheerful jalfrezi is a big bargain
  • Pizza plus.MMmmmm...
  • Best Indian Takeaway: the Royal Tandoori on Foregate Street. Enormous portions, good value. Best Indian Restaurant: the Curry Kuteer on Bridge Street, near Wetherspoons. Cheapest food: Try eating in Wetherspoons. Two meals for £5 - and the quality is no worse than anywhere else. Oh yes - the beer's cheap too! Best Chinese: there aren't any. Stafford has the worst Chinese restaurants I've ever sampled. Try the upmarket Cantonese restaurant in Penkridge or in Cannock [no, really!] Best Italian: try La Dolce Vita in Stone, a few miles away. Best English Restaurant: The Moat House at Acton Trussell, although it's very pricey. You won't get change from £30 a head, but the food is excellent.
  • after a big night out...gotta stop at Al Karims by zanzibar..pukka :)
  • Whats that?? OH!! the stuff you get in the brown paper bag from those spotty oiks over the counter???? - ERK! I just saw a Curry delivered by 2 guys wearing suits in a Toyota Camry...??!!
  • The Oriental Kitchen on the Newport Road is where you go for Chinese. Opposite the infamous 'Paul's Newsagent'. Plesant service, although you do have to wait on a Friday or Saturday. Which you usually have to do because it gets so busy. I've bumped into a few of my mates while picking up my food.... Chicken Chow mein with egg fried rice.... stomach's rumbling. Say hi to the girls who work on the counter, my kind of babes. Exotic, especially the one on thursdays....
  • Bella Pasta...never been there although my mate works there. Might be alright I suppose
  • for some unknown reason, everyone feels ill after eating in Yates ?? why is this? The Bakers oven do the best Pasties. Holland and Barrett has the best veggie choice. ooh and ASDA do good Grub too, in their little café.
  • Paul's newsagents {QUALITY}
  • limited but we now have a thai resteraunt
  • Get out of town if you want nice food - plenty of local village pubs for top grub. My fave is the Hollybush at Salt.
  • Stafford really does suffer from a lack of decent places to eat. I think that you probably notice it more if you have lived away. Now there is a Pizza Ezpress, things are looking up, but it needs some really nice privately owned places. Spaggo's in particular has to be one of the worst places I have ever eaten.
  • Not enough decent places to eat out. Looking to invest a few quid and make a fortune? Stafford is the place to open than eatery.
  • Pastiche, Mill Street - Excellent value lunchtime and evening for the standard of food served. Stafford Balti House, Mill Bank - Cosy, but one of the best!
  • McDonald's, 2 Wimpy's, Soup Kitchen (nice but expensive) and a few others. We used to have a really nice chippy called Trawlers but typically, Staffs County Council had to go and ruin it, saying a chippy wasn't in keeping with Stafford town centre's image! You can go to the Swan in the town centre for a meal but they're a bit mean. Definitely don't go to the Tillington Hotel in the N of the town: it may have a few stars but they consider it generous if they give you two potatoes and frown at you if you ask for more! Unfortunately, there's no Burger King or Dunkin' Donuts: a gap in the market there perhaps?

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