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  • Yes, I remember the Plaza at the Priory! My parents took me and my sisters there when I was about in my early teens (must have been early sixties). We always climbed up the ladder and sat in the balcony. It was great fun. Our favourite film was 'Dangerous Fury' we knew most of the words, it seemed to be shown every time we went. We were always quoting from it 'Look at the ducks!' The person I remember running the show, was Max Kemp. Anyone else remember him?
  • Anyone remember 'The Plaza' at 'The Priory'??? I have a multitude of footage of local stuff back to 1946
  • VEW in the 2 rivers but u do get some troublemakers in there
  • The cinema in Staines is so much better than Woking/Bracknell or any of the others in the vicinity.
  • Actually, an AMAZING cinema, the best in this area, floor isnt too sticky, pretty huge, nicely air conditioned
  • vue cinima in two rivers
  • vue, well good
  • I love Warner Village cinema in Staines! (yeah u may call it VUE but in my heart its Warner Village) Its so comfy there, even though the food is expensive. But it makes for something to do after work on saturday.
  • Only one cinema, until recently there was none. Only been in there once. It was okay.
  • the new one (now Vue) is big and has good late showings, why do the ticket machines NEVER work?
  • staines cinema is excellent with about 12 screens
  • I quite like the cinema in staines-though there is the fact that you have your ticket checked and ripped before you get to any of the screens and it doesn't get checked again at the screen, so 10 year olds could sneak into an 18 film if they wanted to.
  • Warner Bros in Staines ain't too bad, 4.50 for a student ticket. It's all new so it's quite swish. Don't go expecting anything cerebrally challenging though, the town folk really don't like to be challenged!
  • WB is your standard multiplex with huge overpiced cardboard flavoured popcorn and bizarre smell (what the hell is that)
  • Warner Village Staines - nice but a bit expensive.
  • Yes! Love the Warner Village. Never seems to be too packed out, always get a seat (which are really comfy). Good choice of films on. About time!
  • old cinema was knocked down. that was sad, got a shiny new one, loads of screens, horrible popcorn and rank nachos. yet alot more reliable and clean.
  • Warner cinema - bit pricey at 6.50 a ticket but a lovely clean venue. Kids can be a pain sometimes though but its not hard to get the chucked out!!
  • The new warner brothers cinema is excellent. 10/10.
  • The new cinema is VERY nice, they are big and have moveable arm rests. However the back of the cinema has too much air conditioning and you tend to freeze. Plus once you've bought a ticket for anything, and had it ripped- you are set free to go in whichever film you want! I'm thinking 10 year olds in 15 movies..
  • warner village. brand new. popcorn more expensive than god. to be honest, theres something i dont like about it. i loved the old cinema, with its huge main screen, all the screens at staines are the same size, all smell sticky, i dunno, takes the fun out of going out to the cinema. also, they choose the worst fucking films, commerical chains suck yeh?
  • Warner Village in the new Two Rivers Complex. Generally ok although rather expensive.
  • The Warner Village is now open for business with excellent seats and sound. And extortionate prices for cokes etc. So bring your own sweets. Also don't stop for strangers in the car park - they've had one car-jacking already
  • I believe a new one's just opened up in 2 rivers
  • Will try the new cinema in Staines though cos Woking's a bit of a trot sometimes.
  • Brand Spanking New Cinema, Appears not to belong in Staines, it is very very swish
  • The new cinema is due to open on March 22nd. The Ali G film is due to premiere on March 22nd. You figure it out!
  • New one coming with the rumour of Ali G to premier his film there! WATCH THIS SPACE
  • The new cinema (Warner brothers complex) is due to open in Easter 2002.
  • Soon to be opened multiplex/bowling alley/Holmes Place health club/late bar. Doomed to failure/open gang warfare considering the fabulous surrounding cachement areas of Wraysbury, Stanwell, Egham and beautiful, sun-drenched Ashford.
  • ABC Cinema is currently being demolished. New multiplex will be opening soon, with some additional 'leisure destinations' as well. Should be popular with the 1.0 Nova with Maxx Power bodykit contingent.
  • It closed down.
  • The old delapadated one is shut. New multiplex to open soon.
  • I read today (01/03/01) that an Ali G film is going to be made. I wonder where the premiere will be held?
  • Stop knocking the ABC - at least it's got character. Staff are friendly too.
  • Rubbish old fasioned cinemaS
  • ABC is a dump, but it's being knocked down soon and a new multiplex will appear in the town centre- can't happen too soon.
  • Always guaranteed a seat in the ABC Staines although no guarantee of cushion on the seat. It burnt down 3 years ago BUT REMAINS OPEN!!

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