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Clubs (Dance Music) and Music Bars
  • zanzibar if you are very young , rest of the town if you want to be patronised . chains and bird in hand are best
  • Joxer Bradys for all your musical needs
  • them poor exuses of a nite club
  • the albion friday rock nite
  • Come to the Grapes and take in the massive changes in process! The new owners are fantastic and this music bar is really going places. Check for details
  • Zanzibar or "Zanz", the only over 18's nightclub with no over 18's!
  • The Grapes staff are unhelpful and rude. Toilets are dirty and disgusting. Thursday nights are okay with music, but upon visiting the following week, and it was the same people with a different band name! It's a grubby hole of a place and the people who I metthat night are drunken louts. Much classier places around Stafford to visit!
  • The Surgery - Avoid The Grapes if you are under 50 years old. No new talent same old folks week after week - same players, different band names.
  • Zanzibar is the only place in Stafford to open past one or half one at night. It is ok, two floors, r n b and urban and dance downstairs, and pure cheese 60's-oo's upstairs!! Drinks are quite expensive 3.50 smirnoff ice!! Drink elsewhere before going, free entry before 10:30, 5 most expensive entry.
  • The Grapes, good live bands, shame about the clientle and the fact your feet stick to the floor and the decor hasnt changed or been dusted in years. Chicago Rock need to change the music or the D.J. as his box of records is on repeat. Unfortunetly everyone seems to like going here, still work out why. The Litten Tree , good music always play a track if the have it, shame about the amount of Chavs that seem to like going there. Granvilles in Stone , a good night out depends when you go, nicer class of people.
  • red rose, sugery! that gotta b da BEST
  • Zanzibar - Best avoided unless of course you want your cranium staved by some Burberry wearing ape. Steer clear of this hole at all costs! Extortionate prices, thugs in uniform as door staff, populated by simpletons and poor music!
  • New York, New York is the new club in Stafford, adjoined to Chicargo rock and fitted out in a cool 70;s theme with Saturday Night fever style dance floor (you know the one that flashes). Clientele tends to be of the more mature (25-40). Good Music, nice women also good if you want a change as you have access to Chicargo Rock Down stairs
  • Zanzibar is stafford's only real nightclub, [and it's crap!] A few late night bars [The Grapes has live bands and karaoke, Litten Tree is always packed after hours].
  • we have Zanzi Bar, no matter how shite people say it is, its still the best place in Stafford for a good piss up and laugh. we also have New York New York, its the extension to Chicago Rock Cafe and its basically for the older generation, it does get the younger crowd in though as its a pretty good night out. Reynolds Bar is no longer there, it has been replaced by the "Gentlemans Bar" a pole/lap dancing club, this does have ladies nights and ive heard it is very good.
  • reynolds has become a strip cliub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • reynolds bar has been closed for over a year
  • Reynolds.. it's GONE!
  • Zanzibar = the only club I have ever been to that plays "lets twist again". Oh my!
  • The good old Zanzi bar! Top class artists, past and present can often be found having a boogey on the hot, stuff, sticky dance floor. The tarts who did PopIdol the Rivals, or whatever it was were seen on a SHAG night a few months ago.
  • Probably best to go to stoke or B'ham for dance clubs.
  • hmmm, stafford doesnt have much to offer here, there is the litten tree, reynolds and the zanzibar, all of which are shite, but living in stafford you will find yourself in one of them, at least once a year, waking up the next morning making sure you stay in for the next month to punish yourself for being so desperate.. There are too many wankers about who want to fight also, like Stafford is summit! My advice, go out of stafford, brum is one of the best citys, if not the best to go out...
  • Zanzibar - Student night is tuesday night, i'd recommend ID'ing any girl before taking them home, i've been going for 5 years since i was 14. Fri/Sat night are good, just it's zanzi :( Reynolds always is a hostile place, never go on thursday to R n B night, it's like the So Solid Crew are rioting. Charisma was ok till some one got knifed by it Chicago rock is your best bet, even though pricey, it's the best night in town
  • Stafford has an excellent variety of clubs, catering for all tastes of music. There's Zanzibar. Which plays cheesey shite, is a good place to get a kicking, or an STD. Reynolds bar, see Zanzibar, but you can blag some cheaper drinks, but you'll probably one of 10 people in their. Including the bar staff. There's Props, which is now called Bar Salsa, not actually been in myself, so i can't really comment, but apparently you need to wear Salsa shoes, and there's a formal flamenco dancing test before your allowed to buy a drink. The final place is The Surgery, which is quite nice. Reminds me a bit of my old school assembly hall, and the staff are either really rude, really attractive, or a horrible combination of both. They put on live music and comedy nights, but it's mainly a bit of a rock place, but they do some fantastic cocktails. Everyone should try a bailey's milkshake, or a surgery woo woo.
  • the pub in western downs called the ox leathers used to be a great place to get a bevvy when your were only 14 years old ?
  • I grew up in Stafford, though have lived away for 10 years now. Stafford's clubbing scene is still dire. It seems to be stuck in a time warp. If i want to go clubbing it's to a city like Nottingham, Birmingham or Manchester. I'll brave Props occasionally, though it seems to have lost some of it's character since the refurbishment (thought to be honest I don't think that is such a big problem, it had turned into rather a dive!)but there's no way you'll get me into Zanzibar or what ever the Collusium is now, or Renolds. There was a time about 40 years ago when people traveled from all over the region to go to Top of the World (ask your parents. Why can't Stafford get that reputation again, there's enought empty buildings that could getalicence if the council weren't so conservative and pompous.
  • do not go out in stafford it sucks
  • well since Charisma has now shut down (hahahahahahaha...*ahem*) its kb to good ole Reynolds n Zanzibar...stowdent night at zbar (tues) is always a laugh...and I reccomend the cattle market..sorry Reynolds for a friday night :)
  • OK, update... Charisma, opened, closed, opened, and then closed and is being sold!! (mainly due to some idiot getting stabbed in the back one night - I say idiot because he did it himself trying to smuggle a weapon into the club in his arse-cheeks..) Zanzibar - what HAS happended!!??? I go away for 8 months and when I come back this dive has sprouted some serious totty power.. still complete cheese tho' although student nights (Tuesday aren't bad) **always remember to stick to drinking bottles ..... Reynolds - not been near it for a while and yes the door staff are very friendly, they help you down the stairs and through windows with great velocity. (and that's just the university lecturers *see local news) Chicago Rock Cafe - must be good, as I saw the landlord of "The Grapes" in there only last week, although I didn't think it was shorts and sandals weather myself!! (hahahaha) difficult to get served in this place, although I wouldn't bother as the tap water tastes stronger, but at least it doesn't give me stomach cramps (**see zanzibar) Surgery - Friendly staff, decent beer, live bands, Rock night on Wednesdays with DJ Fett, also hard-ouse nights too, good variety. - although lacks in clientele until it hits about 10:30 (open late) Props - had complete makeover not long ago, looks a lot better and cleaner but seems to have gone a bit dead ...
  • someone PLEASE buy the old Charisma and make it a decent "no beer boys allowed" - zero tollerance on the checked shirts (you know who I'm talking about..) area !
  • Quiet simply there is only one i believe,Charisma. (like a mini stoke club though)
  • Reynolds is tat, Zanzi's is pretty fun, Never been to Charisma. Havin said that there are three pubs that now have late opening these being The Grapes, Chicago Rock and The Littentree.The Grapes is open the latest on a weekend...And I work in there!
  • Reynolds is the better of the two clubs in stafford, the best nights to go? either a Thursday or a friday. Drinks and entrance fee is cheap, and door staff are friendly, unlike the Zanzibar!!!! Musics good less chessy crap than the Zanibar!
  • Chariams has just RE-opened, and after a dodgy start, it's a great night out. because it's on north walls ( that's past the bankhouse (or forester and firkin, depending on your route, turn down by video world, then go right down the one-way system, and you REALLY can't miss it) it requires that little bit of extra effort than Zanzibar and Reynolds. No effort no entry , it looks good and sounds good, strictly no teeny boppers admitted. so for all you lot who go to Reynolds EVER friday night, and Zanzi EVER saturday night (or for the older generation it's the other way around)shift up a gear.
  • what clubs thats what i say. there is nowt here that gives a genial atmosphere without the teenage crown and the good old yokal. and where are the clubs and pubs that play real music and not tat like westlife. please tell me because there aint no style in stafford!
  • Zanzibar, is the renamed and refurbished Colosseum - good for a cheesy night out and you are bound to run into old school friends - if you grew up in Stafford. But, how did STafford ever get a VIP area???
  • Colloseum has been re-branded as Zanzibar, more up market and better suited to the town. Renolds will have to put his hand in his pocket if he is to compete.
  • none really - that aren't cheesy!
  • There's two clubs in Stafford - the Collosseum and Reynold's. The Collesseum is most central but neither are that brilliant. You're probably wondering why anyone would want to live in Stafford. Can't answer that one! For real dance clubs go to Birmingham: here you'll find Bakers, DNA.. Or more locally go to Hanley (15 miles north of Stafford). Here's The Void, The Place and, if you're desperate, Valentino's). Wolverhampton (16 miles South) is also pretty good.

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