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  • Wee and Pee in Penton Road...Full of van drivers, filthy garden and loos. Bar staff all grumpy 24/7. Parking a nightmare. Lots of local fights. Loud music, and bloody bad wine/flat beer.
  • The Litten Tree thankfully gone. The Jolly Butcher - not for the faint-hearted, avoid all pubs in Staines.
  • Jolly farmer! s'got a seperate room for pool, garden, nice staff, happy days!
  • Come to The Phoenix in Staines on Friday August 25th and hear Tumbling Dice, for more info.
  • The Phoenix, The Bells, Haha's and The Cock Inn (under new management) are all good spots. They have music on and there are mixed crows. Check them out.
  • The Phoenix, The Bells, Haha's and The Cock Inn (under new management) are all good spots. They have music on and there are mixed crows. Check them out.
  • BEE HIVE, WEE & PEES, kingfisher
  • I'm liking the new one where the angel used to be Baroosh - I've since moved from St aines and it was nice to visit a new bar when coming home - Ha Ha bar an improvement as well although did pop in to the Blue for nostalgic reasons and yep same staff same people same same same I loved it!
  • a good pub is the wee&pee
  • The swan is lovely in the summer as it is situated by the river
  • they're all full of townies! I'd go to the Litten Tree on a rock night...
  • The Bells on Church Street is a nice relaxed Sunday afternoon pub landlord is top fella as well. Phoenix is rough, Hob still one of the best by far
  • I'll agree with the Wheatsheaf and Pigeon. Nice quiet little local pub. I can go in there and not get any bullshit.
  • The George The George The George The George The George The George The George The George...... its got no music but its dirt cheap and you can pretty much guess who's gonna be out that night cause at one stage they'll all be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The George - a Wetherspoons pub, good place to sit down and have a chat - cheap(ish) drinks and no music.
  • Keep an ear open at the Anchor, the DJ was giving away FREE photo shoots last Saturday night, and they are going to be opening until 1.30am Fri and Sat from the middle of June.
  • The Extchange is not as bad as you all make out. At the end of the day we keep going back. The prices are fine compared with most suburb London towns, dam you should try Croydon… it cost more and it a lot shiter. Ok it has been known to be a little dinggy, just needs a little lightening up but its fairly clean. People also need to realise that the security are there to protect you and others, show em a little respect for it, give em attitude and there give it back, the only people iv seen man handled deserved it! At the end of the day this is Stains, at least you get a proper night out without the cost of London. And for the fool that said its as dear as London, get of you ass and go to the city, £15 to get into most clubs, we’ve not got it that bad considering.
  • Oh dear, again.........actually, its not so much the pubs....more the clientele. There should be a wall around Staines with border controls not letting in any of the twats from Stanwell (vile pikey infested area), Wraysbury (looks posh but dont be fooled) or, last but not least, FELTHAM (needs to be nuked. Like, today). Then the pubs might be a bit more enjoyable. However, due to interbreeding between Staines residents and invaders from the aforementioned areas, may all be too late..............
  • somebody once told me that staines is actually full of wealthy people. so people in pubs at the weekend really should be able to afford to dress themselves with a little touch of style. white trousers/skirt black pants/cheap know who you are
  • Garribaldi finally has a tempting (ish) menu not scrawled in 2 secs in chalk...but would you dare go inside? If wanna avoid feeling like you might get bashed up by Staines' disproportionate pop of braindeads, visit North Star, The Swan, that old folks one down Church St tucked back nr Lammas. Or drink at lunchtime. Or get on a train to at least Twickenham one way or Windsor the other ...and run the gauntlet on the way home.
  • the blue anchor just had a refit. its not bad now except for the anal policy of no drinks on the dance floor. extended area, friendly staff, no longer get lost goin to the toilets hoorah. licence as well is later and free entry. there seems to be a larger amount of woman than men. so if you wanna pull your options are best here. the george is boring but is a cheap way of putting the drinks away for a long night. the swan, nice in the summer to sit out in the sun, don't think is over 21s but not sure. litten tree, that about says it all. the toad, when opened last year was a move on from the same old, but recent competition from nearby blue anchor means its not the only pub in staines with music and late licence. this place has a porch with staff standing around. smile at them. walk in. this place has the cheek to charge at weekends, no, you're not a club, but get in before tenish and laugh. if you want to see the same faces every day of the week both behind the bar and in front, this is the club to join. avoid insulting anyone in here, noone ever gets really hurt, but theirs macho spirit in the air. but go in have a laugh at the cliques making up and breaking up and take advantage of their drinks promotions, forget your troubles, watch other peoplesh, have a giggle...phew!
  • Toad is s**t along with that same c**p attitude that is in Topshop and what a supprise. The same people working there. When it comes down to it if u don't like certain people in Staines don't go 'cos you'll never get away from them! Staines is small and very intemate everyone seems to know everyone else and they don't stray from that pattern or people. Once in your in forever.
  • I have been the resident dj at the blue anchor for six months, three nights a week, every week. I my time there, there have been two incidents, or two occassions when a situation has turned into an incident. The Blue Anchor has the best safety record in staines. And the best staff.
  • Toad is cool and the new refurbished blue anchor is brilliant. Nicest pub food in Staines and reasonbly priced!
  • The Toad - Its got a mixed age group in there, most of the trouble makers are barred. Drink prices are average and the music is good and the bar Staff are friendly. A good nite out if you want to go out locally. The Litten tree however is ok but attracts a fresh face atmosphere....
  • lots, they all suck, i dont mind the pheonix, nice and quiet, nice garden, younger clientele, not exactly godlike decor, but if you compare the people in there to the rest of staines, its like the inside of an oxford university maths lecture ;) the swan is a nice pub too, but someone (probably wrongly) informed me that its over 21s..
  • The George is ok, very good prices.
  • I'm not quite sure I correctly read and understood the comment earlier about the Wheatsheaf & Pigeon being a great place to go for a beer. !!!!! YOu'veobviously NOT been there since the new landlord took over a couple of years ago. Check it out again.
  • Now, most pubs in Staines have a 20% discount on booze from 3-6 on a Friday. Start in the Blue anchor at 6, happy hour till 7 there. Got to the Litten Tree on a Friday / Saturday and all drinks are £1.23 till 9 (madness,leave at 9 though 'cause this place sucks). Get a table full, then go down the Hob and drink there as it is easily the nicest place in Staines. Then maybe wander down to the Toad (open late) and avoid getting into a fight. I personally can be found in the Hob on most evenings, but if its cheap booze you're after then there you go.
  • The Anglers is now a really nice place. The owners used to own the Wee and Pee and the of wheatsheaf lane.
  • The pubs are not the problem it's the punters who use them. If you are a boy in staines you must wear a Ben Sherman shirt have at least one earing and have shiny buckle shoes. If your a girl you must have you hair pulled back as tight as is humanly possible, have as many earings and gold sovereigns as humanly possible (this is also accepteble for boys - lucky Argos sells them), wear a very, very short skirt come rain or shine and look like a dog. Spots and adidas clothing are also mandatory for either sex.
  • The HobGoblin since its refit is probably the best pub in Staines. If your new to town, try the Litten tree its reasonable unless the Pikeys are there. NEVER GO TO THE EXCHANGE..... IT stinks, is crap, has ugly staff, and the bouncers are happy to watch you get beaten up by Pikeys. Other Good Pubs, George, Swan, Red Lion, Beehive, Blue Anchor Bad Pubs Garribaldi (gays only), The Toad.
  • I have to say I am so sick of the chain pubs. The Blue Anchor, The George and the Litten Tree attract more trouble then before (although to be fair the George is cheap and ok for a group night out). The only two pubs with any real character are The Angel Hotel next to the George on the main street (rough but cheap enough and a friendly atmosphere) and The Old Red Lion (older generation pub and very expensive - but a nice quiet atmosphere). The Bell and The Cock around the back of the Courage Building are decent also.
  • Lads - do you want a fight? Come on then? Who wants some? Yes, for guaranteed unprovoked violence, visit the Litten Tree, Staines High Street. Or laugh your tits off from the other side of the road as youngsters who've just had their first sniff of a barmaid's apron kick-off with all the credibility of a catfight between Dale Winton and Graham Norton.
  • Well what about the two comapsses pub i was in there on sunday night it look livley place to me and the landlady was ever so nice a big smile when u entered and the beer was a reasonable price and what wore it tasted good.
  • I think the George is the most boring pub in Staines. But the prices of the drink is quite cheap thats the only reason I would go in there.
  • (Jun 2001) No new pubs recently. Swan by the river still the best, George OK. Three Tuns for a quiet drink, Garibaldi for a fight. Blue Anchor OK after re-fit but turn that f***ing jukebox down!?
  • The only pub in Staines which has a pool table and a decent alternative-ish juke box is now The Phoenix. OK, so does the Cock Inn, but how much fiddle-dee-fucking-dee traditional Irish music can you stand before your eyes start to bleed, eh? EH? And don't even mention the Garibaldi - that's where people go to DIE.
  • Don't even bother - unless you enjoy daily fights amongst the local braindead yobbos. What IS it about Staines that makes the people so aggressive?
  • The Hobgoblin pub of choice in Staines pretty good juke box even if the Landlord is a miserable old git. The Swan ok at Lunchtimes. If you are an old perv like me go there the night the A Level results come out.... The George full of people who look like they should be at home doing their homework. Ben Sherman Shirt and shiney shoes with buckles compulsory. Also no music = no atmosphere. The Litten Tree see The George and add music that is to loud and frankly sh*t. The Angel Hotel - Nice grub and nice and quiet. Bit of an old mans pub but OK. The North Star pretty good for quiet midweek drink. The Jolly Butcher - No. No no no no. No.
  • The Wheatssheaf & Pigeon on the corner of Wheatsheaf Lane and Penton Road (or is it Pen ton Avenue? I can never remember!) is a good little backstreet pub. I'll go in here if I feel like a quiet drink with my mates.
  • Anywhere down the High Street has a youthful crowd, this is enhanced by the burly minders in black bomber jackets at every doorway. I think it adds a sense of occasion to your night out.
  • Old Red Lion is good. The town centre pubs are pretty dire.
  • Swan- good for a quiet drink but riverside bit is overrun by the more youthful crowd, particularly in the summer. George- OK. Litten Tree- would be as the George, were it not for the dance floor and the concommitant need to play music at 130Db. Seriously- it's impossible to talk to anyone here. Also has a tendency to be a bit rough- check out the knife wounds/eye-patches on the bar staff.
  • The George is always full and cheap £1.30 a pint The Blue Wanker is dangerous The Littern Tree is full of gold

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